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  1. 3wheeler7

    Sold NOS 700c Rear wheel Mavic MA rim on Miche freewheel hub

    Hi, I have for sale a NOS 700c Rear wheel, Mavic MA rim on Miche freewheel hub built with SS plain gauge spokes, 36 hole. Hub measures 128mm OLN. Rim measures 20mm outside. Includes new rim tape. Genuine NOS and never been used, it may have a few tiny marks from storage but I've not found...
  2. 3wheeler7

    For Sale Front wheel 559 x 17/610c Mavic 221 rim on unbranded hub

    Hi, I have for sale a good strong used front wheel – ideal for a spare. Mavic 221 UB rim, no brake wear but some marks to the anodising – see pics. Built with SS plain gauge spokes and running round and true. Black hub is unbranded but runs super smooth, skewer is Joytech. Includes rim tape...
  3. 3wheeler7

    I wish I'd hung on to that

    Hi We all probably spend a little more time browsing the various forums nowadays or watching antiques programs on TV, then seeing what people are paying for stuff we discarded, I got to thinking of what worthless items I got rid of or traded for some similarly worthless junk. In the early 80s I...
  4. 3wheeler7

    RSP DYNATECH 700 17” MTB 1993 for sale

    Hi For sale here is my 1993 RSP Dynatech M-Trax 700 17” MTB. 2120 tube set – top and down tubes are titanium. Bought this a couple of years ago to use on holiday in Whitby, it's in good usable condition and fully functioning and had obviously been well looked after by the previous (one) owner. I...
  5. 3wheeler7

    1930s Selbach build

    Hi Thought I'd start a (late) build thread for my 1930s Selbach which is finally taking shape after owning it for about a year. A lot of other bike projects have been completed during the lockdown so I decided to put some effort into making this one a complete bike again. Saw it at an...
  6. 3wheeler7

    Raleigh RSP300 2000 all original and as good as you'll find

    Hi Reluctant sale but space needed. 20 years old and never been "dirty". Nothing has been changed since new. For sale as per the pics EXCEPT the red pedals which do not belong to this bike and were only fitted to ride it around the local park. Let me know if you're interested and I can post more...
  7. 3wheeler7

    Regina Gran Sport Corse 5 speed freewheel

    Hi, for sale, lightly used with some light surface corrosion. Regina Gran Sport Corse 5 speed 14-18 straight through TT block. English threads. £20 plus £3 Hermes delivery. NOW REDUCED TO FREE DELIVERY Regards Tony.
  8. 3wheeler7

    Regina America S 1992 7 speed freewheel

    Hi, for sale, it's been mounted but is unused. Regina America S 1992 7 speed freewheel 13-19 straight through TT block. English thread. £35 plus £3 Hermes delivery. NOW REDUCED TO FREE DELIVERY Regards Tony
  9. 3wheeler7

    Wanted: ShimanoSTX RC SL-MC41 left hand thumb changer SORTED

    Hi, can anyone help, I'm looking for a complete Shimano STX RC SL-MC41 LH thumb shifter or just the bottom cover for one (part number Y-6BL98020). There's one on Ebay but it's a bit pricey and a bit damaged. Thanks Tony.
  10. 3wheeler7

    700c front track wheel Mavic Miche SOLD

    Sold now, thanks guys. Hi For sale here is a 700c front track wheel, new old stock with some slight storage marks, never used. Mavic Open Pro SUP rim on Miche Primaro large flange hub. Solid axle, 100mm OLN, no nuts. 36 spokes, double butted but appear to be a mixture of two styles (longer...
  11. 3wheeler7

    700c rear wheel Mavic Miche NOS

    Hi For sale here is a 700c rear wheel, new old stock, never used. Mavic MA rim on Miche Superfast hub, 36 ss db spokes. Miche skewer included. Accepts screw on freewheels. 127mm OLN. £20 plus Hermes carrier charge. You're welcome to collect if local to Nottingham. Regards Tony
  12. 3wheeler7

    700c pair of wheels Mavic Shimano SOLD

    Sold now, thanks guys. Hi, For sale here is a pair of 700c wheels, little wear and in very good condition. Mavic CXP10 rims on Shimano RX100 hubs, 36 hole ss db spokes. Rear 126mm OLN with 7 speed freehub. Front 100 OLN. True and smooth. Includes rim tapes but no skewers. £25 plus Hermes...
  13. 3wheeler7

    Weinmann 27" x 36 spoke rims SOLD

    All sold now, thanks guys. Hi I have for sale the following Weinmann rims: Pair of 27" x 36 hole rims, good condition and straight, no damage but will need a polish. £15 plus Hermes carrier charge. Single 27" x 36 hole rim, very good condition, been polished recently, straight with no damage...
  14. 3wheeler7

    Wolber Super Champion Modele 58 27" 40 hole SOLD

    Sold now, thanks guys. Hi I have for sale here a Wolber Super Champion Modele 58, 27" x 40 hole rim. New old stock, never been built but a few scratches etc from storage. Picture 4 shows the worst of them but they'd soon polish out. £15 plus Hermes carrier cost. You're welcome to collect if...
  15. 3wheeler7

    Sold Front wheels * SOLD*

    Hi, for sale I have the following front wheels: *NOS* 559 x 17 Mavic 238, black Deore LX HB-M563 hub, 32 ss db spokes and new correct skewer. Dusty but never used. £20 plus Hermes carrier cost. V Good used 559 x 17 Mavic 517 SUP, black Deore LX HB-M563 hub, 32 ss db spokes, no skewer...
  16. 3wheeler7

    Anyone else just assemble a load of bits?

    Hi Put this together from parts hanging around the garage: Unknown MTB alloy frame Unknown alloy road forks (with titanium dropouts?) Mavic SUP road wheels Marin Ovation chainset I don't really know what you'd call it but it rode very well on the Cinder Path from Whitby to Scarborough and back...
  17. 3wheeler7

    Raleigh Corsa

    Hi, seeing as there's a lack of new posts lately I thought I'd post a pic of this Raleigh Corsa I rebuilt (and sold) last year. Full 501 butted frame and forks set, full Shimano Golden Arrow groupset. Just luvverly! Regards Tony
  18. 3wheeler7

    Wanted: Axle for 1950s Harden LF front hub

    Hi Don't know if anyone can help but I'm looking for an axle for a 1950s Harden large flange front hub and the bearing lock nuts to suit. This is for the caged ball type hub - not the conventional cup and cone type. Maybe someones got a scrap or corroded hub that i can salvage the axle from...
  19. 3wheeler7

    Raleigh Sirocco 1984 finished

    Hi The rain stopped for a short while yesterday so I snapped a few phone pics of the 84 Sirocco that's finally been turned back into a complete bike. Bought it a while ago minus wheels and in a sorry state but it was too good to scrap so I've bought it back to life with a pair of nice wheels...
  20. 3wheeler7

    53 Claud (at the back of the queue)

    Got this one 2 years ago for pennies, it's been at the back of my mind what to do with it for a good while but I've finally decided that it deserves moving up the queue and putting back to near original with period kit on it. Came from the first owner who had done a rebuild of sorts to it for...