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  1. The History Man

    Wanted Yellow panaracer please.

    As above. Cheaper the better. Don’t need nos or pristine. Just useable. Thanks. Thm.
  2. The History Man

    Stuck/fused pedals. What’s the solution?

    A pair of crank arms. Nice. But nasty caged type vp/wellgo pedals well and truly stuck in them. Probably 25+ years of stuck. what’s the solution? Currently soaking in a pool of plusgas in the backs of the threads. Hoping it’ll work down into them. Anything. Thank you Please.
  3. The History Man

    It’s raining, it’s pouring, my love life is boring me to tears…….

    Nothing for it but to polish my helmet…….
  4. The History Man

    Not to worry

    No really, it’s fine. thanks THM
  5. The History Man

    Sold Front crud catchers Star Wars font yellow blue black.

    As above. Have you seen the price of these elsewhere? Bonkers. ALL SOLD well let’s start at £10 each including UK postage PayPal gift or £27 for all three I’ve just given them a nice wash and brought them in for tea. Lamb jalfrezi. Will share pics later. Thanks thm
  6. The History Man

    Barn find zaskar now oranges helping neighbour

    Now. Check out the mounts on forks. Apparently been like rage since fitting. This bike was used well until about nine years ago. Bent rm hanger (sorted) and rear mech sheared. (Scrapped) bb is shot as is front hub and rim. question. Would you trust the forks fo road use as is or even...
  7. The History Man

    89 THM Raleigh Dyna-Technicolour

    This has had a few incarnations since coming to me. It will never leave. I like it a lot. It makes me smile and actually, in it’s current configuration, rides quite nicely. On the shakedown ride I was pointed at by a small child who attempted to shout all the colours as I sped past her garden...
  8. The History Man

    For Sale THM’s Tatterama karma no drama sale.

    Don’t ask questions as to provenance, usage, abusage, condition, renditition, partition, on a mission, look out kid……. thanks Bob. it’s all gone bogof over here…… cheapest item free. usual ppg or fees on top postage extra and if you’re a lng term me member and really need something and are...
  9. The History Man

    For Sale Frames for sale. Brace yourselves! Muddy

    What you see is what you get. Collection (TS13 post code) preferred or local meet. I have all sizes/measurement should there be any interest. MF £40 SOLD RM £50 and er, priceless but let’s say £35 for my creation. they might be giants. lots of interest you loons so sizes in imperial...
  10. The History Man

    Sold Raleigh Gran Sport f+f

    25” Needs restoring 531 1982 loveliness 27.2 usual spacing and sizes. £75 seems cheap. Collect or meet. North Yorkshire way. see build thread below for history with me. some other bits available
  11. The History Man

    For Sale Pumps bottle cage style plus flouro Zefal lezyne

    All Zefal £10 note flouro not as mint as phone pic as hard to photograph. Hpx4 sold Gold Lezyne Sold lezyne road drive £20 other lezynes £15 plus postage.
  12. The History Man

    For Sale Sexy pumps baby.

    All Zefal £10 hpx4 sold gold lezyne sold lezyne road drive £20 other lezynes £15 plus postage.
  13. The History Man

    For Sale 82 Campagnolo Gransport rear mech, pedals Cinelli bars/stem

    Afternoon, prices are based on current market values minus a fair bit for ppg and RB members. Prices DO NOT include postage which will be added dependent on your location and requirements. I will post worldwide but at buyer’s risk. If you want more than one item and/or want to make a cheeky...
  14. The History Man

    Withdrawn Raleigh Gran Sport in Caramel 25" now broken for parts

    THis needs to go so £350 for full bike collected The thread tells the story. Will also part out if there's sufficient interest in groupset. sadly not been ridden since i moved up north and gearing means it's unlikely to be. now...
  15. The History Man


    Thanks to Peachy I now have almost completed the ambitious idea that started at mayhem 2019 with the acquisition of a second Pioneer. In gold. I’m waiting to hardtail the yellow one to give me all the options but built it up rigid for now. Hope you enjoy. Not even close to catalogue for any...
  16. The History Man

    For Sale Raleigh Lenton Frame and assorted 50s GB Campag Parts For Sale

    53-57 Lenton in sound survivor condition with assorted high quality 50s parts. I know this isn't an auction site so i'm going to say £150 collected all in minus the wheels which may be reserved at present. If i'm way out on prices i'm open to suggestions or offers for combination via pm. GB...
  17. The History Man

    Sold Raleigh Technium Peak 1989 in Man size USA Lovely reduced

    As above very lightly used a tiny amount of chain slap and some dropout/seat clamp paint missing. Other than that in surprisingly good condition. Come complete with original bars and roller stem in excellent condition. Also has original brake outers and ferrules for the period look. £160. NOW...
  18. The History Man

    Can I have a ladder please Bob? (Jackson)

    Justgot home after a long day at the chalk face plus 4 hours driving. So worth it.
  19. The History Man

    STATION TO STATION PART 3 Proper retro chip run.

    We can be heroes just for one day.......
  20. The History Man

    Well is it or isn’t it?

    What do we make of this? Mtb? Road, gravel, freak or unique? can I have a ladder please Bob.