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  1. Rio

    Shimano 10 speed cassette spacer

    I bought a second hand geoupset but one of the spacers from the cassette is missing. It is a 10 speed shimano cassette. Anyone who has a worn cassette and could help me out with a spacer? Thanks!
  2. Rio

    Hub play help!

    Hi guys, need some help! There is a little play on my rear wheel. I've had this before and was able to adjust something to the rear hub and fixed it. It was a while ago, and I cannot remember how I did thsi :facepalm: Any ideas on what to do? I tried unscrewing the little hex bolt on the non...
  3. Rio

    Sram X9 crankset 35 euro

    Great for a cheap (and light!) 1x conversion, or just keep using it as a 2x. No bb, no washer(s) for mounting. 35 euro plus shipping paypal gift
  4. Rio

    Ringle Holey SOLD

    All in pictures, one buy only :-) 4 new o-rings 1 NOS 3dv lever 1 front QR ti axle 1 rear QR ti axle 1 rear QR ti axle, little bit bent but useable, non original part on opposite site of lever. 1 cap that goes behind the lever. 50 euro plus shipping paypal gift Contact me for shipping...
  5. Rio

    Dura Ace Downtube shifters, cheap cassette/chain all New

    bought these 10 speed Dura Ace shifters, but then decided to go for 7 speed. New and unused! Shifters were mounted, cables are uncut. Compatible with all Shimano 10 speed road drive trains. 50 euro (paypal gift) plus shipping. Contact me for shipping costs! I also have a new 10 speed...
  6. Rio

    What bottle cage for mid eighties bike?

    Looking for bottle cage options for my '85 Champion Mondial. I really like the Elite Ciussi, and Minoura makes some lovely stuff as well. What would be period correct options? TA comes to mind, but any other options? Thanks!
  7. Rio

    Wanted: NOS/mint Mavic MA2 rim

    Hi guys, looking for a Mavic MA2 rim. 36 hole, NOS or mint condition. I don't know if they came in different colours but I'm looking for a silver polished one. Who can help me out?
  8. Rio

    Shimano UG/HG cassette wobble

    Hi guys, I have a Shimano 105 golden Arrow hub, that is UG and HG compatible. I run it with 6 UG cogs at the moment. There is a wobble when not pedaling while riding. The hub axle is straight. Any ideas of the cause of this? I have no clue how the body is connected to the hub either. There...
  9. Rio

    XTR M900 front en rear mech with ano parts

    Hi guys, Some nice parts for sale! XTR m900 rear mech. In good condition, with very nice ano parts. Gold pulley bolts, red alu pulleys and the new green break away bolt is included as well. Rasta colours! ;-) 60 euro XTR m900 front mech. In good condition. With some nice ano parts...
  10. Rio

    Specialized Stumpjumper with super nice parts

    Hi guys, selling my Stumpjumper... It's one of the latest steel models, with slightly larger diameter tubing. Build with lots of cool stuff! Thumbies, Syncros, titanium, Mavic Ceramic, Avid cantis, skinwalls, Ringle and so on. New powder coat and decals, rebuild fork. It's good to go! PM me...
  11. Rio

    Merlin Titanium frame

    Selling my Merlin frame. It's in great condition, no cracks and a true and straight frame. Previous owner gave it a fresh Polish and new decals (which are still in great condition!). One of the bottle cage mounts on the down tube is a little loose, but still works fine. I discovered a very tiny...
  12. Rio

    1 inch quill stem

    Looking for a 1 inch (22,2) quill stem in silver or 'steel' colour ;-) Must have rise, and must be 130/135 mm length. Looking for something not too bulkie, so no ATAC or Syncros. Maybe a Specialized or Ritchey stem or something like that.
  13. Rio

    Pair of very nice skin walls SOLD

    Pair IRC Mythos XC (folding tires) 26 X 1.95 Both are fronts, but works great as a front / rear combo! Bought these NOS, and tires have seen no bad weather and where used for just a few rides. 45 euro plus shipping for the pair SOLD
  14. Rio

    Manitou crown

    Looking for a Manitou crown in 1 1/8 inch ahead with a steerer of at least 160 mm. I have a 1 inch threaded one to swap if interested
  15. Rio

    Tune, XT 730/737, Middleburn, Ritchey

    got some stuff I'd like to sell/swap: Quick Releases Tune AC 16/17 In great condition! Silver, 56 grams for the pair. Were already in the 1994 cataloque. (you can find the cataloque on 55 euro NOS Shimano XT 730 Rear only 10 euro Chainrings Middleburn 44t, silver, 5 arm...
  16. Rio

    Wanted: Hope front hub

    Looking for a silver Hope titanium front hub,the suspension version and 32 hole. Must be in good condition. Anyone who can help me out? :-)
  17. Rio

    Bottom bracket thread?

    Hi there! I'm doing a compete rebuild on my 1978 koga miyata road racer and was wondering what kind of thread the bb has. The right side cup is pretty stubborn, so before I force it I thought it would be better to check this first ;-) Thanks!
  18. Rio

    NOS Tioga and XT

    NOS Tioga seatpost, only mounted never used. 26.8 20 euro + postage SOLD NOS XT 732 rear hub. 32 hole, 130 mm 15 euro + postage paypal gift please, or buyer pays fees
  19. Rio

    XTR 960 crankset

    As seen on picture, including bottom bracket and spacers. no rings, no bolts. 20 euro + postage SOLD paypal gift please, or buyer pays fees.
  20. Rio

    Early Grip Shift

    Pair early Grip Shift shifters. In good condition, as you can see in the picture. 3x8 speed For road/drop bar only 30 euro + postage Paypal gift please, or buyer pays fees. Please contact me for shipping costs