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  1. BarneyRubble

    For Sale 1996 GT Bravado 20" *price reduction* or swap for smart trainer

    Hi All, Having finished this project, I've immediately got the itch to do something else, so putting the Bravado up for sale to add to the funds. 😬 It's a 20" 1996 with mostly period correct parts, save a 1x10 Drivechain which makes the bike a great ride by modern standards. Would be very simple...
  2. BarneyRubble

    For Sale NOS Control Tech and Control Stix *reduced*

    NOW WITH REDUCTIONS! I have a few bits that I didn't end up using on my Bravado build. Prices below include postage in the UK and I'd prefer bank transfer or PayPal friends and family (or you can pay the fees). All items are NOS complete with the packaging. I bought them all from the RB member...
  3. BarneyRubble

    Wanted 10 speed 11-36 Shimano cassette in VGC

    As above, would like an SLX, XT or at a push XTR 11-36 cassette. Will be run with a new chain, so needs to be good, or very good condition. WHY?
  4. BarneyRubble

    For Sale 2005 Cannondale R900 triple. VGC REDUCED TO £500

    Hi, Testing the waters with this one. I bought this last winter to go on the old turbo trainer I have, but having ridden it on the road for the first time last week, I think it's probably a bit big. Particularly as I have a frozen shoulder to need something short. I'm not likely to use it much...
  5. BarneyRubble

    Help! BB advice

    I'm hoping the retrobike hive mind can help me. I recently bought a GT Bravado and some middleburn RS7 to go on it. BETD said I'd need a 118mm BB, so I managed to get a Shimano UN300 which slotted into the frame like a dream, but unfortunately is too short! 😩 I can't find a 122.5mm Shimano one...
  6. BarneyRubble

    For Sale Sold : Hunt Aero light Disc wheels with tyres, cassette and rotors

    Pair of Hunt Aero Light disc wheels, practically new with less than 200 miles of use. Price includes Hutchinson Sector 28 tubeless tyres, shimano 105 cassette and ultegra rotors. This is a seriously light set of wheels from a highly reputable UK company...
  7. BarneyRubble

    1996 GT Bravado - finished with new pics!

    Here we go again! I'd promised myself (and my wife) "no more retro bike builds!". But then on the day I bought my Malverns ticket, up popped a beautiful blue GT Bravado, (thanks Conrad). I was smitten and having previously done a Xizang, an RTS 1 and a few i-drives, I fancied a bit of GT steel...
  8. BarneyRubble

    Wanted Wanted: silver Thomson 26.8 seatpost

    As above, must be in good to very good condition. WHY?
  9. BarneyRubble

    For Sale Xt f/r mechs, dx thumbies, USE, Thomson, flexstem, Onza and more. Offers welcome

    Hi everyone. Just been looking through the parts box and realised I'm sitting on some bits I need to move on as I'm not going to use them. 😁 All prices exclude postage, (but open to offers) so please ask for a price and let me know where you are. It may take as long as a week to get items...
  10. BarneyRubble

    Wanted WTD Syncros silver ahead stem, Middleburn RS7, Silver USE

    Hi All, Got a new project on the way and after a few bits. Syncros stem in silver, ahead, 1"1/8. Can be reasonably flexible on length. Middleburn RS7, 175mm, must have good tapers. Ideally with a blue spider... Silver USE seatpost, 25.0mm (I have shims) ideally with a blue or silver clamp...
  11. BarneyRubble

    Gt RTS BMX!

    This may have appeared on here before, so apologies if it has, but it's a GT RTS BMX! I'm guessing these never made production?
  12. BarneyRubble

    Complete Wheels - XT M730/732 hubs, Wolber rims, Smoke/Dart

    Hi All, I have had these for a while thinking I may start a project around them, but I haven't got the time to do it, so I'm selling them on. This is a fantastic early 90's wheelset complete with Smoke/Dart tyres which have barely turned a wheel. I will leave the 7 speed Shimano HG cassette...
  13. BarneyRubble

    2006 Pinarello Galileo 57cm complete bike (NOS frame)

    Hi all, I'm normally here to talk retro MTB, but I'm staying into the other side, so be kind! :lol: I'm selling my Pinarello Galileo from c. 2006/7. The frame was NOS when I acquired it from eBay a month or two ago. As such the frame has done less than 25 miles in 14 years and is therefore...
  14. BarneyRubble

    1993? Ozone/Bigfoot E-Stay complete bike

    Hi All. I bought this from a Retrobike user over 10 years ago for my wife, (she liked the colour). unfortunately it wasn't really that comfortable for her, so it has barely been used since. I've now built something that is more modern and she is riding that, so this one needs to go. So here's...
  15. BarneyRubble

    "Retro Inspired" 2018 GT Zaskar

    Here's one to split opinions! :lol: I love my retro bikes but got frustrated at sinking loads of cash into beautiful bikes that I was then terrified to ride in case I broke/ruined them. Some will say I should have just ridden them, but I couldn't bring myself to do it after spending so much...
  16. BarneyRubble

    Pace RC200 BB length question

    Morning All! Happy new year! Can anyone help with the correct bottom bracket length for an RC200 (F5?) With a Middleburn RS7 chainset? Thanks! :D
  17. BarneyRubble

    2 X tickets to Lauren Hill in Birmingham on 27th Nov

    Been really looking forward to this as it's the 20th anniversary of the Miseducation album. Unfortunately with only a couple of weeks until our first child arrives we've decided it's a bit risky! :D . Good seats (bought from O2 priority) and I just want to cover what I paid, which was£113...
  18. BarneyRubble

    Pace RC200 full bike. £750

    Hi everyone, slightly lazy I know, but details of the bike on Facebook: ... 02546&_rdr Don't want to split, so full bike only. Collection preferred. PayPal gift or bank transfer. Cheers Barney
  19. BarneyRubble

    1993 GT RTS 1

    So ever since my mate had an RTS back in 93 I've wanted one badly. I've had several i-drives and a Xizang, but never an RTS. So I started looking for a purple one and found the perfect frame but having paid top dollar for it I discovered it was cracked. I'd started buying purple parts before I...
  20. BarneyRubble

    Alpinestars Al Mega DX