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  1. noteeth

    ?1992 Rocky Mountain Hammer on Gumtree

    Indeed, lovely bikes. Glad to hear you are thinking of restoring it! :)
  2. noteeth

    ?1992 Rocky Mountain Hammer on Gumtree

    Ah, glad to see this went to an appreciative home... pretty sure the monostay (as opposed to later twin stays) make an earlier frame, likely a '92 - though these things are always a bit fuzzy, of course :)
  3. noteeth

    ?1992 Rocky Mountain Hammer on Gumtree

    Tempted, as I owned a '91 BITD & would like to get hold of an older steel Rocky again. But too far for me, and the retrofund is currently closed out (sigh). Could be wrong, but pretty sure this is a '92 Hammer, somewhat re-dressed... perhaps somebody could rescue it...
  4. noteeth

    Bontrager Race Lite 1993/94

    Lovely, lovely bike. I ride a couple of Races with different set-ups - one rigid (with, erm, risers), and one much like yours. Love 'em both... my favourite singletrack bikes, ever.
  5. noteeth

    Bonty in Manchester*SOLD*

    Time is a circle - archive debuts of the future past. To quote Twin Peaks, "it is happening again..." Edit: happenin' sports again.
  6. noteeth

    Bonty in Manchester*SOLD*

    I have logged in simply to say congratulations 😄 Just run [build] it!
  7. noteeth

    Bontrager Race Lite 1993/94

    A beaut. I will never tire of riding mine.
  8. noteeth

    1991 Team Marin

    That is lovely!
  9. noteeth

    97 Bontrager Privateer Comp

    Nice. After having everything robbed off my S-Works Steel (bast'rds!) in '97 I bought one of these, and was instantly smitten... which resulted in me buying several more Bontragers thereafter. :lol:
  10. noteeth

    1989 Marin Muirwoods complete restoration (picture heavy)

    Beautiful restoration. My first mountain bike was a 1990 Marin Muirwoods. It's no exaggeration to say that it changed my life... I've always regretted selling it (tho' the sale part-funded a Dyna-Tech back in '92), and I was super happy to find another one a couple of years back. I could never...
  11. noteeth

    A Trip Down Memory Lane with a £500 Bontrager.

    Brilliant read. Thanks for posting. Still my favourite MTB of all time. Still riding mine. (@Tangent: reckon that was '93... cross-reference with Si to be sure :D )
  12. noteeth

    fearfactoryüberalles' feedback thread

    Great seller. Great communication. Frame arrived quickly, and was superbly packaged - lots of padding, with axle braces for frame and forks. Highly recommended. Many thanks!!
  13. noteeth

    Bontrager and Orange MTB Clothing - ALL SOLD

    Re: Bontrager and Orange MTB Clothing PM sent re the L Bonty jersey (if it doesn't sell).
  14. noteeth

    lockedmyselfout feedback

    Re: Bought a lovely set of Bonty/King wheels from Dan - they were exactly as described, and superbly packaged. Great comms & a pleasure to deal with - thumbs up from me! :)
  15. noteeth

    Chris King classic hubs/Bontrager ceramics £199+KARMA *SOLD*

    Re: YGM re the wheels.
  16. noteeth

    which bike would you have bought in 1996?

    Amen to that, sinnerman. Bought my first Bontrager (a Privateer) in 1997, whilst at uni (& blew all the money I'd carefully saved whilst working over the summer...), and a Bontrager Race followed in short order. Super-responsive, a joy on climbs & all round fun. I own other bikes, but Bontys...
  17. noteeth

    gil_m's Feedback Thread

    Ordered 2 sets of Bontrager decals from him... needless to say, they are superb. Great service and a pleasure to deal with.
  18. noteeth

    '95 Bontrager Privateer , NOW FINISHED ! ! !

    Nice work. They really are great bikes.
  19. noteeth

    SOLD--Bontrager Titanium "Ti Lite" (f/set requires repair)

    Re: Bontrager Titanium "Ti Lite" (1996) f/set requires repa That's because you're a tall lad. :D Agreed, though, Bontrager sizing can be a funny thing. (Hope all well in NZ!)
  20. noteeth

    SOLD--Bontrager Titanium "Ti Lite" (f/set requires repair)

    Re: Bontrager Titanium &quot;Ti Lite&quot; 1996 med f/set requires re Size is: MEDIUM (seattube 17inches C-C / toptube >actual< 22 1/2inches ) It's a Large. Those pics bring back some memories... :D