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    Help Please! Witcomb frame identification

    Hi, Im looking to bring back this Witcomb as close as i possibly can to it's former glory. I picked up the frame a couple of years ago and have had other projects and pesky work keeping me from getting stuck in. It appears to have nervex lugs throughout. The paint looks to be the original...
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    Peugot PX10 ready for shed love

    Pic 2 Serial no and position
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    Carlton Clubman 1980

    Picked up this vintage Carlton back in early summer, it was in good working order when I collected it. I was keen to upgrade the budget Suntour gearset to the Suntour SVX in keeping with the period and quality builds that Carlton 531 bikes came out of the factory with. Paintwork is original...
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    Viking Superstar 1977

    Enjoyed restoring this bike after picking it up locally, it was looking a bit worse for wear and handpainted. I enjoyed it so much I have created a blog post, it has pics of the resto and some inane babble. More for the fettlers amongst us
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    Bridgestone Reena 1973

    Hi Team Researching this Characterful Japanese bike, I have managed to work out it is a 1973 Bridgestone Reena. Been looking on Google images and have only turned over 1 or 2 images of the bike I have, even then the detailing on the lugs don't match, quite detailled on my version, very simple...
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    Vintage Bike Collector's Hoard of parts on sale in Ebay

    Picked up a lifelong vintage parts collector's hoard just before Christmas, been catalogueing, cleaning and polishing since before Christmas, worth a look there might be the part you have been looking for, loads of rare hard to find bits.
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    Very Rare NOS Marcel Berthet M32 pedals avail

    Very sought after, these pedals are in pefect condition, never having been mounted to a bike. No marks all threads sharp and pedals spin on the spindles smoothly. Highly polished these stunning components are perfect for a vintage bike restoration or an upgrade to your existing ride...
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    Huge Clearout!!!!! Professional Bike Builder's Collection

    Huge clearout of top quality road bike parts, perfect for a vintage road bike parts collector or bike restorer. From the top of the range Campagnolo Record Pista chainset to the iconic Lyotard M23 pedals. Pedals in auction currently include Campy Gran Sport and Super Record Pista. Loads of...
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    Vintage Mafac Brake Levers 2hours left

    Up on the Bay right now with 2 hours bidding time left. These are gorgeous vintage drop bar brake levers with pliable black rubber hoods. Classic Mafac racing lines with drilled levers and brass cable stops. ... RK:MESE:IT
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    Identifying a Gents Humber 3 Speed Bike

    Hi Team After stripping the paint (Hand applied) off a vintage Humber 3 speed, I'm still trying to identify the year and model. The serial Number is on the seatpost and is 25317H or 23517H and the original colour seems to be a light purplish lilac colour, checked the sturmey archer hub it's an...
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    Restored 70's Carlton Corsa

    The latest Project to make it from the shed to the road, this classic Steel bike was looking tired and ready for the scrappie, 2 months of shed love later, she resurfaced blinking in the bright sunlight as I took her on her first shakedown. She rolls smoothly and handles great.
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    Peugeot HLE Premier 22.5" Roadbike

    12 Speed Puegeot HLE Premier on the bay for £160. Serviced, cleaned and ready for a good thrashing. Been out for a couple of test runs to finesse the ride feel and this now feels solid and sharp, with no wobbles or creaks.
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    531 British Eagle Kinetic Road Bike £230

    £230 Light at 10.5 kilos and fast with new rear rim, bearings and spokes. Bearings replaced and regreased all round. Fuly serviced and ready to race ... 1555.l2649
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    British Eagle with Pics !!

    Been checking this forum for some info on the British Eagle Kinetic that I picked up recently. The spec is a relatively good one Frame is Reynolds 531 and as light as my Boardman Team Race Alu bike at 10.5kg It runs on a Shimano 500EX 12 speed group set, (I think thats the 105) including hubs...
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    Carlton Rebuild Completed

    Before work started How it looks now
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    Carlton 69 Barn find starting to shape up

    The project I took on to restore a 69 Carlton has been intersected with a couple of overseas trips, during this time I suffered from severe separation anxiety, the online community kept me sane and focussed on the end goal, the learning curve has been a real pleasure. Been tough at times, but...
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    Vintage Roadbike Parts for sale

    Bargain hunters/Vintage Bike restorers, check the vintage road bike parts I have listed on Ebay All vintage bike parts I list are rust free and highly polished, one less thing to worry about. I always list my items with a starting bid price that is way below the current value Vintage Dawes...
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    Cyclic Universe Carlton comes home

    As my restoration project on the 1969 Carlton progresses, thought I would create a blog to provide some background info and some before and now images. Nailing down which Carlton model this bike is, many have tried including Moi, my best guess now is a Corsa, but I am still unsure, if anyone...
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    Identifying my Carlton

    I suspect my current Carlton rebuild project is from the late 60s when the numbering went a bit crazy I have a 6 digit serial number on the Near side stay 111360 and under the bottom bracker there is an " ( X " Looking at the catalogues from this era and a stack of Google images, I think it...
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    Raleigh Pulsar lightly restored

    Fallen in love with this bad boy, when I first happened upon it, it was in a sorry state. With no Brakes, fitted with cowbell handlebars and no saddle, it was bought as a possible donor bike. A couple of days with it keeping me company in the lounge had me admiring the paintwork wheels rims...