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  1. Dami

    Sold Shimano M950 XTR Crank Arms

    PM'd you!
  2. Dami

    Wanted XTR M950 36h rear hub / Azonic riser handlebar in black (e.g. Doublewall)

    Hi! Would be looking for a XTR M95X 36h rear hub and a black Azonic riser handlebar with the two Azonic logo texts stamped on both sides of the stem location. Thanks! -Turkka
  3. Dami

    For Sale WTB New Paradigm Grease Guard , BB-M950 Bottom Bracket

    Can I have the XTR BB please if it’s still available?
  4. Dami

    Foes Weasel 1996

    That’s a valid point that I haven’t considered yet, just threw the azonic shorty stem on it. My other similar CK has stack height of about 30mm and there’s about 20mm steerer shown, so it might be a bit short. Have to measure properly when the headset arrives and maybe have to use another stem...
  5. Dami

    Foes Weasel 1996

    One longtime project has moved forward a bit. Found this well used Foes Weasel -96 from our local classifieds here about 1.5 years ago and it's been slowly brewing in my mind. It had a history of all use no maintenance so had the basic struggles with the stuck seatpost etc., but the biggest...
  6. Dami

    Tunturi Progression 3.0 1999 - Team DH bike

    Well I did take it of course for a small spin on the near trails, but as it's a kind of cultural heritage for us Finns and only surviving individual in this state, I don't want to take it to the hills where it would belong. It may someday head for a museum or similar if we just get one here...
  7. Dami

    Tunturi Progression 3.0 1999 - Team DH bike

    Some years ago I was thinking to myself what would be the ultimate project bike for me, the project to end all projects, something I could finish and be happy with the bikes I have in my garage, and I ended my conclusion to Tunturi Progression 3.0. (actually I was lying to myself with being...
  8. Dami

    Cannondale Super V 4000 DH -97

    Moto forks pop up time to time usually in German marketplaces (I've got two of them from there), the coda hubs also but not that often (my motos came with the hubs), and during my years I think I've seen only one sale ad for those chain guides, so they are very very difficult to find separately..
  9. Dami

    Santa Cruz Heckler -98

    The shock mounting hardware you can get from for example based on the measurements from the shock and frame. For stripping I've personally used nitromors or similar and then wetsanded it slowly to finer grades. You could also have it mediablasted, but as it is an aluminium...
  10. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Just measured my current chainline, which is about 58mm (basic center of seat tube to center of front ring) and I believe the chain device can probably go out for at least 10mm or even more.
  11. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    I’ll take you a pic during the weekend! Both the upper and lower guides are repros, and actually the upper one is quite adjustable so comes quite far from the seatpost if needed. I chat with the repro guy via facebook, but I can ask his email and send it to you as pm if the guide looks to to...
  12. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Thanks guys! That’s cool info on the painting company, they sure did awesome job with these bassboats. Especially the iconic red and gold one is so nice, there haven’t been too many similar paintjobs since. Actually like onza100 above stated that the red/gold ones are really hard to find, but...
  13. Dami

    BoTM April 2021 nominations now invited

    Just finished this yesterday after almost 1.5 years of sourcing and restoring proper parts for it! Dami's Schwinn Straight 6 from 1997 with Bassboat Blue color scheme. The thread and more pics can be found here:
  14. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Yesterday I finally got it finished. Had a small struggle with my Hope C2 front caliber as it wouldn't fit between the IS mount and the disc on the hub, must be some special caliber for some specific fork. Only thing is that it didn't have any numbers or markings so couldn't know this before I...
  15. Dami

    Intense M1

    That M1 is such a classic! I actually have that exact model currently under work, had an awful paint so I'm just bringing it to polished finish. But even thought your M1 is awesome, for me that World Force is something I'd really like to see finished! 😋 You even have the five bolt hope adapters...
  16. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

  17. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Re: Re: Actually I don’t even know what’s the catalog spec on a -97 model. Maybe they sold these only as framesets during the first year? I’ve only seen -98 models which have Boxxer Pro, XTR chainset (with 5 bolt spider), Hayes brakes, Titec post, Kore stem and Mavic 521’s on Ringle hubs. I...
  18. Dami

    Dami’s 1991 Marin Bear Valley

    Re: Dami's 1991 Marin Bear Valley brought back to life from a neglected frameset. Short build thread here: ... p;t=403477
  19. Dami

    Bike of the month January 2021 - Nominations

    Re: Dami's 1991 Marin Bear Valley brought back to life from a neglected frameset. Short build thread here: ... p;t=403477
  20. Dami

    Schwinn Straight 6 -97

    Re: Still have a bunch to do, but couldn't resist putting the bike partly together and seeing how it will turn out. Still missing the brake arch, brakes and other small pieces. I have the brakes ready though (Hope C2), but need to go through them first. I think the hardest parts to source...