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    Kona “black”

    What year did Kona stop offering the black frame option ?
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    Wow that’s a bit Rusty Not having a go at seller as he clearly states issues. But I’ve not seen a Kona frame wiyh terminal rust...
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    Dog Sh•t on tyres

    Carry bike to location in back of car, use bike, get back to car and notice dog shit in bikes tyre tread, scrape out with twig 🤢drag tyre crossways on grass, ride on dry gravel remnants of shit remain in tread .. what next 🤔
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    Aldi bike stuff

    Aldi have various bike related products on offer from September 19th. GT 85 £1.99 Muc off products £3.99 “Assembly stand” £20 Tools etc
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    cassette free hub... have i killed it

    cleaning around the hub with paraffin and i think some may have entered into the free hub possibly washing the grease out ... sounds kinda rough now. is there a way of re-greasing these or is it f****?
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    What tools and spares you carry?

    As above and how do you lug them around with you ?
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    Meet Mildred my 2008 Mongoose Teocali Super. Mildred's been on the back burner for a while... as I concentrated on other projects, mainly my mate's Lava Dome. With having to work outdoors, dark nights drawing in and less free time on my hands, Mildreds probably going to be my last project of...
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    94 Kona Lava Dome ... 7 day project

    Turning this one around for a mate. Full story here ... So it's here... the green meanie! a frankenbuild if ever there was one o_O Hope to turn this one around by next Sunday. Needles to say it wont be a...
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    Restoring a bike for a mate, What would you do?

    I've been on a few ride-outs with a mate who has a Scott hybrid and he's developed a liking for retro Konas. He knows zero about bikes so the restoration and careful maintenance a retro bike requires is highly unlikely (by him). He's asked me to find and restore something for him with a budget...
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    Emeral green/ BRG, 1994 Kona colour match?

    Anybody know a good colour match for the 1994 Kona lavadome green? i recall Vauxhalls did something similar...also maybe British Racing Green? need to source a touch-up paint for it.
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    What year is this yeti?

    Yeti atc 5.3…
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    "creaking spokes" is it a thing?

    Remember the mk2 Golf add? Had a similar scenario on today's ride. noise coming from back wheel. silent with the wheel lifted off ground and spun. silent when riding with my weight shifted forward. silent when bike angled both left and right in straight line. sooo, noise only occurs with...
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    Hydraulic disc pads... whats going on ...

    ... Deore XT BR-M775 front caliper the trailing edge of the pad is sticking. can this be fixed? I'm new to hydraulic discs.
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    Small component decals

    I have a chain set I need to restore. It would benefit from a polish or maybe a repaint. The problem is i would then loose the Logos which are quite prominent and in perfect condition. I’ve looked online and there doesn’t appear to be anybody out there doing such stuff. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Time to Chill...

    to this beautifully shot and edited build video...
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    ON ONE Inbred, Single speed canal path cruiser project

    I'd been looking for a project frame to build a single speed “canal path cruiser” this On One, inbred turned up for sale. I could see from the add it was rough …. ideal for a project. On viewing the bike, it was rougher than it looked in the pictures. A short test ride….to the cash...
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    Where is it ...applying decal thread

    Somebody posted a thread on how to apply decals (wet) cant find it .. anybody? thanks in advance
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    Rudge -Whitworth 1902 add restored
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    Those NOS tioga tyres...

    ... that were up for sale at£300. There was a link here yesterday!? WS telling a mate and he couldn’t believe it. Can’t find the thread ... anybody have a link?
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    Furthest distance you would travel ...

    What’s the furthest distance (round trip) you would/have traveled to pick up a bike? I’m talking physically driven in your own vehicle.