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  1. We_are_Stevo

    Wanted Now I know this may be a long shot...

    ...but I'd REALLY like another of these, exactly this colour scheme, except a 19" It was my first' proper' MTB back in the early '90s, and my last until I joined here, and I commuted 100's of miles on it until it was stolen while my brother was borrowing it! :mad: I've often looked for...
  2. We_are_Stevo

    The return...

    A chance fb promo for new Retrobike apparel tempted me out of the shadows, so I thought I'd Post something as a break from sitting at my bench soldering! My old blue bike shed finally had to go to make way for my new workshop, so I used the opportunity to give the bikes a better home too... 8)
  3. We_are_Stevo

    It's only a Cindercone but...

    Can someone tell me what year this is, before I start rummaging through boxes of parts?
  4. We_are_Stevo

    Tip find Shimano...

    I've lost count of the number of tip runs I've done recently, as I continue to make space for my new workshop, but when I saw this faded relic, a tenner to rescue it from the skip seemed reasonable enough! Complete, and completely original, i wonder how long it'll stay that way... :facepalm:
  5. We_are_Stevo

    It would help if I posted in the correct section!

    This is where I spend most of my time these days, on account it actually makes me money, as opposed to being a constant drain on my bank account! FSGuitars I'm sure I could see my way to offering forum members a 5% discount... 8)
  6. We_are_Stevo

    There's more to life than bikes!

    This is what I spend most of my time on now, on account it actually makes me money instead of being a constant drain on my bank account! FSGuitars I'm sure I could see my way to offering a 5% discount to forum members... 8)
  7. We_are_Stevo

    Any 'Only Fools...' fans out there? SOLD...

    Complete boxed set of 26 DVD's, every episode and special ever made... ... B000IZK52K, just £40 posted, "Cushty" 8) . . . . . . ...the ubiquitous 'unwanted present.' :|
  8. We_are_Stevo

    Dumb question possibly but... road gearing SIS indexing the same spacing as a mountain bike? :oops: The reason I ask is I am building a drop-bar mountain bike for someone and I've just bought some 21-speed stem-mount shifters then suddenly wondered if they are the same? Told you it was a dumb question but I've been...
  9. We_are_Stevo

    Is it just me?

    Thankfully no, apparently... ... EMBV9Sbtgg ...I'm in danger of becoming a 'Day Break' viewer just to watch the weather forecast! :oops:
  10. We_are_Stevo

    Has this link ever been posted before?

    Apologies to the Mod'z if this requires moving elsewhere... everyone who has used him will testify, quality workmanship at very reasonable prices 8)
  11. We_are_Stevo

    Potential bargain for someone... ... 25801979a2
  12. We_are_Stevo

    ...and now for somethig completely different;

    For anyone with a sweet tooth... :D SWMBO had one of her bosses over the house for dinner yesterday, and as is the norm for these occasions I was reduced to the role of hired help! :lol: In other words, I do the cooking; Spag. Bol. had been requested and this was duly whizzed up in the...
  13. We_are_Stevo

    That LBS on Tarring Road in Worthing??

    Can never remember the d*mn name! :facepalm: Anyway, very nice DiamondBack Ascent on the forecourt... ...£90 worth of green, skinny steel-tubed, loveliness if anyone is interested? Always worth trying to knock him down on the price a bit too 8)
  14. We_are_Stevo

    AAAARGH! WTF? Help!

    Posting this here even though it's modern kit because it's fitted to my '92 Saracen frame and hoping someone can offer the sort of advice that doesn't involve a lump hammer! Building up my red 'Wot' today I've encountered a problem that has resisted all my efforts so far to resolve :facepalm...
  15. We_are_Stevo

    Lazy, or just plain thick?

    I've just fitted some 8-speed XT STi brakes/shifters to the Kili Comp; tried to be clever by swapping the little plastic segment thingies in the levers around to suit the canti's already fitted but it didn't work, in fact it broke so now the floppy swivelly bit the cable nipple hooks into will...
  16. We_are_Stevo

    Random, off the wall 'Help' topic...

    I bought the Samsung notebook I'm composing this on from one of the many cashconverters outlets I pass during the course of a typical day; it cost me just £99 and I didn't think to question why it was £60 less than the identical notebook next to it (yes, I did test it out in the shop and it...
  17. We_are_Stevo

    Le French Connection...

    ...well, I'm no Popeye Doyle but as it will be some time before Pierre gets his Gallic hands on his latest acquisition I thought I'd post a few pics to whet his appetite 8) Though having said that, it's probably better to just paste a link to the Photobucket album itself...
  18. We_are_Stevo

    Bargain Tufftrax...

    ...if anyone is on the lookout for a small MTB there is a pink 24" wheeled Saracen Tufftrax in the second hand shop near the Nat West bank in Newhaven; looks to be in reasonably good nick, and bog-standard apart from the seat, for the princely sum of £25.
  19. We_are_Stevo

    Nice LITTLE Explosif frame... ... 4d060053d3
  20. We_are_Stevo

    Dunno if this has cropped up on the radar yet? ... 7675.l2562