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    Help ID a Columbus Genius frame - TIG or fillet Brazed? Year/period

    You lucky so and so - genius is THE tubing IMHO! Would love to fine one!
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    KARMA - postage only - Omega Bite 1.9 and Alpha bite 1.9

    Re: Top karma - very generous!
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    14" Frames

    Re: I think Kona is the way to go here. Here’s my effort and in contrast to a modern Isla bike, slightly smaller
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    The dark side called... And I like it!

    Fair play. Sometimes a modern bike is what it takes to get back into the riding, which is all that matters really.
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    Online bike shop

    Re: Interesting point re Lbs. Guys at mine are nice chaps. Deffo the place to go if you want a Frog bike, or a new Trek. Maybe I should give them a go - this week I bought an 11 speed cassette and chain, didn’t really think to ask them, went with Merlin this time. Bought Tuesday night...
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    Online bike shop

    Re: All the above as mentioned. Also Rutland - have some good discounts from time to time - not quite as quick to deliver as the others (I think Merlin are the fastest personally) Evans/Sports Direct have the odd thing seriously discounted as they adopt the sports direct business model, but...
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    Really quite lovely RockHopper

    Re: What a lovely honest old bike - takes me back!
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    Roberts White Spider Frame and Fork

    Re: Agree. Would need to see better pictures of the scabby areas I think before bidding.
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    Roberts White Spider Frame and Fork

    Really nice, but looks a bit ratty in places so probably needs paint. Fork looks very nice I must say.
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    Syncros 1 inch quill stem

    Ending tonight - don’t miss a bargain!
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    Brexit and shipping to EU

    Thanks guys, sounds like it’s a right **** up and more or less doubles the cost.
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    Brexit and shipping to EU

    Re: Thanks all, interesting. So the form you have to fill in, does it need to be stuck to the outside of the parcel?
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    Brexit and shipping to EU

    I’m sure many of us have bought parts and sold parts (and more) from/to EU over the years. Has anyone done so recently, post 31 jan 21? Obviously the media has been frothing about this a bit but whats the reality. I’m asking now as I have a member in Germany wanting to buy £30ish worth of...
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    Early Ritchey frame. Stunning!!!

    Re: Blimey - That’s a nice one!
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    Syncros 1 inch quill stem

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    Syncros Cattlehead Stem - 1inch ahead - buy 1 get one free

    Updated add - black one seems to measure 135 if that’s a size they came in - if not 130! Interesting re the hardware - so is the implication that the silver one would have a silver clamp etc Might help me find it!
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    Syncros Cattlehead Stem - 1inch ahead - buy 1 get one free

    For sale one near mint silver Syncros stem with the clamp and top cap. Was NOS but I installed it on a build which ultimately took a different path. So never actually used. 150mm 15 deg. For 1 inch aheadset set up - rare I know I also have a black one in used condition, bit shorter at 135mm...
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    This is now so opposite to a 2021 modern bike

    :lol: :lol: That’s what they said in the magazine so must be true. And the improves between this years model and last - phenomenal :facepalm: It’s all BS really isn’t it, but all good fun!
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    Pile of Old Pipes

    Re: Re: Including fore play?
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    1986ish Paragon Spliff

    Re: 8) If that bike was an emoji it would be an aubergine or should I say an egg plant :shock: :shock: