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  1. enc

    Raleigh bomber klunkeresque

    That’s probably the same bike as in the first post. Somebody magnet fished it from the lake 😮😂
  2. enc

    Reyt-pack 2022 (Downhill vintage rigid race Yorkshire style)

    This sounds like it will be a giggle. I’m not gonna commit cause I know I’ll probably not make it but I’m on the look out for a suitable machine just incase 😂
  3. enc

    Another British Klunker

    Intrigued as to how your gonna mske clearance for a mtb rear wheel and tyre 🤔
  4. enc

    Modded Kona frame is it an explosif? Or cinder-ella??

    £30 … yeah, go for it 😂
  5. enc

    Modded Kona frame is it an explosif? Or cinder-ella??

    Is it even a Kona? Extra cable guides all over the place including guide for top pull mech on seat tube … kink in rear seat stays 🤔😮sellers description is a sketchy get out clause … 😂
  6. enc

    Kona Roadhouse

    Well at least you can see it. My 93 lava dome (see below) was covered in these type rust worms underneath the paint. I’m guessing in your case rust was triggered by water ingress at the joint where the bottom bracket frame shell and bottom bracket locking cup meet. A way to fix this is to...
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    Another British Klunker

    ...first dibs on the saddle bag :cool:
  8. enc

    Another British Klunker

    looks like its already been through your hands :oops:;)
  9. enc

    gt corrado

    Lovely job :cool: bit puzzled why go to this extent to sell it on :confused: is there a build thread?
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    Pub bike

    Is it just a term for a shit bike for knocking about on or do people actually ride to the pub on a bike😂can’t say I’ve ever even considered riding to the pub on a bike or actually ever witnessed somebody arriving/leaving a pub on a bike. Maybe it’s an out in the sticks thing🤔
  11. enc

    Early 80s?

    Bars alone probably worth the asking price
  12. enc

    1993 Kona Lava Dome up for a rework...

    Dodging the rain, wind, direct sun, wind, rai … I managed to get paint and clear coat on at last.. the joys of working outdoors :( There are some “dry spots” and orange peel in a couple of places but these will compound and polish out once the paints hardened sufficiently. I'm quite new to...
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    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Odyssey

    Lovely job😎 home brew paint job looks fantastic.
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    The Trend for Black Finishes on Modern Components

    😂 quality. id been looking for an angle for my latest project... which is to be black. from now on it will be known as the butchers bike :cool:
  15. enc

    Kona Cinder cone 95 - very tidy

    Looking at trhe seat and stem height... it might very well be somebody on here flogging it😆
  16. enc

    The Trend for Black Finishes on Modern Components

    A as sign of the times. Same in the automotive and motorbike industry generally peeps don’t want shiny/chrome anymore… unless they're buying into the retro scenes.
  17. enc

    The Trend for Black Finishes on Modern Components

    It’s a dilemma I have with my latest build. Imo it largely depends on the frame colour. White, silver, grey including ti look great with black components. Black, blue, purple looks great with aluminium components. Red, green looks great with either. Obviously there are no set rules. Black...
  18. enc

    Does this look right on my '91 Explosif?

    Just checked and Mines exactly the same
  19. enc

    A Kona with 3 gears - sitting, standing and walking!

    Trying to get my head around that rear wheel mounting 🤔