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  1. Nessy

    Claud Butler 1976 Olympic Road Frame / Forks

    Had planned to keep this but circumstances change so someone else may as well enjoy it.
  2. Nessy

    New Acquisition - 1976 (?) Claud Butler Olympic

    So the start of my next project is a random chance I came across this through a friend, I got the frame plus a few handlebars, stems, tyres, mallard pedals, a back wheel etc all Looked to be NOS and got the lot including the frame for £25. Unsure if it is in the original paintwork as it seems...
  3. Nessy

    1984 Peugeot Talisman Carbolite 103 Fixed Gear

    Been surfing the forums for a while and my current Fixie build is nearly complete so decided to get some pics up. Started as a £20 Gumtree pick up in need of some TLC… Peugeot Talisman 1984 (I believe) Carbolite 103 Gas Piper, 62cm Frame so a little big for me in reality but heyho: I knew...