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  1. MainlyMF

    Wanted 1" Deore DX or XT Headset

    Wanted.. Looking for a black 1" Deore DX or XT Headset. Many thanks.. 🙏
  2. MainlyMF

    Wanted Deore cage pedals, LX, DX or XT.

    Looking for some decent deore cage pedals, LX, DX or XT considered. PD-M550, PD-M650, PD-M730, PD-M735 Cheers! 👍
  3. MainlyMF

    For Sale Muddy Fox Courier Prestige

    Muddy Fox Courier Prestige, 20" (centre to centre, bottom to top) Lovely condition for age. All decals except for one on one seat stay almost perfect. Black/ brown paint with gold speckled in nice condition with a few chips here and there and some surface rust spots in places but being...
  4. MainlyMF

    Wanted Muddy Fox Saddle

    Looking for a Muddy Fox saddle, ideally either style shown in the pictures. Any condition considered.. cheers! 🙏
  5. MainlyMF

    Wanted Muddy Fox Courier or Explorer

    Looking around for a late 80's, 1986/ 87 white Muddy Fox Courier or Yellow Explorer, 23" Frame. A fair few 19 & 21.5" frames out there but not finding any 23". 🙏
  6. MainlyMF

    Late 80's, 1986/7 Muddy Fox Catalogue?

    Anyone got a late 80's,1986/7 Muddy Fox Catalogue? With frame/ sizing dimensions in? Trying to find frame dims/ Spec. of a 21.5" & 23" Courier.🙏