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    Scott Ultimate CST bike - 17.5' - SOLD

    Re: If the buyer would like my original retail card (owner/checklist/service details never completed on the reverse) then I'll send it free - pic here - just let me know after the sale is complete.
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    Scott Ultimate CST bike - 17.5' - SOLD

    Re: Re: My 1992 Ultimate CST was classed as a 16" (CTC measurement) but the CTT was 18". There is usually a frame size sticker on the back of the seat tube, just under the seat clamp.
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    Am I being unreasonable?

    Re: I'm surprised it took at least 8 years for Marin to realise that offering a lifetime warranty on bearings was unrealistic :shock:
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    Klein Mardigras Attitude

    Re: Mardi Gras? It looks more like Brazilian Carnival :shock: :lol: :wink:
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    Retro Spuds Feedback thread

    Re: It has been a pleasure to deal with Nick again after so much time. Same great comms, perfect product and fast delivery. 10/10. Thanks again :D
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    Little Markie's Feedback

    Re: An excellent transaction with Mark. Perfect product and very quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks again :)
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    stevede feedback

    Re: It has been a real pleasure to deal with Steve. Excellent comms, item exactly as described and super-fast postage. Highly recommended. Thanks again :D
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    For Sale Repro - MIG (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)

    Yes, I will definitely take a pair in black when you have them again.
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    Kona Titanium Frame Serial Numbers - List on Page 9:

    Re: Re: You are assuming that Hei Hei frames suddenly changed at the start of each year, but they gradually evolved. Hence, late 1993 frames had 1993 decals, no canti bridge, bullet dropouts and were not suspension corrected like 1994 frames. Such as my late 1993 - B18136. Pic on the front page...
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    Re: Wow! Incredible :shock:
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    Proflex 1990 serotta built

    Re: Yes, nice to see it being ridden! These were £1400 and not easy to sell at that price. Actual bike spec was also a little different to catalogue spec. I still have the 1990 Offroad catalogue.
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    1990 Kona Explosif - restoring the love of my biking life

    Re: I'm really enjoying this project and your dedication to it. It will be interesting to see how the splats work out for you. Not so much the colour matching (which shouldn't be too difficult), but achieving similar splats to the originals - it's not as easy as it looks and will take some...
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    Rock Shox Recon Gold 27.5" - £160

    Re: PM's responded to :)
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    Rock Shox Recon Gold 27.5" - £160

    Re: Rock Shox Recon Gold 27.5", Chris King 1 1/8", Hygia Usagi More items added :)
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    SOLD!! HARO Team Extreme (XT M730-M732)

    Re: I'm 99.9% sure that it didn't. I would be very surprised if I missed it.
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    Rock Shox Recon Gold 27.5" - £160

    WELCOME All prices include UK posting unless stated otherwise. Payment by PayPal Gift or Bank Transfer only. No dibs. Any questions just let me know. Rock Shox Recon Gold 27.5" with OneLoc Sprint Remote #1. NEW in box - as shown. Black. Tapered steerer. 100mm travel. 9mm QR...
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    Trialsmeister feedback....

    Re: It's been a real pleasure to deal with Mike and I couldn't have wished for a better transaction. 10/10. Highly recommended. Thanks again :D
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    Fat Chance 10th Anniversary Campagnolo Record OR *SOLD*

    Re: WOW! Stunning example 8)
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