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  1. Captain Stupido

    Sold 1997 Rockhopper XL / 21"

    One of the last of the steel Rockhoppers - this is a really nice riding old school frame with enough modern touches to make it more practical and easier to maintain than an early/mid 90s bike. Ritchey dropouts and double butted tubing. It's mostly original although the wheels are not, and...
  2. Captain Stupido

    For Sale Mach by Rodi - Pair of rims/one wheel.

    Rear wheel (FH-HG20 hub) in rideable condition, and a rim that I rescued from another bike. Bare rim is barely ridden, the one built as a wheel has some wear to braking surface but fairly minor. Hub seems smooth but needs service/adjustment. Tyres not included, but listed separately. Nice rare...
  3. Captain Stupido

    For Sale Tioga Farmer John's Nephew - nice pair

    In really nice condition, no cracking and very minimal wear. I'm tempted to keep these for a build but need to have a clear out. I'm thinking £60 posted?
  4. Captain Stupido

    Sold Panaracer Smoke Classic 26 x 2.1 Amber Wall Pair

    Very low mileage. I bought them 3 years ago and have barely ridden them. Unfortunately some mild-ish cracking has started to appear (see pics). Deffo still rideable, they look good too. How does £40 posted sound for the pair? (edit: sold for £34)
  5. Captain Stupido

    Which would you build? Bionicon vs Marin - one must go!

    While on the hunt for a full susser I did what any sensible Retrobiker would do and bought two. I ought to get rid of one really - neither is getting built any time soon. What I really wanted was something slightly more capable and confidence inspiring than my current fave 98 clockwork. The...
  6. Captain Stupido

    Modernish Breezer Greenway 1.5 hybrid - any good?

    Seen one of these for sale locally at what seems a good price. Probably almost worth the asking price for the full set of XT it comes with. Looks pretty much mint too. I wonder if it's nice to ride? Frame doesn't exactly scream...
  7. Captain Stupido

    For Sale 1986 F. W. Evans

    Located South Devon and collection encouraged but postage possible. I'm offering this to RBers for £300 cash or £350 posted (paypal gift), either of which which will result in a small a loss made for me. It's a lovely bike and I'd like it to find a good home. This is a fresh build with no...
  8. Captain Stupido

    Giant Boulder Shock

    Horrible or quite nice? Given that it's £30 and down the road obvs am tempted. Wishbone rear stay. Quite unusual. Forks look borked.
  9. Captain Stupido

    Reusing Spokes/Nipples

    Years ago when starting out building wheels I did some internet based research and reached the conclusion that it was better not to reuse old spokes and nipples when building wheels. I forget the reasons why but at the time I was convinced. The reading I did at that time (and the advice of a...
  10. Captain Stupido

    GT ZUM

    Trying to decide how to build this up. it was very generously karma'd and I couldn't resist on the basis that it filled quite a niche for me. My collection has been mostly steel and I've fancied a triple-triangle frame as well as something disc braked for a while. So it ticked some boxes, and at...
  11. Captain Stupido

    Sold Chainsets/cranks Specialized / LX

    Bought both of these off here as impulse buys then realised I don't need them... am a bit skint so... I think I paid about £25 each so that's the price - add £4 postage, payment via PayPal friends and family please. LX middle ring is a bit worn but probably still rideable.
  12. Captain Stupido

    For Sale Karma odds and sods.

    All free! Pay postage via Paypal Friends & Family. TAKEN 1: Hyperglide C 8 speed Cassette. Nice and clean, Used, I've not ridden it so unsure of condition.
  13. Captain Stupido

    DB Apex £90 Devon

    I'm tempted but trying to resist. Needs some love!
  14. Captain Stupido

    Planet X Fat Baz

    New gravellish hybrid and MTB. Basic but not too horrible components with appealing spec and temptingly cheap at the introductory price. Given inflated prices in the used market, they look particularly good value right now. Interested to hear people's thoughts. I wonder if either is good...
  15. Captain Stupido


    Are better than the internet. Google didn't find an exploded diagram of my Suntour V mech, but Richard put one in his book. Here are some of my favourites. Any other recommendations for a retrobike library?
  16. Captain Stupido

    No more bikes!

    It's been getting a bit ridiculous here. I've got a cellar which can fit quite a few bikes, the trouble is the more you put in it the harder it is to get to anything and actually use it. The more you stash in the garage the harder it is to work on anything. Have sold two bikes this week. Just...
  17. Captain Stupido

    1990 Trek 1400 23" £200

    Classic USA made bonded aluminium frame (rides like a quality steel frame), Shimano 105 drivetrain, Exage 500EX brakes. In VGC and riding beautifully - everything works nicely. Frame has some scratches but no nasty damage - could easily be touched in and tidied up. I bought this as a "shed...
  18. Captain Stupido

    cheap ebay chinese cork bar tape

    Just went to wrap my the bars on my nearly finished Trek build with some of this: It's got no self-adhesive bit! Am I missing something or is it totally f****** useless?
  19. Captain Stupido

    1984 Claud Butler Majestic

    Just picked this up following a probably not particularly smart eBay bid. It's lovely, but tatty and in need of a total rebuild. The spec appealed, as did the size and the (relatively) short stem. It looks like it will fit me without tweaks - but mechanically and cosmetically it's a bit sorry...
  20. Captain Stupido

    1 1/8" threadless forks wanted

    After a pair of suspension forks for this: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=423606 Small frame and light rider so short steerer is ideal, and I'm prioritising light weight over beefiness so something like some Indy SLs would do the trick, I think. Preferably v-brake era. Alternatively I would probably be...