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  1. ChrisG

    Graeme Obree - Short Film on YouTube

    I came across this on Linkedin... A short film put together by Endura and Cut Media. As holder of two World Hour Records and two pursuit World Champion Titles, Graeme Obree has made a career out of defying time. Mind, body and soul this film illuminates his philosophy on life. Routinely...
  2. ChrisG

    Fisher CR-7 Breezer Storm & Jet Stream and Orange X1 Reduced

    I have for sale this small collection of bikes. I don't really want to get rid of them all but needs must and could use the space so will see what the interest is. All are well maintained and ridden on a regular basis on rotation. Images of the bikes can been seen here...
  3. ChrisG

    Marin frame sizing question

    Hi Guys, Despite looking back through the catalogues in the archive none of them really let on as to how Marin measured their frames. I have read that they come out a bit larger than the stated size i.e 17.5" is more like an 18.5" does this sound right? I'm looking at the Marin Team in the...
  4. ChrisG

    WTD M737 XT Cranks and ahead stem

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a set of M737 XT cranks in good condition with 170mm arms, I keep missing them when they occasionally come up on ebay. Also looking for a ahead stem in 110mm for a 1" steerer and needs to look good for a 93/94 period bike. It would be good to have a look at what you...
  5. ChrisG

    Wtd: Nice Crankset/arms + Ritchey stem bar seat post

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a nice crankset/arms that will look the part on a 1994 Breezer Jet Stream. I would like the arms to be 170mm if at all possible. Interested to see what you have. Topline, Middleburn etc. Also on the look out for Ritchey Stem (ahead around 100mm), bars and seat post...
  6. ChrisG

    Ouch! ... 3f1ebd1071
  7. ChrisG

    FS: Tioga BICI XTR Ritchey Marin Pine Mountain and Decals

    Tioga Avenger T Bone stem. Never used but been stored. 25.4mm steerer /130mm stem length. £12.00 posted. BICI Blue Skewer set very clean and good looking. £27.00 posted. Now £25.00 Xtr M900 Canti Brakes. Good overall condition evidence of clamp marking where pads have been set in...
  8. ChrisG

    Wanted: Shimano Thumb Shifters

    What I would really like is a nice set of thumb shifters prefer Shimano M732 or possibly M730 or even or anything else in good condition. Lets see what you got. Thanks
  9. ChrisG

    Wtd Shimano XT ST-M095 Shifter pod or whole gear/brake unit

    The rear shifter on my 1992 Gt Richter has decided to shift down through the cogs in one easy movement although it does go up again. :facepalm: Looking for a replacement pod that works or whole gear/brake unit. Any help would be good.
  10. ChrisG

    Seat post diameter for 1992 GT Richter

    I'm trying to find out the diameter for a seat post to fit a 1992 GT Richter. Its a steel frame and the one that came with is quite loose and i don't like to over tighten the clamp. The one sitting in it at the mo is 27.0mm. Does anyone happen to know what this is?
  11. ChrisG

    Quill Stem with hinged face plate

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a 100mm quill stem with hinged clamp face plate. 22.2mm quill diameter. I know there is a cinelli oyster that is like this but they are pretty pricey on flebay and 3T have done one in the past.
  12. ChrisG

    Suntour XCD Cranks/rear mech and Dia Compe

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for the following: Suntour XCD crank arms in 170mm (or XC Pro) would like them to be in good condition. Diacompe 983 canti brakes with all fixings. Suntour XCD Accushift rear mech pref in black but any would be good and in good condition. Let me know what you got.
  13. ChrisG

    XTR Rear Mech/Shimano Thumb Shifters/'U' Brake **All Sold*

    I Have for sale the following items: Shimano XTR M900 Rear Mech. £50.00 Very good overall condition fitted with ano blue cnc jockey wheels. Slight nicks to the underside of the front edge, same to trailing edge and minor nick to the back edge of 'XTR' panel. Shimano Deore MT-62 Thumb...
  14. ChrisG

    1992 GT Richter Groove Tube. Now Sold.

    1992 GT Richter I have for sale my 1992 GT Richter. 'Groove Tube' This formed part of the GT competition series of bikes. Spec as follows: GTX double butted tubes made in USA. 16" centre to centre/ 18" centre to top of seat post. Top tube 20" effective. Good overall condition there is...
  15. ChrisG

    Answer ACCU TRAX Forks ... 3cc7afe7cc I'm sure someone was looking for a set of these?
  16. ChrisG

    Suntour XCD/XC Pro pedals

    Hi Guys, I'm on the look out for a clean set of pedal for my new project of a '88 vintage. Good condition but not run ragged and not too expensive. Something like the below but defo not at that price :shock: ... 415d4652be Let's see what you...
  17. ChrisG

    MS Racing ... 25719f5f41
  18. ChrisG

    Dia Compe 983 brakes

    Hi Guys, I'm after one pair of Dia Compe 983 brakes must be complete with springs and fixing bolts and ideally in black.
  19. ChrisG

    Rock Shox Judy SL ***Now Sold***

    I have for sale a Rock Shox Judy SL. I purchased these recently for a new project but a change of plan (a Gary Fisher) means the need to go. Not sure of the year for these. This for an 1" 1/8 steerer and is approx 170mm in length. They are in generally clean condition with a few scuffs...
  20. ChrisG

    Girvin Vector Fork ***Now Sold***

    I have for sale a Girvin Vector Fork. I picked this up recently to hang off the front of my Orange not realising that they were made to suit specific frames. This has a 1" steerer which is approx 200mm in length. In good overall condition, the stanchions have only minor nicks and polish up...