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  1. Osella

    Raleigh USA Al bonded frame Not 'cheap' but, it's a bit nice...
  2. Osella

    Nice Cro-Mega - inc forks and no retro tax. ... 3759856503
  3. Osella

    Full-sus Marin frame for the 7' tall rider.. ... 4161355736
  4. Osella

    Minty survivor...

    Okay, it's not everyone's cop of tea perhaps...but, I would! :twisted: ... SwrU1bC~A4
  5. Osella

    Poorly-listed (but cheap) Killer-V ... SwpEdbVukh Listed as a 'BBB' but pretty sure this is an interestingly repainted Cannondale. Worth £20 or so either way.
  6. Osella

    A great way to never sell your (v.nice) Saracen.. ... 2562336640 Pics okay, price good; then ensure you insult every potential buyer. . . :P :facepalm:
  7. Osella

    It's a... U-Brake, Flat End Cap, Alloy, GT [Ending Sunday!]

    In Bradford, collection only - but currently hovering around £50 if you're close, and quick.. ... 2448275222
  8. Osella

    Joran...? neither, but a lovely ole pub-bike nonetheless (if you live in Suffolkshire direction). ... 2595984622
  9. Osella

    Bargain: True Temper + DX Groupset.. ... 2284492982 Okay yes; it's a Trek.. but look at that! Got to be worth a clean & tidy, or strip for parts. Collection only in Derbyshire, but not too far for someone mebbe?
  10. Osella

    Keith Bontrager interview - back in his shed

    HUGE apologies if this has been posted elsewhere/already; but: Yes it's on GCN, but it's all about MTB! :xmas-cool: I have to say I never knew about the Kestrel link.
  11. Osella

    Blimey! Rudy Project Verlicchi F&F - cheap

    I seem to remember this one being on here a couple of years ago (missing the decals, etc) but still has fork & headset - from memory it's a 1&1/4. ... SwRgJXlx5Z
  12. Osella

    1999 Cannondale CAAD2 Monsterroad conversion

    :idea: I picked this up locally to use as a commuter-type (it already was). Nice large-size frame fine for the road. Paid £70 which honestly is a bit overpriced but hey.. it was just around the corner! Took it for a test ride and was amazed at how well it rode considering it's age and it'd been...
  13. Osella

    Cool Tool headset wrench attachments ... 2089694696 Not seen these about for years!
  14. Osella

    That'll be the...Hitman..?

    Nope.. It's a Daewoo. Not a bad frame but definitely not an Orange.. Just nice Alu retro-ness ... 1924759577
  15. Osella

    Scott AFD Pro frame ... 1949787003 Mountain Bike? Oh no it isn't...
  16. Osella

    Be quick-finishing 3pm Sunday Dirty Jo Semi Creme

    Not the most desirable frame, but badly-listed and dead cheeep at the moment! ... 1801302642
  17. Osella

    Very nice condition Trek 9800 OCLV frame ... 1893072433 Not seen one in a condition like this for a long time at that price..
  18. Osella

    Anyone in/near Newquay want a Killer V for £50?

    Nice looking; XT/LX component mix - bargain for £50 starter if you're in the region to collect! ... 2282901558
  19. Osella

    Saved from scrap.. Purple Hazed Carrera Optima (probably)

    This had been knocking about eBay for a little while from November until last week and eventually got down to a tenner or was going to the scrapyard.. Well, I really don't need another bike(!), but a commuty/knockabout/pub-type is never a bad thing, and I couldn't let the paintwork go to be...
  20. Osella

    NFL final week - anyone watching?

    Just thought I'd ask, in case anyone else does more than just bikes! Quite a few meaningful games in this final 'regguler season' week.. Anyone else watching, playing fantasy football or pick'ems etc? Just watching the Cowboys forget to turn up (again) and the lots of the games look...