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  1. Factory Jackson

    AC Headset

    Cheers for that kase. Middle, top, black; is that the crown race? Any ideas if parts are available? Or alternatives? cheers Chris
  2. Factory Jackson

    AC Headset

    Evening all, Wondered if anyone is able to shed any light on AC Headsets? I've been kindly given some parts for an AC headset. I have the top and bottom cups and the upper top section. But sadly no crown race, seals, wedge or bearings. Does anyone know if parts are available or are there...
  3. Factory Jackson

    Spring Project #1: 14.5" Zaskar LE - FINISHED!

    Re: Spring Project #1: 14.5" Zaskar LE - BUILD TIME! An m900 front mech would work. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr
  4. Factory Jackson

    Klein Rascal - winter project

    With a week off work, the kids out with the inlaws and a pass off the missus to go and ride my bike; would have been rude not to take the Klein out for a blast. Being 34 degrees today, it wasn't going to be a mega fast one, just enough to stretch the legs. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr...
  5. Factory Jackson

    Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes

    2nd in line please :D
  6. Factory Jackson

    Shed clearout sale

    interested in Magura racelines. any idea postage to the uk? cheers Chris
  7. Factory Jackson

    Kids Zaskar (20") Version - Pimped Build Thread

    Had you thought about shortening some RaceFace cranks? The pedal end of the cranks tend to be flat and easy to drill square. I did a set of Ride XC's for my sons bike. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr
  8. Factory Jackson

    Please identify these , repairable? Rock Shox Judy SL 19xx?

    Internally should be this... Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr As said above, best checking the stanchions first. Undo the bolts on the bottom, but not all the way out. Give a 'gentle' tap with a hammer to loosen the push rods. Then fully undo and the lowers should slide off. Note; the...
  9. Factory Jackson

    Gt zaskar 95

    Yep, used Autosol on my GT's finished with a coat of carnauba car wax to make the shine last longer. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr
  10. Factory Jackson

    Specialized S-Works M2 Team with Pace RC36

    I'd be interested in the frame if you do split. :wink:
  11. Factory Jackson

    Any Arthur Caygill Owners Out There?

    Have you tried contacting the shop? They will probably know. Arthur still works there.
  12. Factory Jackson

    It’s Good to See....

    I guess like many, being mid 30's, when I first got into biking properly (ie racing etc) in the early 90's I always lusted after the bikes the pros and rich guys had; Zaskars, Kleins etc etc I then progressed through to downhill racing in the late 90's/early 00's, but now look back with rose...
  13. Factory Jackson

    2003 Intense M1

    Yeah, not really helping :wink: The search continues. Great to see your photos guys. Here's my bike garden a few year back. The red M1, Kawasaki M1 and Tazer were mine. The M1's are sadly gone (1 sold/1 stolen) but still have the Tazer; will never sell it. p4pb3156809 by FactoryJackson...
  14. Factory Jackson

    2003 Intense M1

    Long shot, but anyone have a 2003 Intense M1 frame for sale? Paint work not an issue, but not looking for anything that's cracked and been re-welded. Looking for one with the gusset that goes all the way to the seat tube (designed for the 5th Element Shocks). Here's my old one which i sorely...
  15. Factory Jackson

    BotM December 2017 - THE VOTE

    Re: Re: Cheers buddy. Never entered BOTM before, but thought I'd give it a shot :)
  16. Factory Jackson

    Spin Wheels - how much should I look to pay for a pair ?

    I picked up a decent set (in true and good condition braking surface, though they did need new bearings) about this time last year for £200. I'd say that was a very good price for a set. I've seen them recently go for around the £300 mark. Ceramic braking surfaced wheels go for more, but not by...
  17. Factory Jackson

    BotM December 2017 Nominations - It's Chrisssstttmmmmaaasss

    Never entered into BotM before, but what the hell, seeing as it's Christmas and all. Factory Jackson's 1993 Klein Rascal. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr Build thread is here: ... p;t=375558 Merry Christmas...
  18. Factory Jackson

    Klein Rascal - winter project

    Seeing as we had snow yesterday, thought it apt to get out for a ride. The 1.9 tyres were pretty grippy considering. Though frozen brakes were certainly 'interesting'. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr
  19. Factory Jackson

    Magura braces

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Magura braces, preferably in yellow. And also a pair of the Magura washers that sit behind brakes on the canti studs. Thanks in advance Chris
  20. Factory Jackson

    Ant’s Christmas cracker Karma competition WE HAVE WINNERS

    Fantastic Christmas Karma Ant. Merry Christmas all.