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    Q: What is this mounting hole for?

    Apologies for the noob question but what is this threaded hole for? My google skills have let me down on this one. It's on the drive side chainstay just behind the bottom bracket: On an 80's raleigh road bike steel frame Chainguard mount or something else?
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    Gary Fisher Marlin 2000

    Recently picked this up as it was my size (XL) and I liked the look of it! Pretty good condition overall and should be fine for some casual MTB trail riding? Cleaned it up and replaced cables. Seems to be all original, even the original tyres have plenty of tread with no cracking. Next job is...
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    1989 MBK Aventure - Revival thread

    This bike popped up on my local FB marketplace for £10. Seemed a shame to miss out on these glorious 80's colours and graphics. From some internet searching (mainly in French) it looks like a 1989 MBK Aventure. From what I can tell pretty much all the components are original and in...
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    1987 Raleigh Granada Tourer - The "replace everything" build

    Not sure if this really fits with the 'retrobike' ethos but I have recently finished building up a 1987 Raleigh Granada frame with some more modern components. Slightly different to how Raleigh originally sold it: I got the frame as a 'freebie' while picking up another retrobike off a...
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    1992? Raleigh Ravine ... 419537733/ Lugged Reynolds K2 tubing and looks to be in generally good condition.
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    Freehub body replacement

    Hi hoping someone could help me finding a replacement freehub body for the rear wheel from a 1996 Marin Stinson. The problem being that there is so much free play in its bearings that the cassette wobbles around enough to cause the chain to skip. Are there any options for replacing this...
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    1987 Colnago Superissimo ... 524784950/ Frame: Colnago Superisimo circa 1987? Columbus tubing SLX i believe. 57cm toptube c-c Chainset: Campagnolo C Record Brakes: Campagnolo Record dual pivot Rear mech: Campagnolo Record Carbon 10speed. Shifters: Campagnolo Record Carbon...
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    1979 Claud Butler - Cresta 531

    Don't really need another bike but kind of tempted by this one, is it worth it? ... 1341570043
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    1950s? Raleigh Tourist in good condition

    Not much info on the listing but this looks like an interesting project? ... 6037906887
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    1994 Marin muirwoods - £50

    Deal of the week? ... 1390207775
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    Giant Pacer - 1986 beautiful rare retro road bike
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    Giant Pacer 1986 ish - Eighties Asia's mid-range finest

    Giant Pacer - Not 100% sure of the year but somewhere around 1986 Not much info online so it might be somewhat of a rarity? It's a sturdy lugged frame with 1020 Hi-Ten steel, large size (58cm), needed to add a longer seat stem to get the proper fit. 12-13kg on the road. Want to keep it...
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    Peugeot Triathlon 80s / early 90s? ... 1310097698