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  1. KeepItSteel

    Road or off-road bimble before we lose the Sun - who's game?

    Hello everyone Really enjoyed the QECP get together a couple months ago, keen to see if anyone is up for another ride out before summer becomes a distant memory? I mentioned before that I was keen to ride the Downs Link route in at least one direction, I know it's not the most exciting bit of...
  2. KeepItSteel

    Kona jersey’s 95 & 97

    Sure, but 40" at chest? Most XL start around 44". Cursed cycling lycra however..
  3. KeepItSteel

    Kona jersey’s 95 & 97

    These come up reasonably snug, fit more like a large
  4. KeepItSteel

    For Sale Campagnolo Mirage/Veloce 8 speed parts & wheels - mint

    Interested to see pics of remaining campag gear if poss
  5. KeepItSteel


    Nice project
  6. KeepItSteel

    Holdsworth 753 New Frame

    Dang that's nice
  7. KeepItSteel

    1981 specialized sequoia rebuild

    Very cool. Nice find
  8. KeepItSteel

    1988/89 Carrera GT Epic

    Very nice. Have been looking for a Carrera to show up my way for some time. I love the nutty 90s paint jobs they put on them
  9. KeepItSteel

    Can anyone date & name this Peugeot?

    Owner is convinced the paint is original but the painted headtube and fork graphics don't feel too Peugeot to me. Also complete lack of tubing decals. Equipment fitted is mix of mid/late 90s Campag (I think?) and 105/Dura. The 'chrome' chainstay is an interesting touch, It looks to me like it...
  10. KeepItSteel

    Wanted Crud Catcher in Purple

    Looking for a Crud Catcher (front) in purple to match my rear guard.
  11. KeepItSteel

    For Sale Dawes wildcat

    Wish I was closer to York, I'd love one in this size.
  12. KeepItSteel

    For Sale Kingblings fork n frame sale

    I'll take the P2 please & thanks
  13. KeepItSteel

    Wanted SWAP: large Dawes Cougar frame/fork for my 19"

    Long shot, but I'm looking to swap my tidy Dawes Cougar frameset for a larger version. I love the ride quality on this but it's a *smidge* too small for me so would happily swap frame or potentially complete bike with someone who thinks theirs might be a bit large for them.. Would also consider...
  14. KeepItSteel

    For Sale Breaking a Kona, seatpost welded in frame

    Interested in front wheel (possibly both), and potentially the fork and brakes. Can collect today if price is right
  15. KeepItSteel

    Queen Elizabeth Country Park MTB ride 17/7

    Loved the blue, especially second time round. Will definitely be back to QECP. Hope your injury clears up fast!
  16. KeepItSteel

    Queen Elizabeth Country Park MTB ride 17/7

    4 warriors/sadists take on the scorching heat
  17. KeepItSteel

    For Sale STILL AVAILABLE! Carrera Corsa Record 531 - £30

    Sorry I can't be more specific at the moment, I'm riding in Hampshire in the morning/early afternoon with no guarantee of finish time. Perhaps if you forward me your number I can drop a text after with a more accurate eta?
  18. KeepItSteel

    For Sale STILL AVAILABLE! Carrera Corsa Record 531 - £30

    Would need to be late Saturday afternoon, possibly early evening