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    ID help please: Univega Alpina Pro/Comp?

    Hi all I wonder if there are any Univega experts around who can help me with an ID? I've had this bike kicking around for several years, purchased as a cheap singlespeed built by the previous owner using his spares box, and subsequently tinkered with by yours truly to make it a more usable...
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    Wanted: cheap & cheerful 26” wheelset

    I’ve been presented with an otherwise perfectly serviceable chromoly-steel Trek 800 that had its wheels nicked a while back. Does anyone have an old set of wheels knocking around anywhere? With or without tyres is fine, but a 7-spd rear cassette would be a nice bonus! It’s a pretty base spec...
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    2000 Marzocchi Z4 - adjusting travel?

    Hi all I have a pair of MY2000 Marzocchi Z4 (coil spring) which are labelled "Coil System - 80-100mm". The stantions currently measure ~95mm so I guess they're on the lower 80mm travel setting, which fits with the amount of movement I'm getting at the moment. Before I blindly dismantle them...
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    New member - and help ID my Univega?

    Afternoon all, Thought I'd pop in and say hi - a quick intro, and (of course) a question or two... As a teenager growing up in the Surrey Hills I was massively into biking - when I wasn't hacking around the woods I was poring through MBUK mag and building jumps in the garden. I never really...