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  1. zerogravitas

    Wanted Dura Ace 7401/7402 Brake Levers + dust caps wanted

    Hi all. I am after a good condition pair of the above, either the BL-7401 or 7402 brake levers. I'm also after the dust caps for a DA 7400 crankset. Hope someone can help!
  2. zerogravitas

    Vitus Jan Janssen LoPro

    Super cool frame. Purple Vitus' are hard to beat... The grub screw seat clamp indicates post 1986. The bb casting should have a number which might narrow it down further, post an image up!
  3. zerogravitas

    1993 CANNONDALE R800 road bike Track bike hommage build thread

    The colour is superb! Lovely that you will have a matched pair. Your workshop also looks like a good space to build in. 👌
  4. zerogravitas

    COLNAGO CARBITUBO w/Custom Delta brakes LATE 80s EARLY 90s

    Wow what a stunner! It would be a crime to split the brakes, glad you are keeping them on. A carbon Flite would look superb on this.
  5. zerogravitas

    Flying Scot - Continental Tandem

    Looking very sharp indeed with those red guards, strong choice!
  6. zerogravitas

    A bit of an oddity: Tommasini Tecno Tig in Fondriest clothes... Ex-Roslotto Team?

    Nice bike, love that pearl yellow! Definitely an interesting story there somewhere, good job finding out as much as you did.
  7. zerogravitas

    rBoTM RBotM July 2021 - Theme - Summer Rides

    It's on my least retro bike (2008 Cervelo Soloist!) but heyho, my best summer ride this year. Last weekend on top of the Chilterns, looking back over the plains of Oxfordshire toward Thame as the sun set. More weather like this please, less of the biblical rainstorms!
  8. zerogravitas

    1993 CANNONDALE R800 road bike Track bike hommage build thread

    Great project, love the concept. The paint is looking fantastic! Did you have these rings 3D printed? Presume its the black parts you are talking about.
  9. zerogravitas

    Does anyone know anything about Jacques Anquetil bikes?

    Wow what a fantastic thing to spot! Did you paint the 'Renolds' badge?! As 531brazed says above, its a lovely feature!
  10. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    I sprayed up a couple of samples, then after getting the primer layers flat, sprayed the white base on the frame then a pearl coat over the top (Specialist Paints Pearl Silver; Checking the sample... Then go...
  11. zerogravitas

    Holdsworth Mistral 1980

    Lovely! Super colour and nicely matched saddle and tape. 👍 👍
  12. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    Nice bike! I think I came across it when doing research into the brand. Great build too, just my cup of tea. I actually have a Record 10s group I thought about putting on this but I think am sticking with most of the Dura-Ace 7400 group the frame came with to keep it a little more in period as...
  13. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    I decided to take a slightly unorthodox approach to this, with the front half of the frame paint being reasonably good, along with the blue fishnet fade being a challenge to replicate, the answer seemed to be to only paint the rear triangle/seat tube. I masked off up the BB and seat cluster...
  14. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    To start with I cleaned up the fork, removing the old paint and damaged tubing decals. They are finished with a quick paint fill on the little panto ladybirds - Denti's family crest I believe.
  15. zerogravitas

    1987 Marlboro Claud Butler Majestic 2 tandem FINISHED pg13

    Super job Peachy! Tandems are amazing fun and I love the new lease of life you've given this one. 👍 👍 👍
  16. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    oops, should be in Readers Road if a mod could move this!
  17. zerogravitas

    80s Mino Denti Master

    Hi all. Time for the next project. Back in the winter I got hold of this beautiful Mino Denti frame as a complete build from an LFGSS seller. There is limited information available on Denti frames, but I've had a hankering for one for a while as they have lots of lovely features, crimped...
  18. zerogravitas

    1991 Merlin Titanium

    Absolutely lovely. Even the gold chain is the perfect choice on this build! 👌
  19. zerogravitas

    Ex Team Once Giant TCR TT bike now finished!

    Super job, right up my street this one. Lots of interesting features and an excellent restoration and rebuild. 👍👍👍