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  1. mynchiboy

    For Sale Shimano M452 (Exage Mountain) U-brake with straddle + crossover

    Here is a nice example of a Exage Mountain U-brake. I bought this to add some rear braking for my GT pub stallion but then used the Maguras I had at hand, so this is for sale. The brake is in very good shape, I've polished it up a little and it has come up a treat. There's just a little surface...
  2. mynchiboy

    Wanted mid 90's flat alloy black bars - fairly cheap if possible!

    As above, just need a set of bars to get my KHS project rolling :) Black would be ideal. I'm not wishing to spend too much £££ on these so anything goes brand wise I guess. Saying that I was thinking Kore, Ritchey, Bontrager/Titec ...that sort of ballpark. What's lurking out there ?
  3. mynchiboy

    Lovely, early and massive Saracen - £100 FB Marketplace

    Here''s one for the real men on here - 26" frame :D I might be wrong but that rear canti hanger rings a...
  4. mynchiboy

    Sorted Magura HS33 front brake

    Need a front Magura HS33 desperately - anything out there? Any colour considered but ideally red or neon yellow would be nice. It needs to be fully working as well, but I don't need the clamps as I have some spares. Fingers crossed :)
  5. mynchiboy

    1995 Marin frame measurements...

    Can anybody remind me how this era Marin is measured? I seem to remember centre to centre on these. Any help is appreciated :D
  6. mynchiboy

    1991 DB Axis Team down in Cornwall - FB Marketplace

    Uber rare these (maybe one of only a couple in the UK?) and one of my grail bikes, just way too far out of my way for me to collect... In a sorry state but well worth a crack at the price - looks like it's wearing it's OEM wheels at least and maybe an Odyssey stem...
  7. mynchiboy

    Be quick! Orange Prestige in Brighton area - £25

    On FB Marketplace :) Would have had this already if it was closer. Utter bargain even if the stays are a bit crusty...
  8. mynchiboy

    Karma A trio of old grannies...

    I've these three little old granny rings to give away. They have been in one side of my tool box for literally years and I keep forever taking them out to unearth stuff, only to then shove them back in again.... :LOL: They are as follows: TA Specialities alloy 5arm 58 BCD, 22 tooth Shimano SG...
  9. mynchiboy

    '95 Kona Cinder Cone £35 - St Ives

    On Facebook Marketplace.... ... =undefined Looks all complete and original, looks like the coastal air has got to it a bit though.. Have your Plus Gas at the Ready :D
  10. mynchiboy

    '92 ish Ridgeback with interesting parts - £50

    Over in Durham and on FB marketplace - advertised as 'Two Bikes'... as there are indeed two bikes there :) One of them is utter mince but the other (Ridgeback) has some interesting bits, definitely a Hope/Mavic 231 front wheel, Odyssey Svelte QR's, decent looking purple seat binder. Kona Impact...
  11. mynchiboy

    WTD: Shimano U brake SORTED

    I need one of the above desperately... any colour or model is just fine. The cheaper the better will win the day! Are there any out there :?:
  12. mynchiboy

    More Christmas Karma - stem and bars

    More free stuff this way.. Madison Saddle and 4130 handlebars, taken off a '89 Ridgeback no less. Saddle has a loose cover and some somewhat moth eaten bits. Wouldn't be bad for a runabout though once the cover is glued in place. Bars are certainly not svelte, but won't snap I reckon! Paint...
  13. mynchiboy

    Christmas Karma - McMahon / MRC Titanium decals TAKEN

    Rediscovered these late last night in the filing cabinet stash... I think they're maybe repros but very good quality. They are for the fork and maybe head tube (I think). I sold my McMahon ages ago and probably won't have another any time soon, so I'll post these to whoever wants them for free...
  14. mynchiboy

    FS: Deore MT-62 canti set, front and rear

    I've switched to black brakes for my latest project so have these available. These were specifically offered for '89-'90 bikes, but suffice to say you could use them with anything suitable.. This set is in super condition, having been taken off a low mileage bike which had them fitted from...
  15. mynchiboy

    Claud Butler Cape Wrath 531 frameset - £30

    One for the CB fanboys! 20 inch frame, on the Facebook Marketplace... ... attachment Think it's a '91...but don't quote me on that .Looks in nice shape and a pretty good price if you're over near Milton Keynes - a long way from Brigg :)
  16. mynchiboy

    WTD: 26.8 seatpost - the cheaper the better

    As above, I'm trying to finish another little project that is leaning towards the rattier end of the scale, just need this and a couple of other bits to finish off. Ideally around 350mm would be good I think, black or silver is also fine. Condition isn't too much of a concern as long as it...
  17. mynchiboy

    FS: Deore II / MT-60 complete chainset in silver

    I managed to source a complete Deore II groupset for my Saracen project but don't need the chainset, so here it is up for grabs. I've taken it apart and regreased the bolts, so it's ready to go. Condition wise this is really nice overall. Crank threads and tapers are excellent as the cranks...
  18. mynchiboy

    FS: Cannondale bits - Pepperoni 1" fork + Force 40 ALL SOLD

    Yet more things found in the cave available for sale, this time of a Cannondale flavour - circa '91-'92. UK postage included in the prices :D Pepperoni aluminium forks with 1" steel steerer. The steerer itself is quite a long one measuring 215mm with 30mm of thread, so could be cut and...
  19. mynchiboy

    FS: NOS Mavic XM317 rim - silver 32H SOLD

    I've unearthed this rim from my garage over the weekend, I honestly have no idea why or when I bought it but don't really need it at the moment.. Silver and 32hole as per title, slight markings on the sidewall, but definitely unused. Shall we say £17 posted for this? Pictures are below :) SOLD
  20. mynchiboy

    FS: Suntour XC Comp/Pro package, XC Comp Wheels ALL SOLD

    I'm doing a bit of sorting out and stumbled across this little lot. I think I was saving it for a build that never happened... Everything is in fair to good shape and very useable from the off. A little more sprucing up would improve things a little more, but baby juggling limits my fettling...