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    For Sale Caratti shorts. Size s, much more like a medium/ large £15 posted

    Bought these from broadribbs Bicester, (creators of hardcore bikes) back in the late 90s. Always far to big and are pretty much unworn. Plus who wore baggies in those days.
  2. Rotwild 1

    Specialized winter gloves, Medium. 1998 ish?? £15 (Sold)

    These have been in my old cycling clothes pile for too long. They have Thinsulate FLEX insulation and are still a really warm pair of gloves. Size medium and they have always been a bit to big for me, (tiny hands) so i never wore them much. Would go great for any winter retro rides.
  3. Rotwild 1

    Caratti baggy shorts, retro chic! Size 32 - 34 inch (small)

    OK so going through a bag of very old cycling clothes I have I found my pair of Caratti baggy shorts in brown /khaki with inbuilt liner, of sorts. I remember buying them when I was 18 ish, so around 1996 ish. I also remember being like little Jimmy cranky in them and only ever wore them once or...
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    bike for my wife, around 16inch step through

    wife needs something to go to the train station on, to be able to take a child seat and is a step through frame. around 16 inch. not flash as her other one was nicked on friday. anyone got anything around 100 pounds
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    bike for my wife, around 16inch step through

    wife needs something to go to the train station on, to be able to take a child seat and is a step through frame. around 16 inch. not flash as her other one was nicked on friday. anyone got anything around 100 pounds
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    Stolen Bike, Corratec C-29 Cross two womens bike

    Stolen Bike, Corratec C-29 Cross two womens bike •Frame: 29er Technology Alloy 6061 •Fork: RST M29 TnL, 100 Lockout •Chainset: Shimano 542, 175, 44-32-22 •Rear Derailleurs: Shimano SLX •Shifter: Shimano Deore •Brake Lever: Shimano M445 •Brakes: Shimano M445 Disc •Tires:Continetal Race...
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    USE Suspension SP, odyssey tripple trap red pedals. £-

    Use suspension seat post, 26mm with shim to 27.2mm, all working, well its their anything to go wrong? graphicis pretty much all worn off, but no seroius marks on the post, as its always been in the collar. £15 SOLD Odyssey tripple trap pedals, threads all fine, few marks to anodizing...
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    XTR FS FD M960 F mech £15 SOLD

    nice condition, few marks and a small area where the surface is coroding, are these magnesium? 31.8mm dia and i think bottom pull, i have never used it as was to small for all my frames, more photos here £25
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    disc brakes FS,XTR M965/LX lever price drop again

    selling my remaining disc brakes, Juicy 7 Carbon, with 160mm disc rear brake. all working with good pads, no disc bolts, but always found if difficult to set up with no drag. £35 Sold Hayes Stoker trail Front brake, 180mm disc no disc bolts, really good solid brake, never had a...
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    wee ride delux child bike seat SOLD

    good condition, all the parts and instructions, basically a small padded bucket seat tht fits between rider and bars, best thing is that it works with all frames, i had mine on my rotwild FRF01 full sus frame, although kids should wear sun glasses to stop bugs etc. good condition, do a...
  11. Rotwild 1

    just got the wife a new bike.

    just got the wife a new bike, After she rudely in my opion refused the 1999 Zaska LE that i got her, i bought her this. ... elID=71974 its really tasty, certainly as it comes with Race kings not what was listed
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    USE seat post Zaska LE UPDATE

    Just the crosslink wheels, Use seatpost and bars/stem combo left now,. details here pics here ... T%20Zaska/ prices at the moment are £40 for the wheels sold £25 for the post and £15...
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    1999 Zaska LE, SIDS,USE, crosslinks price drop more

    over in the 1998> section, as people post newer stuff here thought i would pop a link in.
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    ZASKAR LE USE seat post price drop more!

    just stripped out a bike i bought for my wife as she righly said, a tripple triangle frame can not take a child seat easily. so its all for sale, she wants a new bike and i am keeping away fro retro as i lime m modern bikes to much, sorry but its the truth and i have a RP3 that needs...
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    Cannondale 3.0 complete bike, middleburn, SOLD!

    Cannondale 3.0 frame size 17inch from centre of bb to bottom of cross bar. year unsure as its the only id stamp i can not read on the frame. between 1993 and 1999, my guess 1994 but ist a guess by the components. which are Middleburn RS2 175mm 26 26 46 cranks. RD M565 LX Rear mech FD M550...
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    manitou 1 forks on ebay in canade ... 3f0f532665 only 20 minutes
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    Brookes Swift saddle in black

    nice condition, slighlty broken in. £60 posted. will take photos tomorow to post up SOLD PP no markings on rails, but not magnetic so titanium rails
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    GT Tempest, what can you tell me

    always forget about this one, if i remember it was a more solidly built version of an avalanche / Zaska. have tried to find a GT Cat but failed to see the tempest in it. anyone make me wiser?
  19. Rotwild 1

    GT tempest frame, clubroost bars plus more £-again + again

    got a bit of stuff to shift, was planning a build but the wife says bills first so got to shift this stuff. OK Control tech stem, black 110mm length with slight rise, condiction is not perfect, chips to paint etc. £25 posted. sold for £20 control tech seat post, silver, 26.8mm dia length...
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    1998 Rotwild RFR01 frame Sold

    details can be seen in the 1998 onwards thread, but as this is kind of borderline thought i would post it here as well. would like £130 posted. SOLD its a medium with a manitou SPV swinger shox and is great but i have not yet bothered to clean it since i stripped it, come with seat post...