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  1. corpuschain

    A wizardly Merlin Malt (build)

    Hey folks, Following my successful build of my first Merlin Malt, I decided to build another one. This will be a "use what you have" build, born out of the realisation that I had enough parts to build another bike. I just needed a frame, and so kept an eye out for bargains. Along came another...
  2. corpuschain

    Shifter fault?

    Hi folks, I have a pair of Deore LX shifters (c.2003-6), 3x9 speed. They're not attached to a bike. I remember taking them off because they didn't work, though, and they've been sitting around for years. I have the same problem with both shifters, which seems odd. I took one apart (9spd) and...
  3. corpuschain

    Merlin Malt, beautifully resprayed

    My dream bike! Just over a year ago, I was knocked off my bike by a car and suffered fractures, dental problems and psychological effects. It took me a while to get back on the bike, and to help me through, I told myself I'd treat myself to my dream bike. After looking at various modern bikes...
  4. corpuschain

    Handlebar width

    Hey folks, What should I consider when deciding on handlebar width? I'm riding an XC hardtail and my current handlebar is 620mm wide. This was mostly to make it feel 'comfortable' with regard to my shoulder width and in my dirt jumping days it made tricks easier. However, I have never really...
  5. corpuschain

    Wanted - Merlin Cycles adverts late 90s

    Hey folks, I'm looking for scans of Merlin Cycles adverts from the 90s-early 2000s. They used to have an advert in MBUK or MBR every month, I recall, so there should be plenty around. I think there might be two Merlins? One from the USA (Merlin Metalworks) and one from the UK (Merlin Cycles)...