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    Tubular spoke tension too low? Fix it if it's not broken?

    I'm fixing up a bike that has been standing for about 40 years. It was left almost unused shortly after its original purchase. I haven't been able to go for more than a slow spin around the block, because the old tubulars were crusty and bulging, but the wheels seem to be true (Wolber Champion...
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    1993 Marin Pine Mountain

    Here is my recently aquired Pine Mountain. I use it on a regular basis. It's in good well kept condition, with mostly original compontents (stem and obviously the fork and jockey wheels), and with some patina. I especially like the purple spoke nipples, however they don't really show in this...
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    1994 Lava Dome seat post. 27.0 or 27.2?

    Found somewhat contradicting info regarding the seatpost diameter of 94 Konas. Is it 27.0 or 27.2mm? The 27.0 post sinks as soon as I loosen the bolt and release the post. The 27.2 post goes down far enough with some pressure. But I have a nagging fear, am I doing harm to the frame..? What do...
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    Who can identify what type of Selle Italia Flite this is?

    Ok so i got myself ia Selle Italia Flite, cover has come loose a bit in the back, but can anyone tell which type of Flite it is?
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    FT: want Kona frame 19", for trade either 18" or 20" Kona

    Looking for a frame swap. I'm looking for a 1994-1996 Kona steel frame (Explosif, Kilauea, Cinder Cone, Lava Dome, Fire Mountain, Hahanna) in size 19", only these specs are of interest. For trade I offer two options, either: A.) a 1994 Lava Dome 20" in 3D green or B.) a 1995 Lava Dome 18" in...
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    Colnago C40 1999

    One of the most striking bikes of all time is the colnago C40, the bike that started the carbon-fibre revolution. This bike was the first ever carbon bike to compete in the infamously hard Paris-Roubaix back in -95, when Franco Ballerini rode his C40 to victory, first time win for a carbon bike...
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    Kona hardtail steel

    I'm looking for a 19" mid 90's Kona hardtail in steel. Whole bike or frameset, with the 1994-1996 type logos. Shipping to Sweden.