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  1. Hotwheels.

    For Sale Brake IBC never used price 280 euro

    IBC Hydroceps is the full name, I have a set in the cave.
  2. Hotwheels.

    Love Syncros

    Surely that's everything to do with the chainrings and nothing to do with the crank arms. 🤔
  3. Hotwheels.

    Recommend some cable hanger/yoke/guide

    As you mentioned, onZa Chill Pills are not too flashy.....also Avid Tri-dangle, Paul Moon Units, Ringle Mojo, Grafton Stop or Fat Finger, Campy do some sweet ones but are a little more restrained.
  4. Hotwheels.

    Recommend some cable hanger/yoke/guide

    Depends how bling you wanna go.
  5. Hotwheels.

    Tioga disk drive pro

    ...rough wheel.
  6. Hotwheels.

    10th Ani
  7. Hotwheels.

    What would you ask jacquie phelan?

    Who/what inspired her to make her way into the sport in the first place? Who gave her her first big break to enter the elite classes of MTB? Where the heck did she get her wacky but epic look/style from? What was her first MTB and does she still own it? What (if any) sports was she into before...
  8. Hotwheels.

    Unknown ECS bike ala Sbike in Germany

    It's quite obviously an Oakley Syncros. :rolleyes:
  9. Hotwheels.

    For Sale Early Yeti FRO

    Perfect candidate to chop up and turn into a C-26 rep.
  10. Hotwheels.

    Ringle H2O black

    Still available?
  11. Hotwheels.

    Wanted Original black Ringle H2o cage

    Long shot but ideally need a mint one with no internal rub marks please, re-ano would be cool too. Failing that, a worn one of any colour that I could have re-anodised.
  12. Hotwheels.

    My unicorn bike/spec - 1994 Kona Hei Hei *** FULL SPEC/FINISHED PICS ON PAGE 8 & 9 *** - BOTM April 2021

    Your attention to detail is almost as incredible as your workshop. 👌
  13. Hotwheels.

    Buying a whole bike to get one part

    The Bullseyes...I had the wiggle spokes from them. 👍
  14. Hotwheels.

    Malverns classic 2021 aftermath

    Spirits to start with, bikes optional. 👍
  15. Hotwheels.

    Wanted Stepthrough Specialized Hardrock/Rockhopper

    Not what you’re asking for but as step throughs are very rare I know of a barely ridden and completely original Marin Muirwoods that is available if it’s of any use to you?
  16. Hotwheels.

    Help ID 1990s GT

    I’ll be the first then… …is it a Zaskar?