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  1. albash82

    For Sale Trek Tyre Big Kahuna 26 x 2.1"

    Came off a bike I got a bit ago. From '94 I believe... Wire bead. Good nick. £13 posted.
  2. albash82

    Wanted Shimano Disc brakes

    Just after a pair of basic shimano disc brakes. Mt500 or similar, older Deore, or whatever you've got. I don't need mounts or discs. On the cheap, I'm trying to complete a bit of a parts bin build. 😁😜
  3. albash82

    '92 Explosif - Modified. Unpure. Dirty.

    Bought this frame last year as was looking for a retro Kona that actually fit me, so I could ride it further than the pub. Stumbled across it on eBay/here, put in a cheeky (possibly drunken) offer, and buuger me, it got accepted 😂 Pics below from seller's ad. I'd previously bought 2 or 3 bikes...
  4. albash82

    Kona Pahoehoe 1998 Mid Season

    Done a few builds/threads on this over the years. Been wanting to build it light, fast and simple. Cranks are temporary (Atlas are a bit heavier than I've got in mind!), but just wanted to get it put together today, so here she is.
  5. albash82

    For Sale Shed Clearout - PT.2 (27.5" wheels + rims)

    Race Face / DT Swiss Pair Wheels Disc only 27.5" Striaght pull 6-bolt 142x12 rear 100x15 front HG freehub Was originally factory RaceFace wheelset, I bought from my mate with a trashed rear rim and I sourced this DT 512 28h rim, which has same erd as the original RF unit. Also replaced some of...
  6. albash82

    Wanted Shimano Left cup Square Taper BB

    Does anyone have non drive side cups for Shimano square taper BB's in your stash? I require one for a UN71 that I got nos, just missing the left cup. It's 68mm. BSA Cheers, Al
  7. albash82

    Wanted Left hand Square taper Silver crank - Diamond

    As above. Need a silver crank arm, on the cheap. Just the left one. 175mm Square taper Diamond offset taper stylee (like pic, not sure on the correct terminology) Not too fussy.
  8. albash82

    Modern. Tallboy

    Lucky enough to run a bike like this.... So much fun. Playful, agile. Awesome. It's a standard my20 C-S kit, aside from a Lyrik Ultimate stepped down to 140. Also have a Chromag BZA 50mm stem and a pair of Renthal fatbar (ally) 40mm rise. Running some Ergon grips off a recommendation from a...
  9. albash82

    For Sale Shed Clearout - PT.1

    -Belt drive drivetrain S/S Taken from a Trek District c2010 Rear hub with sprocket Chainring 110bcd Gates belt £75 posted ono -Raceface Cinch chainrings 32t 32t 34t £10 posted each or £25 for all 3. SOLD -Hope t rex 40t Shimano 10s expander ring £10 posted SOLD Deore 10s front mech FDM611 Top...
  10. albash82

    96 Kilauea (Bristol)

    It's had hard paper round this one
  11. albash82

    Sorted 94 BCD 5 arm Cranks

    I'd like a pair of nice arms. Anything considered but I've not got big money. Don't need rings as have various kicking around, hence request for specific BCD... Not too fussed on length either tbh.
  12. albash82

    "OG" Aluminium O. Anyone know what year?

    Fella brought this in today. He said he got it from the old gaffer back in the very early days. Apparently him and Paul went over to Orange and they custom made it for him. He ended up building 1st Stif website apparently! Got "OG" Stif sticker and evrythin. We'll get 'er fettled up. Re-issue...
  13. albash82

    XXL bike or frame - runabout

    After a big ol' frame or bike for my 6'4" brother in law. Just to get him out with the family. Nothing special required Any wheel size considered. Trying to keep build sub 500 sheets. Edit - off road biased
  14. albash82

    Disc Hubs Pair 32h 135/100mm QR

    Prefer 6bolt, but could be c-lock tempted. Hg freehub, but if convertible, I'm listening... Not too fussy, other than the above... Whatcha got? Ps, not got King money :) Or Hope tbh :lol: Unless its inexpensive hope or king :facepalm:
  15. albash82

    Official Flite 1990 Reproductions are available.

    One or two of us at work are gonna order some Flites from Zyro. If anyone wants a shiny new repro Flite, let me know and I can do an order. £99.99 RRP.
  16. albash82

    Kilauea '97 20"

    I want one. Anyone? After a quick search of the site, I see that Mousemat (appears to have left these parts), sold a nice one here about 10-12 years ago... Wonder where that went?!
  17. albash82

    Should I even attempt this at 2130 on a Sunday night?

    Think it just needs a bit of WD tbh.
  18. albash82

    Late 90's onwards Cranks 170/175mm *SORTED*

    Want something lightweight and pretty. What's going for reasonable prices please. No preference on axle / BB standards.
  19. albash82

    Late 90's / early 00's Suspension fork long steerer

    Need a nice, fairly light pair with V-brake bosses to complete a build. Steerer wants to be 200mm+ ideally more. Z2 Sid Anything considered... Don't have a huge budget though.
  20. albash82

    Quill Stem conundrum - please help!

    I'm after a BMX style quill stem to put in a threaded 1-1/8" fork and want to fit a 22mm bar. Can't seem to find one. It looks like all BMX quill stems are 1" ??? Anyone got any ideas? I have a quill - ahead converter as backup and an old x-lite fly in short length, but I'm pretty sure that's...