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  1. jonthefish

    Voodoo Bizango

    Too small for me ... ondition=4
  2. jonthefish

    Show us your Voodoo

    There seems remarkably little love for Voodoo on this forum given the endless Konas and the fact that Joe Murray links the two. Haven't seen a 'show us' thread so correct me if I'm wrong. Voodoo arguably a more refined Kona :shock: ?? viewtopic.php?f=4&t=222576 .....rattles cages...
  3. jonthefish

    SOLD: Saddles - Flite Alpes Ti and re-covered San Marco

    SOLD Flite Alpes Ti. 1998. Logos a bit worn but otherwise excellent. £45 posted UK. SOLD Selle San Marco. 1991. Probably Ti rails. Has been recovered but done very well and fooled me. I reckon the Koga Miyata labelling would clean off for putting on another bike. Rails have marks where it...
  4. jonthefish

    Voodoo Erzulie - small but perfectly formed

    Joe Murray design and looks in good condition ... SwW21eyOwb
  5. jonthefish

    Corblimeyguv's feedback

    Corblimeyguv doesn't have a feedback thread yet so thought I'd start one. Ash bought a mech from me. Great comms and real nice to deal with. Thanks.
  6. jonthefish

    Kona Kilauea 1996 poor listing ... ondition=4 19 inch? Too far away from me sadly.
  7. jonthefish

    Front Mechs XT, LX, Mtn. LX

    Update - that XT front mech is 34.9 - apologies to Bike Hoarder. Need to thin out the bulging boxes. All prices include UK post Respond here but please PM me Front: Mountain LX FD-M452 28.6 bottom pull SOLD Sachs 28.6 bottom pull (from a 1996 Kona Kilauea) £12 XT FD-M735 34.9 bottom pull...
  8. jonthefish

    Flite titanium - charity sale SOLD

    From Jamesdiablo's charity raffle, which I won. Proceeds 50:50 to the cancer charity that looked after Jamesdiablo's dad and WaterAid. Saddle is mainly in good condition with minimal rubbing. Good logos. Marks (possible repair?) on left side but totally rideable if you have a flite bum. I...
  9. jonthefish

    Selle Koga Myata saddle - WITHDRAWN

    This was potentially sold but is withdrawn as it seems not to be original. Thankfully spotted before sending to Incorrigible. Still quite a nice saddle but looks to be re-covered.
  10. jonthefish

    Koga Miyata Selle San Marco saddle - charity sale

    I won this from jamisdiablo in a retrobike auction. I want to sell it and some other bits for charity. It is very light and appears almost unused. Logos perfect. Probably Ti rails. Looks like someone has done a 'titanium test' with a dremel or some such as there are marks on the rails...
  11. jonthefish

    Kona Explosif 1992 refurb

    Time has come to give my Explosif Pro a wee tidy up. It was bought as frame and fork, built up with an odd mix of bits and gets ridden plenty. Would have liked to go full Suntour XC Pro but as that isn't so easy to find and I have some XT735/730 bits I will go that route (mostly). It won't...
  12. jonthefish

    M735 front mech 28.6 SORTED

    Looking for Shimano M735 front mech with 28.6mm band. Ideally with orange XT logo as below (this one is bent and bu#~ered).
  13. jonthefish

    XT M735 front mech

    XT M735 front mech in very good cosmetic condition. Bottom pull 34.8 mm band. I can throw in a bent 28.6 mm one for free if of any use. £15 posted in UK
  14. jonthefish

    Front mech angle

    Decided to replace the LX front mech on my Kona with XT-M735. When mounted, the cage is at a very odd angle - high at the front and low at the back. I've tried 3 other mechs and they all sit normally. The XT looks in nice condition with no obvious sign of damage. Am I missing something?
  15. jonthefish

    SORTED cheapish V-brake

    Looking for a v-brake for Mrsthefish's runaround. We have a single black Tektro already so one of those would make a pair. Or what have you? Black preferred but try me......
  16. jonthefish

    Spindle/BB for Kona Curve cranks

    Anyone know the usual BB spindle length for Kona Curve cranks? And yes, I know they have a cheese-like reputation.
  17. jonthefish

    Stem for 26.2 bars

    I'm getting old and my neck aches so I'd like to put a taller stem on my Rourke. It has Cinelli Giro 64-20 bars that measure 26.2 mm across the centre sleeve. Am I likely to have a problem fitting a 26.0 clamp stem (non front-fitting)? It seems a small difference, but I'd hate to wreck a...
  18. jonthefish

    SORTED - Front mech top pull - LX or similar

    Looking for an LX or maybe a Mountain LX front mech. Top pull and ideally 28.6 but could shim a bigger band. Would consider XT if cheap enough!
  19. jonthefish

    Marin Eldridge Grade against the clock

    Plan is to take this Marin to Norway. Tomorrow :shock: Mrsthefish is Norwegian and it will live in a cabin built by her father. We've no car there so bikes will get us to and from the Kiwi shop (better than Spar) for beer, fish pudding (really) and other less critical supplies. Frame is...
  20. jonthefish

    Ritchey Speedmax tyres

    Looking for Ritchey Speedmax tyres 26 by 1.9 or 2.0. Must be usable as they are for a bike that gets ridden. Wish I'd bought more than one when they were £9.99 on ebay : (