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  1. markoc

    sex education – a winter adventure [15/10]

    Hmmm. While it isn't quite in lemon territory, it is very evidently a 26 year old bike. It needs to be covered in degreaser and given a good old wash, and then to check for cracks. This will be done on the weekend with some before and after pics. However, my immediate observations having...
  2. markoc

    For Sale Stx chainset, mechs and 7 speed rf+ shifters SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

    Would you split? I'd be interested in the shifters and rear mech if so.
  3. markoc

    sex education – a winter adventure [15/10]

    So, I’ve picked it up. Have lobbed it in the garage til the weekend. First impressions. It’s filthy - I mean absolutely disgraceful. Wheels are cheapo Quando that will need to go. Rear mech looks modern, shifters have been replaced. Forks move so that’s positive. It is however surprisingly...
  4. markoc

    Shimano BB question : UN72 v UN72E

    Ah, no - idiot. The e type goes round the BB doesn't it... hence the need for an equivalent spacer. e type has passed me by (unless its a Jag, and then its a different matter). Spacers seem cheap online so I'll get one ordered :)
  5. markoc

    Shimano BB question : UN72 v UN72E

    I'm running singlespeed - so not going to be a problem then? Edit - thanks for the quick replies!
  6. markoc

    Shimano BB question : UN72 v UN72E

    Quick one for the RB brains - what's the difference between a UN72 and a UN72E? Just found a UN72 to fit what I need, but on receipt it is an "E" (which to be fair is what it was advertised as) - is that going to give me a problem? Thx Mark
  7. markoc

    sex education – a winter adventure [15/10]

    So, I’ve been thinking about a winter project for a bit – as I’ve been tinkering with my bikes over lockdown and got to a point where I’ve kind of done what I wanted to do. My P7 is under wraps and I’ll post on it when finally done. The Clockwork is almost there, and my modern just doesn’t need...
  8. markoc

    Crank Removal Tool

    Another fan of a Fat Spanner here. I have to say that as I replace tools I'm doing so with Park, and am yet to find anything of theirs that hasn't been superb. Pricy but just works. I do recognise not all can do that and I'm fortunate now to be able to do it. All those lovely blue...
  9. markoc

    Kona Cinder cone 95 - very tidy

    I do love these having had a similar vintage Lava Dome when new, and in that colour too - it rode so well - and I would pay good money for one now to scratch the itch again. £500 is waaay hopeful even if the bike does have the longest USE seat post in the world evvvaaaaaar.
  10. markoc

    Fisher titanium…….

    Wait, what the…. Who welds a seat post into a frame??
  11. markoc

    The Trend for Black Finishes on Modern Components

    I'd hazard a guess that it is cheaper to finish in black than produce a decent polished surface. Then build in planned obsolescence as us vain perfectionists replace scuffed kit that is perfectly functional but looks scruffy...
  12. markoc

    Orange Clockwork reborn

    If your nose isn't on the front tyre then you're not trying hard enough :)
  13. markoc

    Orange Clockwork reborn

    Front end looks very low on the drops but overall kind of looks really “right” as well! Love it!
  14. markoc

    Orange Clockwork New Build

    That’s absolutely mega - and to get the bike itself for £15 is nuts!
  15. markoc

    Tange bike..

    Someone’s going to take an absolute bath on that 😞
  16. markoc

    98+ BoTM BotM September 2021 - 26" wheels and rim brakes - The Vote

    Just voted. It's a short list but some crackers nonetheless. Will hopefully have something ready for the next 26 incher round to pop my BOTM cherry :)
  17. markoc


    Now there's something you don't see every day! Very special indeed :) There was a reasonably recent thread where someone refurbed some Halsons if you were looking for info, though the Mags look spot on. Whats the ride like?
  18. markoc

    Sold Original USE decals

    Yes please - will take one.
  19. markoc

    Sold Original USE decals

    Would be interested in one. Will need a price up before a mod pops by though.