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  1. jonthefish

    1995 Sunn Vertik 2 - 'Tis a new bike on page 4

    You should be drinking something nicer than Turtle Wax after building that.
  2. jonthefish

    1994 GT Tequesta Blacklight - XC700 + Kooka

    Great stuff - I really like seeing these 'real world' bikes in among the exotica. Not sure it needs skinwall tyres either......
  3. jonthefish

    Mid 90s pedals

    Tioga Surefoot. Replaced a pair with some more expensive XTs but to be honest the Surefoots were lighter with better grip.
  4. jonthefish

    BoTM BotM February 2021 - Steel Steeds - THE VOTE

    The Ridgeback and Brodie just make me want to get on them and go somewhere. And there's something about that Saracen that looks just right too... Good month : )
  5. jonthefish

    Muddy Fox Seeker 1989 - Updated!

    Bottom bracket length depends on which cranks you have. Good info here Dunno re shell size but someone else will.....
  6. jonthefish

    AlpineStars cro mega DX’s PINK

    Pink right enough : ) Keep the pics coming
  7. jonthefish

    Cinder Cone budget build

    Great looking bike and the photo of it at the bridge is real quality
  8. jonthefish

    Pedal colour choice problem - your thoughts please

    ^ Less colour will let the frame be the star of the show.
  9. jonthefish

    Sold Sunn Xcircuit... complete bike!! Now £325 posted!

    Re: Sunn Xcircuit... complete bike!! Can't understand why this isn't gone. Sadly not my size. GLWS
  10. jonthefish

    1998 Specialized Rockhopper 13"

    Cool bike. Saddle tilt doesn't look too girl-friendly though. Has she ridden it yet?
  11. jonthefish

    1993 Kona Explosif New Project

    Nice. Fine shed space too - get it in PoTM viewtopic.php?f=1&t=422340
  12. jonthefish

    1992 cinder cone headset

    Re: Also worth posting on the wanted section here for an Impact - they're not that rare, but many are likely to be pretty rough.
  13. jonthefish

    1992 cinder cone headset

    Re: There's a discussion on this here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=57127 I measured my own Impact headset at about 40 mm which seems to fit with published info e.g. ... _hset.html But if i was you I'd measure steerer and head tube and see exactly how much space...
  14. jonthefish

    Kona FireMountain, 1995. Lockdown rebuild....

    Black Flite suits it. Nice!
  15. jonthefish

    94 Team Marin (sort of neo-retro)

    Re: Just had a look to see where that XT cassette I fancied was going.... Keeping colours simple to show off the frame is a thing I like. A lot. So many builds have extra bling in slightly mismatched colours. Nice
  16. jonthefish

    Cassettes: 7spd DX; 8spd XT; Powerflo2 9spd; Powerflo2 7spd

    Thanks but I need to pass - ugly repair bill on car so no new toys for me this month. GLWS
  17. jonthefish

    Cassettes: 7spd DX; 8spd XT; Powerflo2 9spd; Powerflo2 7spd

    Re: Cassettes: 7spd DX; 8spd XT; Powerflow 8spd; Powerflow 7spd Interested in XT type R 8speed 11-28. Any close up pics?
  18. jonthefish

    Voodoo Bizango

    Too small for me ... ondition=4
  19. jonthefish

    catkins' Feedback

    Re: Bought a chainset and XT brake/shifter combos from Chris. Both in tip top condition and fairly priced. Very pleased. Nice guy to deal with.
  20. jonthefish

    1981 and 1987 Moots Mountaineer Rebuilds

    Re: 1982 and 1987 Moots Mountaineer Rebuilds Love that. Full of character. Lovely patina. Nicest bike I've seen in a while.