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  1. daveyla

    Wanted Mk1 Mavic Crossmax 26”

    Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone has a set of Mk1 Crossmax for sale (Black) Please PM me if you have
  2. daveyla

    Wanted Mavic 1 inch thread less Headset

    Please PM if you can help Many thanks in advance
  3. daveyla

    Sorted Pair of dual band Magura Racelines

    Only looking for a pair of the dual band design as shown in the picture. Please PM if you can help
  4. daveyla

    Wanted Shimano logo Water bottle

    Preferably between 500- 650ml but will consider a larger capacity as long as its fits into a conventional bottle cage if you’ve got a Shimano water bottle you’re willing to sell please send me a PM Many Thanks
  5. daveyla

    Now Sorted - Shimano FC-MT60 Crank arms 175

    Looking for a set of MT60 crank arms (size 175). I’m really looking for a set in very good / excellent condition both in terms of threads and tapers and cosmetically Please PM if you can help
  6. daveyla

    Pace A-Head stem

    If anyone has one of these lying around not being used please PM me. It is the Pace stem as was fitted to an RC100 or RC200 F1
  7. daveyla

    Now Sorted - Chrome Shimano Crank Caps

    Looking for a set of these in good / excellent condition. Please PM if you can help
  8. daveyla

    End plug caps - Pace RC 130 bars

    Looking for a set of bar end caps for a set of Pace (Renthal) RC 130’s Please PM if you can help
  9. daveyla

    26 x 1.50 - Pair of tyres

    Hi, Looking for a pair of useable 26 x 1.50 tyres. Must have mud clearing tread pattern Please PM me if you can help
  10. daveyla

    Pace RC 200 F2 - Rare and Stunning Example

    I am reluctantly selling my Pace RC200 F2 (the last model with the iconic square Seat tube) I’ve never previously sold one of my square tubers so to part with this wasn’t an easy decision. The reality is I am maxed out storage wise and unfortunately I have had to face the fact that one Pace has...
  11. daveyla

    Pace Chainring Bolts - Full Set

    Looking for a full set of Pace chainring bolts. Please pm if you can help
  12. daveyla

    26 x 1.50 Tyres

    Looking for up to 2 sets of either NOS or very good 26 x 1.50 mtb tread tyres Please PM if you have any for sale
  13. daveyla

    Pace Chainring Set - Now Sorted

    Hi looking for a set of Pace chainrings. Ideally NOS but Excellent / V.Good would also work Size wise around 44, 36, 22 (5 bolt - 110 bcd) and my only requirement is that they all match In either Silver or Champagne At a push a 37 champagne chainring could be ok for me Please PM if you can...
  14. daveyla

    Feature Bike Richard Thackray Original Team Pace F1 - Restoration Thread - Completed

    Completed May 2021 Setting The Scene: Its fair to say I'm a huge Pace fan taking inspiration from Jerky, Gil M ,Rich Matthews, Bollox64 as well as many others Through the years I've seen some epic Pace builds. DR s (pretty sure he sprayed his RC100 six times until he was happy with the colour)...
  15. daveyla

    Purple X-Lite seatpost pin

    Purple and camlock Please PM with pics if you can help
  16. daveyla

    Early Renthal Bars.......Now Sorted

    Early flat Renthals great if they are purple but not essential Please PM of you can help
  17. daveyla

    Purple American Classic Bottle Cage

    Got to be purple and got to be American Classic Please PM if you can help
  18. daveyla

    Left Hand Magura Raceline or Full set

    Looking for either an identical model left hand lever or full set of Magura Racelines identical to the style in the picture. Please PM if you can help
  19. daveyla

    Pace 32H RC50 rear hub

    Need a 32H rear Pace RC50 hub (alloy) even better if you can also include a threaded cassette but not essential For a special build Please PM if you can help
  20. daveyla

    Neon Yellow Magura Racelines

    Either full set or left lever only in neon yellow Need to be v.good or excellent condition Please PM if you can help