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  1. Ferghus

    Wanted Angled seat post clamp for 95 Altitude

    Posting this for a lark as I have seen similar wanted ads for this very item that stagnate for eternity. Might as well be asking for a RM Wedge. However, if any kind soul has one collecting dust, I am in need for my recent 95 Altitude purchase . Thanks.
  2. Ferghus

    Wanted 1991 Rocky Mountain Summit RL Fork required - head tube length ?!

    A long shot to say the least though looking for a 1 1/8th Ritchey logic fork for an 18.5" RM Summit RL pictured. Yes, it would help if I knew the head tube measurement though I have yet to receive the bike. My 92 18.5" blizzard HT measures in at around 4" ...summit looks a tad longer. If...
  3. Ferghus

    Cook Bros. Racing pedals 1984/5.

    Thought I would share these pedals that I just removed from my old 80's Ritchey MTB. Wondering if anyone is familiar with them ? Well built and certainly robust. Used to BMX late 70's/80's though transitioned into skateboarding & mountain bikes.
  4. Ferghus

    1988 Moulden 1" fillet brazed Fork - B.C. Canada. SOLD !

    Jim Moulden Fillet brazed fork from a custom 1988 Moulden Team frame. Sadly, The frame's seat tube / BB junction suffers from structural rust and has rendered this frame a inquiring if anyone can use this fork. Would pair well with an old fillet Ritchey frame or something...
  5. Ferghus

    1994 Rocky Mountain Altitude 17.5" B.C. Canada. SOLD

    Not sure I currently want to ship this frame though thought I would see if there's any interest. $250 USD plus shipping for bare frame. fees. Plenty of Knicks, scrapes and some peeling paint though overall good used condition...paint is vivid. If you're seeking a mint condition...
  6. Ferghus

    WTB angled seat post collar for 1994 Rocky mtn Altitude

    My 94 Rocky mountain Altitude frame is missing its angled seat clamp so looking for a factory replacement (any colour) or suggestion for a decent alternative. Thanks for your help !
  7. Ferghus

    80's Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt for sale.

    Not mine, but fun to window shop: ... 58722.html
  8. Ferghus

    Bontrager Titec Ti handlebar for sale. SOLD

    Beautiful condition Titec ti bar from a low mileage 95 Kona explosif. No marks, crimps ...with pristine ends. $50 USD plus shipping cost. Can send proper photos by email if interested. NOW SOLD
  9. Ferghus

    Wanted - 1" fillet brazed fork for a 20" 1985 Timberwolf.

    Sorted - thanks ! Looking for a fillet brazed fork for my 20" Ritchey timberwolf frame. Ritchey or something else fillet brazed and compatible is required. Any leads appreciated - thank you.
  10. Ferghus

    1989 Koski Duratrac fork 1" steerer. SOLD

    SOLD to Haaland. For sale, the infamous Koski Duratrac fork. It is currently mounted on my 1989 Ritchey Super Comp (19") though I am going to switch it out for a Ritchey fork from an Ultra for aesthetics. The duratrac is a far superior handling fork. details: Very rare Koski fork with...
  11. Ferghus

    Wanted Mountain Goat frame / fork 19"

    I would love a Mountain Goat whiskey town racer or........deluxe in 19" matching fork would be a bonus but frame only, quite wonderful in itself - thanks.
  12. Ferghus

    1994/5 Kona Hot TET 16" SOLD

    SOLD Original condition Kona Hot built by Tom Teesdale. 16" from C-T. IN nice condition with knicks and scrapes from regular use. One tiny "divot" in the top tube. Tange ultimate ultralite tubing with beautiful tig welding and brazing. Very aesthetically pleasing drop outs. It would be a...
  13. Ferghus

    Early 90's Raceface Titanium quill stem

    SOLD Ti RF stem in 1 1/8th . Obviously missing its decals and top cap but otherwise in very nice shape and a seemingly rare version. 140 mm measured C-C. Minimal rise as it appears. Sold to RetroRoy for $70 CAD .
  14. Ferghus

    Koski forks on ebay

    I recently bought an 89 MB-1 with the original Koski fork which to many is an unknown as it looks subdued and not too notable to the un-trained eye. After reading the rave reviews on these forks(and actually riding one), I am a believer ....excellent dampening properties and it puts all my TB...
  15. Ferghus

    WTB early 90's Kona P2 TB fork for 19" frame.

    Looking for a period correct/threaded P2 fork for a friend's 20" Explosif pro. Anything goes at this point. Paint quality is not an issue. Any leads appreciated. Located in Vancouver, B.C so happy to pay for shipping/peripheral expenses. thanks.
  16. Ferghus

    wanted 1992 RM Vertex in 18.5"

    I recently acquired a 1992 rocky mountain vertex in 17" as I could not resist its sheer beauty...though knowing it to be too small. Rides beautifully ! If you have an 18.5" of the same description and are willing to sell...please contact me - thank you. -preferably frame and fork but willing...
  17. Ferghus

    Wanted - 1997 Kona P2 fork for 19" Explosif.

    I am looking for a TB P2 fork for my 97 explosif. Doesn't have to be pretty and willing to look at either threaded or threadless (threadless preferred). If anyone could tell me what the optimal A-C measurement is ...would be appreciated. Around 420 mm ? thanks.
  18. Ferghus

    Wanted - First Gen syncros seat post. 26.8

    I am looking for a 1st generation syncros post for my 88 Blizzard. My preference would be for something a little beat up but fully functional. Any leads appreciated.
  19. Ferghus

    Brodie Sovereign

    No connection to the seller of this frame but certainly a nice Brodie .
  20. Ferghus

    1991 Parkpre Sledgehammer

    Upon cleaning up this frame, it dawned on me that I really do not need another build on my hands and especially a 20" frame that does not suit my needs. I bought this bike for parts and the frame was a bonus. It was sprayed partially black and I have put a fair bit of labor into removing much...