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  1. albash82

    Wanted Lightweight Suspension forks, V brake, long steerer 26”. Sid’s?

    I've got some Sid world cup and the steerer is probably 230mm. Let me know if interested and I'll send price and pics
  2. albash82

    Wanted Rockshox SID or Pace RC36 circa 1998

    Got a Sid world cup. It's a few years later, with the carbon crown / steerer. I'll send you pics and work out a price if interested
  3. albash82

    Kona's page

    Slap a new post in this forum :
  4. albash82

    1998'ish (2017) Kona Honzo Ti

    That's really cool. Love the decals
  5. albash82

    Kona Roast riding again

    Yes mate! Looks the business that.
  6. albash82

    1999 Kona Pahoehoe 'Pipmeister' build thread

    Chertsey is a long way from here, but if you've actually got COLD BEER in stock, then the lure of both beer and bikes might be strong enough... I do need to visit an uncle down Esher way.... Tell me that big sign doesn't lie...
  7. albash82

    Orange P7 outlaw build. sort of finished.

    Looks great! I don't remember G-Force bars being that big... Were there a few different rise options?
  8. albash82

    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    Last time I built old Pahoehoe up, he was SS. That was at tail end of 2014. Now built up in cruiser, 1x9 vibe... It was lots of fun like this though... Absolute winter slugger. Those Beaver tyres were ace.
  9. albash82

    Yeti ASR-C 2012 - something a little bit modern

    Go for it, if you can get away with the position... Faster innit
  10. albash82

    Cotic Soul (2010) 650B convertion

    That's really cool. Do you still have it? I'm building an early 90's MTB with 27.5" wheels. I'll just use it as a hybrid/cx/road bike myself.
  11. albash82

    Orange P7 e-commuter

    Yeah I did the road commute on a modern MTB ebike from my old gaff. It was about 20 mins in the car, took 35mins in full boost mode. Cyclepath/quieter lane commute is a couple of miles longer.
  12. albash82

    Kona Caldera 18"

    Nice, I've the same frame tucked away myself. It's in need of a little TLC m, so if I ever get around to it, I'll refer to this. Keen to see updated pics.
  13. albash82

    Orange P7 e-commuter

    I'm really glad someone on here has done what I'm considering! My commute is a hilly 13 miles, I rarely pedal it, mainly due these days, to getting back home for my lads bath and bedtime... Ebike commute might make this possible. I'd love to ditch the car where I can. Be interesting to see how...
  14. albash82

    Show me your weird and wonderful handlebars

    Me too. I'll end up converting old Lava Dome to some of these: Here's what they look like on my Pahoehoe I'll possibly play around with the angle, and controls need...
  15. albash82

    Four Bar Full Suspension Bikes

    My old Lapierre. Horst, I believe...
  16. albash82

    My Azonic DS1 Project

    Thus is ace! Top job on the fork👍🏼
  17. albash82

    ** Stooge MkV **

    No way, wheels from Moonglu! My brother and I bought all our kit from there in the 90's, when it was Mark, as Blossomgate Cycles. Neil certainly does know his stuff! It seems we look at similar kit. I found that Nitto bar a bit ago and really considered it for my Explosif project... I still am...
  18. albash82

    Yeti ASR-C 2012 - something a little bit modern

    Nice. I always liked the look of those
  19. albash82

    Mountain Cycle San Andreas x2

    That's ace! Great bike(s), great thread👍🏼