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  1. kjarrett

    Anyone ever upgrade an old Manitou 26er fork with springs instead of elastomers?

    Hi all, this is a long-shot post, but hoping one of you might have some info for me. Re: that DBR Vertex WCF I posted the other day ... the Mantiou Comp fork does actuate but I'm thinking about replacing the elastomers with springs. I found a couple different companies that might have what I...
  2. kjarrett

    New-to-me '95 Diamond Back Racing Vertex WCF

    I just scored a completely stock, totally unmodified, original down to the reflectors 1995 DBR WCF Vertex, in 19” (my size) for $160 US. Did I overpay? I haven’t had a chance to go over it in detail yet, but the chainstay protector doesn’t have a mark on it, and other than some rusty bolts and...
  3. kjarrett

    Recognize these old canti brake parts?

    Hi, got these from a store that apparently went out of business, anyone recognize them? Just wondering. Thanks!
  4. kjarrett

    My '94 Diamond Back Axis Pro 'Tribute' (& many thank you's)

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge this community for being such a huge help with my restoration project. This is my only bike, I'm not a collector, and though I've owned and have worked on bikes as a hobby for 25+ years, I'm far from an expert. The people I have met...
  5. kjarrett

    If I put '92 XT kit on a '94 (?) frame...

    ...what 'year' should I consider the finished bike to be? Kit is full XT M730. Frame (Diamond Back Axis Pro) is stamped indicating it was built in '94. To this day I have never been able to conclusively determine the year of the bike; the '92 Axis Pro had slightly different cable stops and was...
  6. kjarrett

    Rebuilding SPD-M737 pedals, where can I get this plastic bit

    Subject line says it all, here’s a pic. Not even sure what to search for on fleabay... Thanks!
  7. kjarrett

    Decal Protection 2020

    Hi all, Spent time searching and found lots of threads with the same advice (heli tape or similar, lacquer spray) and just want to check in as I've just had my frame powder coated (video here: and have started installing Gil's decals. Must say, Gil's...
  8. kjarrett

    Dilemma: Build '94 Diamond Back as 'rat' XTR or 'nice' XT?

    Ok so up to last week, I was on my way towards a winter rebuild of my '94 Diamond Back Axis Pro, including plans to powder coat in gloss black and apply new decals (in-hand, thanks Gil!) I have all the (very nice) XT parts I need except a NOS CS-HG90 12-28 cassette, and when done, I'd have a...
  9. kjarrett

    WANTED: XTR / M900 Right Shifter-Lever (pod only preferable)

    Hi, as I just acquired an old Trek with nearly-complete XTR kit I am now contemplating using the parts on my Axis Pro. However I'm in need of a right hand 8 speed shifter ... if necessary I would buy a lever/shifter combo. Anyone? TIA! -kj-
  10. kjarrett

    1992 Trek 8900 - parting out - found on Facebook for $100US

    Well here it is, the #1992 Trek 8900 I just got on Facebook Marketplace for $100US. Happened across it completely by accident. It’s an incredible find, nearly all original, and still very ridable. Every bike tells a story, and I wonder what this bike’s story is. It’s obviously led a hard life...
  11. kjarrett

    XT SP-M730 27.0 Seatpost [DISREGARD]

    DISREGARD - FOUND ONE Hi, would love one of these form my Axis Pro build. Anyone?
  12. kjarrett

    Selle Italia TURBO Saddle

    Hi, would love one of these form my Axis Pro build. Anyone?
  13. kjarrett

    Different versions of FC-M730 cranks? Mountain / Road?

    Wonderful! Another learning experience! Are there different variations of XT FC-M730 cranks? On the the ones I just got, the inner ring hits the chainstay. (Wish I'd done a test fit before spending about six hours polishing them, but oh well...) I have LX (M563) now, and the base (where the...
  14. kjarrett

    Variations in XT (ST-M095) Right Side (7 speed) Shifter Pods

    Hi all, I've noticed that XT 7-speed shifter pods have apparently two variants (see below). I'm assuming the one with two screws in the bottom cap is a later design? They also feel different (the one with the two screws has a slightly heavier action.) They've both been thoroughly cleaned and...
  15. kjarrett

    XT 7-Speed (M095) right hand shifter pod

    Hi all, Anyone got a spare XT shifter pod (just the shifter itself) they can sell? Trying to rehab a very STUCK one I got on eBay, which is on an otherwise pristine set of ST-M095 levers, and the other shifter works perfectly. Spent the day disassembling and cleaning it but so far, it's...
  16. kjarrett

    Deore XT FC-M730 crankset 110 BCD 175 arms

    Prefer a complete set with 46/36/24 rings but arms only would be ok too. Needs international post to the USA. Thanks!
  17. kjarrett

    1994 (1992?) Axis Pro Build v1.0 Complete!

    Hi everyone, Thanks again for all the support here. I've successfully moved all the XT/LX components from my '93 Response Elite over to the '94 (?) Axis Pro frame. Literally couldn't have done it without you. It rides beautifully and the difference in frame size (from 16" to 18") is EXACTLY...
  18. kjarrett

    Tyre Recommendations Needed, Please

    Ok so I apparently can't run my Wilderness Trail Bikes Velociraptor tyre (2.1") at my desired pressure on my Axis Pro unless I get the wheel re-dished. Oddly enough my Kenda K816 (also 2.1") does NOT rub at that pressure. Unfortunately the casing is thinner; as I used to get punctures regularly...
  19. kjarrett

    Recognize this plastic seal?

    It's about 2.2mm across. Found it in my shop, no idea where it came from and obviously as I have just finished a massive rebuild I'd like to know where it belongs. :!: It's plastic and in good condition, appears to be a seal of some kind? Thanks in advance, -kj-
  20. kjarrett

    The art and science of threaded headset adjusting

    Ok, so I've rebuilt plenty of headsets, hubs and other ball-bearing axles over the years, but, I continue to struggle with getting my headset tight enough so there's no play while still allowing it to spin freely. My Axis Pro has a 1 1/8" Tioga Alchemy headset. I have a retainer clip holding...