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    Ringle Front Hub?

    I would say so yes.
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    Bullseye freewheel

    That's great thank you. So I'm guessing most of these 8 speed freewheel sets I'm seeing on ebay are not really advisable? Maybe I will just go 7 speed, don't want to risk damage to the hub.
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    Bullseye freewheel

    That's great advice thank you! I have found a bunch of screw on 8spd freewheel units on ebay, are these not the correct fitment? Will try and add a link
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    Bullseye freewheel

    Could you recommend a make?
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    Bullseye freewheel

    I have a set of bullseye's but need a freewheel/cassette for them. Can I get an 8 speed? What do I need to look for to be compatible with xtr m900?
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    Fat chance 😲 a billy.. £1100.. 17 inch

    According to the seller it's being sold as its too small, it's a small/medium for anyone interested. I asked about the repair but no response. More likely it was bought to be stripped, the repaint was too personal a choice for most I think. The guys also selling the ringle stem as nos, its...
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    Collection Shrewsbury

    Hi, is anyone in Shrewsbury that might be willing to collect a bike and post it on for my son? Cheers :)
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    Sold Tech lite levers 3dv

    Been sold for a couple of days
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    Anyone near Woking can pick up a bike for me?

    No worries :)
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    Anyone near Woking can pick up a bike for me?

    Drop me a pm mate, I'm in the area over regular
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    Sold Klein Adroit Gator 1992 MC1 complete frameset size 19"

    What a surprise, the guy who has apparently paid for this very same frame, has posted on Facebook saying he's been scammed. I really hope not for the poor guys sake. If you are reading this JohnW or whatever your name is, he's posted all the details including your despatch address...
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    Wanted 1996 Raleigh Tourus titanium frame 17

    Does anyone have a 96 mtrax ti frame they might consider parting with? 17 inch Polished finish preferably. Many thanks.
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    Sold Klein Adroit Gator 1992 MC1 complete frameset size 19"

    I'm reading some quite disturbing stories on this sale via Facebook. Seller will only accept bank transfer or PayPal payment friends and family with no protection for buyer. Its been reported that buyer paid deposit to sellers "friends" account via PayPal goods and service but was then...
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    For Sale Grafton cranks polished

    I have a bunch more pictures I can send
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    For Sale Grafton cranks polished

    For sale a very nice set of Grafton cranks. Look to be polished from factory. Threads and tapers perfect. Inc rings. £165
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    Marin pine frs

    26.8 I think mine is.
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    Wanted Orange Clockwork orange/white fade 17

    As title. Looking for a orange / white fade clockwork size 17 inch in tidy condition please. Frame or whatever you have to offer.