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  1. chumaman

    Wanted Magura Red 1.gen

    Does anyone have them :),may have seen or knows😎
  2. chumaman

    Magura HS
  3. chumaman

    Magura HS Racing Line

    were in demand as far as I remember ... exactly this model 1.gen ... 0-217-8045
  4. chumaman

    Any info on these WTB tires

    Ask for help if anyone saw these tires and is there any information :idea:
  5. chumaman

    GT xizang

    Please help, I recently received an offer for this piece, need more info and approximate value of it thanks :wink:
  6. chumaman

    Killer AMP

    Finally the beginning :) :xmas-cool: My beloved customization Cannondale KillerV900 ...1994 AMP Research F2 Steam USA Magic Headset Chelichana Fork...headset ...steam 1 1/8 inch....thanks to Problem Solver :!: :?: ➡️ NEXT......soon...
  7. chumaman

    Help with Selle Italia saddle

    Please help ...any info about
  8. chumaman

    The future Cannondale horde

    I'm on the right path to fill some dreams ... for now M1000 92 ', M800 96', M600 93 ', M500 96', Delta V900 92 ', Killer V 900 93'....this is the first photo , missing two because they are on the road :wink: now is a fun part of the restoration ,although I will not keep it in catalog...
  9. chumaman

    Help identify Parkpre model

    Please help with the identification of this model
  10. chumaman

    Univega RAM950

    Univega frame with shock... a couple of minor scratches ...near mint 60EU + shipping from Croatia...but I'm open to suggestions :wink:
  11. chumaman

    1991 Marin Team

    Today's catch
  12. chumaman

    Mistery Morotti Team

    Guys I need help...on the local marketplace shows these bike bike has Shimano xt-xtr accessories...and I find info about Italian Morotti Team and company but they did not produced bike ,only is painted in their team color. Maybe someone knows more or recognize what is the frame ? I sent...
  13. chumaman

    Help Aera MTB

    I need help for more informations about Aera bikes :?:
  14. chumaman

    Need help Gepida Ti ?

    Help please if anyone knows anything about this model .... I just have this picture and info to the titanium frame.