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  1. lclements

    Hope Brakes, stems, bar ends. Wheels, forks Clearout

    Having a clearout and just got a few odd bits to put up for now. Can be collected from whitstable, and will post anything at cost Hope C2 front and rear with braided hoses and 1 new set of pads. Not currently working need caliper overhauls as have been sat and are seized. £50 SOLD Bmx style...
  2. lclements

    wtd: car stereo with aux, cd and bluetooth

    As the title says, I am after a decent car stereo with Bluetooth. I have seen these mechless ones but I still ideally want CD's. IPod compatibility would be nice but not important. Its for an older car (polo mk4) with no stem controls. What have you guys got spare? How much money do I have to...
  3. lclements

    Needed: 700c Rims, pair.

    I am rebuilding a pair of old track wheels which currently have tubular rims but for a street bike I really don't want a tub coming off the rim mid skid stop. So, I am after a lightweight pair of 700c rims, narrow and raw aluminium so they can be polished - not anodised.. Really don't have a...
  4. lclements

    WTD: Alloy Butterfly bars (for touring)

    Evening, I am after some alloy 'butterfly bars' for my fathers bike as he wants to make it more comfortable for longer runs and he has his heart set on a set of these bars. Does anyone have a pair in their shed that are going cheap? Just incase you don't know what they are, here's a nice...
  5. lclements

    For Sale, The tip of the iceberg.. Summer shed clearout

    Hi everyone, I've been away a bit over the winter but now I'm back :) I'm in dire need of space so will be flogging some old kit. There's only 2 things I'm after for swaps really, 160 or 180mm rotors (x2) preferably floating and the appropriate 180mm IS to post for the front. I don't...
  6. lclements

    Henry Burton Track Frame

    Hey all, Picked this up at a house sale yesterday for £40, looks to have nice lugs and feels very light. I can't seem to find much about whether Henry Burton would have built this, or if that is a good thing. I was told it was from the 1960's. It's currently got tubs, which I think I will...
  7. lclements

    FS - Tyres and Cassettes

    Ok, so having a bit of a clearout, I've got a selection of tires and cassettes here. More details and pictures on request. Prices don't include P+P, but I will only charge what it costs, free packaging ;) Paypal Gift or Bank Transfer preferred, collection also an option (Northeast Kent) So...
  8. lclements

    What are these Bombers?

    Hey all, Just got some new forks on a bike I bought, and wanted to know a little more about them. I know they are Marzocchi bomber's, but do not know what model (Z1, Z2 etc), what year and if possible to say how much travel they might have. Also would like to know if they are decent enough...
  9. lclements

    Red X-Lite Stubbies

    Hey all, I am after some red X-Lite stubby bar ends.. although the bent ones are also ok. Condition needs to be pretty nice, but not necessarily NOS as they'll be going onto a working bike. Thanks All Luke
  10. lclements

    What is the best chain tensioning method?

    Hey, I'm looking to get a chain tensioner for my SS build, however I'm wondering what the best device to get is. DCD Mr Crud, do they work well? Or should I go for something sprung from either chainstay or mech hanger? Luke
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    Nothing to see here...
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    Singlespeed alloy spacers / chain tensioner

    Need to do a cheap ss conversion on a bike of mine, and need to find some of those alloy freehub spacers (its a 7spd hub) and a chain tensioning device, preferably one that attaches to the mech hanger not the chainstay. Any colours condidered, but red silver or black would be the best :)...
  13. lclements

    For Sale: Shed Clearout

    Ok, so I have a large thread in road for sale, but I have a couple MTB bits too. Prices don't include postage and offers will be accepted... Shimano Altus(?) chainset. Recently bought from a member, but ended up not needing it. - £13 Shimano 6 speed SIS thumbies - £3 Monsoon 6...
  14. lclements

    For Sale: Lots of stuff! Shed Clearout

    So, I'm having a shed clearout and have a bunch of bits :) More to come tomorrow hopefully! Tell me if I'm out on the price, and sensible offers will be accepted :p An overview: A pair of early 50's steel drop bars - £10 SOLD Suntour Power Shiters, downtube mount with 'Raleigh'...
  15. lclements

    Retro amberwall tyres that aren't retro

    Just been reading the december edition of MBUK and I noticed on page 107 'Charge Splashback Tyres', which look quite nice for cheapo restorations or retro looks but upgraded performance.. Luke
  16. lclements

    Help with chainset replacement and bb spindle width...

    Hey all, I recently bought a shimano altus chain set from the retro mtb section and it has ended up going on my fathers bike. It is to replace his cheap shimano tourney FC-TX71 chain set. Got it fitted no problems, but when trying to set up the gears the dérailleur actually will not reach far...
  17. lclements

    Wanted: Splined BB Tool, Shimano Brakeset, Headset, BB

    Hey all, A few wants here, first being a splined bottom bracket tool, the modern type. The second being some Shimano side pull caliper brakes and aero levers (non-aero considered) to match. Ideally from early 90's. RX100 or Exage would be ideal, higher ranges considered :) Thirdly, if...
  18. lclements

    WTD: singlespeed 19T freewheel

    After a 19 tooth single speed freewheel for my flip flop setup. 1/8" preferable. Thanks, Luke
  19. lclements

    Cinelli Milano Road Stem

    Here I have a Cinelli Milano Road stem, I think it is road anyway as the measurement was approx 70deg. As you can see from the pictures it is in a state, and it looks like someone partially sanded it, and sprayed it silver.. what a shame. The question really is do I re chrome it or sell as is? I...
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    lclements feedback

    Put all my feedback in here... ta Luke