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    Canti brake bosses missing - what do I need?

    Oops. All the prior replys weren't appearing in my browser due to some glitch with the new forum format. Looks like question was already answered and my reply was unnecessary, but offer still stands if you need photos.
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    Canti brake bosses missing - what do I need?

    Bontrager frames (and forks) were unique. They used a sleeve and a longer bolt that threaded into the base part of the boss that you see in your photo. (In other words, nothing is wrong or missing, but people often misplace those sleeves.) Your sleeve stayed in the tri-algn brakes, hopefully...
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    Chunky Tan Wall 26" Road Tyres

    Re: If you have clearance, the 2.3" Compass Rat Trap Pass tires are really nice. I know they're expensive, but there's a "cheaper" version which is still unlike anything else out there. I had them on my touring bike at one point, but liked them so much that I just converted one of my old...
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    Inbred or not ?

    Re: Re: No, that's a very good point, which is why I try to clarify what I personally mean by "modern." It's not so universal anymore, the way it was in the 90s when all bikes were basically clones of one another. Here in the states, a good illustration of the differences, by two of the...
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    Inbred or not ?

    Re: Re: The 456 Inbred looks like a GREAT bike, and definitely more of a "modern" trail bike geometry. But, just to eliminate confusion, it is a completely different frame than the regular Inbred that I think the OP is asking about. (The name has even been changed to simply "456," to...
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    Inbred or not ?

    Re: Re-reading the OP's original post, I guess I should clarify that, as good as the inbred is, it's not really designed around a "modern" riding position. (Assuming that by "modern" you mean: slack seat tube angle, low bottom bracket, short reach and tall stack height to take the weight off...
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    Inbred or not ?

    Re: Re: I think you're giving bike snobs a bad rap. I built up a tiny one too, for my 10 year old son last year, using high end 26" components from some of my old bikes. I'm as big of a bike snob as there is, and the Inbred was the only frame I could find, at ANY price, that was worthy of...
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    In what decade does 1998 become 'retro'?

    Re: I understand that there was a bit of a sea change 'around' 1998, but it's still a bit of an arbitrary cutoff. Really, it should be "up to '1997-ish'," with a description or list of the offending technological advancements that push something over the edge from retro to modern. Case in...
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    suspension corrected geometry

    Re: Forks and geometries underwent a couple of pretty big changes during the year range you cite. In '95, 64mm travel was still at the high end and, by '98, 80mm travel was more common than not. So you may need a bit longer than 410. Best to mock up a build and measure the frame angles. Its...
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    Bontrager OR

    Re: Damn, that's a beauty! I'd buy that if it came up for sale. ;-)
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    BotM October 2016 roll up, roll up - nominations please

    Re: As always, I'm amazed at the quality of bikes and builds out there. Absolute beauties this month. What I really like though is seeing snd learning of the unique bits of preserved history. That Kastle may be a bit too modified to be a contender, but man it's awesome! It looks like it...
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    Fake Chris King headsets....? How to tell??

    Re: Just found this one for sale in Philippines. I wonder if it's real:
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    Posting Pictures & Resolution Issues - any advice & tips ?

    Re: No advice, but subscribing to thread. I've never figured it out either, and it's one of the reasons I don't contribute more often.
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    gil m

    Uh oh. I've been needing to have him make some decals, and haven't gotten around to it. Hope he's still at it. If you hear from him or find him, would you mind reporting back? I guess I'll try the last email I had in the meantime.
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    BotM August 2016 TITANIUM SPECIAL *vote now*

    Well, now that that's almost over, I think I figured out how to make my images show up larger. Not that it would have made a difference and not that I stand a chance of winning against some of these beauties, but it's been bugging me. So just for the fun of it and for posterity...
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    1995 Bontrager Ti Lite Prototype

    Re: Still can't figure out image sizing, but I think I'm getting there... now that BOM voting is almost over. Testing.
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    1995 Bontrager Ti Lite Prototype

    Re: Ok, after taking some time to investigate this, it appears that the headtube is a bit of an anomaly on this frame in more ways than I realized, which I guess further points to it being a prototype or a one-off. According to the '96 geometry chart (above), the Ti Lite was offered in...
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    Ti-Mega - how do YOU pronounce the Ti?

    Yea, I agree. Didn't see the poll the first time I read this, but have registered my opinion now. I think a case like the Ibis Bow-Ti gets a pass because it was clearly a tongue-in-cheek pun. But EVERYTHING Ibis did was tongue-in-cheek. Not sure that's the case with most other brands, who...
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    1995 Bontrager Ti Lite Prototype

    Re: Re: You know, that's a good question, but I'm away from the bike for a few days and can't measure. I keep calling it an xl, but all my bontys are 21" (this one is even stamped as such in the serial number) which would make them XXLs, i guess. XXLs should have 131 headtubes, but the...