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  1. Benandemu

    1991 Merlin Titanium

    30 years of yearning this precise build is finally over. Influenced by watching my hero, Greg Lemond using one in the 91 TDF. It was a dream that carried into early 93, and the only changes I made to that dream were the updated rear mech, and the new Ergopower levers. I did run Time Titan...
  2. Benandemu

    Marin experts - are the DH FRS, B17, Wolf Ridge the same?

    See here... viewtopic.php?f=21&t=348117&hilit=Marin B-17, Wildcat Trail, and DH FRS are the same. There were three main variants for ease... 165mm Shock 190mm Shock (maybe even 185mm I’m getting old) 200mm Shock Front ends are not compatible between models, but the rear swing arms are fully...
  3. Benandemu

    Not quite Retro-yet question on Campagnolo Carbon cranks

    Does anybody know for sure what BB length was used on the 2003/4 Campagnolo Carbon Record square taper cranks? I think it’s 102mm, but there’s a small niggle of doubt in the back of my mind somewhere. Cheers
  4. Benandemu

    Action-Tec still around?

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether Action-Tec was still trading in Silverado, California? I’ve used their Titanium BB’s for many years without issue, and I’ve recently acquired a Merlin Titanium that needs a different length, and taper BB. My ‘go-to’ would have been Action-Tec but every...
  5. Benandemu

    Collarless BB axle (prefer Titanium) ISO taper 102mm

    As per the title, it's got to be ISO taper for Campagnolo, and I'm hunting 102mm. The other option is one that's got a central collar or sleeve to keep the bearings in place such as Royce or Hope, and I'll machine it back to a straight 17mm diameter. Thanks
  6. Benandemu

    Pantographing - who does it?

    I've been loosely interested in having a few choice parts Pantographed lately. I've seen that somebody had some relatively modern Campagnolo cranks done with the Campagnolo shield which I thought looked great (but I can't remember where I saw it on here, or who it was). As my Delta brakes are...
  7. Benandemu

    Colnago Master project

    A new project that's been bubbling in the background has just started to become a bit more real. This has just been delivered... It took me about 20 minutes to unwrap it as it had been so well protected for its journey here. It's not been as easy to find as I would have imagined. My brief...
  8. Benandemu

    1990 Raleigh Dyna Tech Cronos

    If I rewind the clocks back to 1990 for the beginning of this project. I was 18, studying A levels, and riding more than I should have been. My enthusiasm for the sport had really taken hold, and I was feverishly absorbing as much information about what would make me faster and allow me to last...
  9. Benandemu

    1991 Marin Team Titanium

    I really can't remember when I bought this, who, or where I bought it from - somewhere in the US, and probably from eBay I think. It seems to have been patiently hanging from various nails and hooks around the garage for ages. It's only very recently that I started to picture what the completed...
  10. Benandemu

    Big Purple ring. Oooh Errrr!!

    I've tried and failed on this search. I'm after a 110pcd outer ring in purple 3DV. It can be 46/48T. What you got people? Thanks
  11. Benandemu

    Rock Shox SID World Cup 2004 80mm

    Rock Shox SID 2004 World Cup 80mm travel with full carbon crown and 201mm steerer. These are the 28mm stanchion version, and weigh a very respectable 1360g with the lockout lever. There are Titanium canti studs or disc tabs. I used these forks extensively on my Mount Vision Pro for a couple of...
  12. Benandemu

    1998 Marin DH FRS

    Based on the fantastic feedback I got with the single pivot Mount Vision Pro from 1998'ish era (seen here... viewtopic.php?f=21&t=112170 ), I pondered on what the other models in the range would ride like. After a few false starts and several bikes later, I considered myself educated enough to...
  13. Benandemu

    1988 Concorde Colombo PDM (Campagnolo alternative)

    So, a good few months back I was passing Martin's (HarryCrumb) house and popped in for a cuppa and a catch up. It's always a bit surreal when you're in a tight space with him and 50+ bikes - I mean, there's just so much to take in. Sometimes I end up in there for over an hour and miss whole...
  14. Benandemu

    2013 Marin Mount Vision XM pro

    This has just been taken into the fold this week. I'd been looking at them since their release, but dare not commit to the price tag they usually carry. However, this came up relatively cheaply, and I just couldn't resist. As soon as it arrived, I began swapping over the 'unacceptable' bits for...
  15. Benandemu

    1996 Colnago Master Olympic Art Decor

    I've had a long term crush on Colnago's Master, whether it's their Italian pedigree, handmade finish, unique Columbus Gilco tubing, or their sheer over indulgent looks versus the very bland looking offerings from the UK frame builders. My interest started in 1988 when they were very new, and...
  16. Benandemu

    Bar tape question

    During the late 80's and early 90's I recall everyone ditching their traditional bar tape ribbon, and embracing the sticky backed padded vinyl which had a slightly leatherette textured surface (and was many times more comfortable). It was available in a variety of colours, and pretty cheap...
  17. Benandemu

    XT chainset boxed, XT disc brakes boxed, Rock Shox shock

    I've got some stuff that's surplus to my needs, and was bought in error really. First in line is first in line, whether posting on the thread or sending me a pm - I'll work it out via time posted. I will accept dibs, but 24 hours is the normal limit on holding stuff. I will post outside of the...
  18. Benandemu

    Pace Silver bars

    As the title, but uncut please, and must be silver.
  19. Benandemu

    1995 Marin Team Titanium

    This frame marks the beginning of Marin's Titanium frames being made in Taiwan. I've ridden them extensively in the past, and they're a really good bike - lively, and not too sluggish at slow speed like so many Ti frames can feel. I'm sure they were bike of year in 1995/96 as well, at a point...
  20. Benandemu

    Worn out M900 cassette

    Sounds strange, but I've got a really good one that's missing half a dozen of its little screws. It came as a package of two M900 cassettes ages ago, but it was too good to kill, and I actually do need it now. The thought of modifying some other screws doesn't really turn me on at the moment...