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    Corsa B stuff wanted

    Hi everyone, Venturing back into the land of the living after a forced break from normal-ish life. So, i've bought a 2000W Corsa B as a project car and would like to acquire some spares/donor car if possible. Anything from 1997 (P) to 2000 (W) is preferred. Please see pic of actual car below...
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    Santa Cruz Bullit for sale

    Re: Thanks for the replies. Tbh i'm not well enough to dismantle it and in all honesty it would be a waste of time as it needs nothing doing to it. You can just hop on it and go. Make me a sensible offer via a pm and see what happens. Guv.
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    26" disc wheels, Sram X9 RD and Disc brakes.

    Re: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=417703 I have these, if of interest just drop me a pm ;)
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    Road Riding Youtube footage

    Re: Was going to start a thread on this video but as this one is suitable ;) Must say it's made me chuckle.
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    Santa Cruz Bullit for sale

    Re: Still available, make me a sensible offer type bump
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    Depression is just plain nasty

    Re: People are often blind or ignorant to others situations and it doesnt help that neighbours tend to keep to themselves more these days. No chatting over the garden fence about lifes trials and tribulations, even more so now with Covid. Also, men dont really admit about things like these...
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    Depression is just plain nasty

    Re: I'm back in the midst of it, only saving grace is that I can recognise early on. Seeing GP tomorrow, can honestly say that if anyone asks you to 'snap out of it'.. A. They're clueless B. Slap 'em.
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    When car brands do bikes

    Re: Didn't realise there was so many ! Interesting ;)
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    Santa Cruz Bullit for sale

    Re: Pm incoming.
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    1995 Marin Pine mountain frame swap (mine is big)

    Re: Probably one of the best Cro-mo frames ever made, I am biased tho ;)
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    Sorted :Shimano Chain suitable for 105 groupset

    Re: It is a 7sp chain, albeit used. Tbh I dont build this sort of set-up can tell I bet :roll: Never though of crossing on a double chainset in all honesty. Will try something else and give an update later. Thanks for all hips and tints so far ;)
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    Sorted :Shimano Chain suitable for 105 groupset

    Re: The chain came off a 7sp mtb, the BB is a new 68/113 unit. I thought it was the fd rubbing the chain until I sussed it wasn't :roll: Tbh the bb length didnt even enter my head Mat ! Gonna scratch my head for a bit, any other thoughts please feel free to share them.
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    Sorted :Shimano Chain suitable for 105 groupset

    Re: I've got a 105 chainset and the chain I have rubs the inside of the outer chainring, the only cause I can deduce is that the chain is too wide. I may be wrong but I can't test my logic as I don't have a chain that I can compare it against. The only other cause could be the chain is very...
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    Sorted :Shimano Chain suitable for 105 groupset

    Good evening all, I'm in need of the above due to only having MTB chains and they're too wide to use with a 105 chainset. Something gently run-in would be ideal ;) Thanks.
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    Wanted - Seat Pin Bolt

    Re: Ker-ching ?? OAL when tightened up is 50mm. Just cover the postage if of use.
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    Shimano stx cranks

    Re: You need to fulfil the requirements to be able to send pm's. This entails making 30 posts which will then open up a whole new world of messaging :)
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    WTD 1989, 90 or 91 Saracen Trekker or Traverse

    Re: I bought an 88 Trekker as a project and it's coming along nicely. It came with a chainset which I didn't use, along with the brake levers. Whether they're original equipment i'm unsure but they look as if they are. If you can use them in your project drop me a pm.
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    19in Scott Blackstone Adventure chassis plus bargain wheels.

    Hi everyone, These are surplus to requirements so would rather someone use them than let them gather dust. The bolt-on rear can be used with disc or rim brakes and comes complete with a 7 speed screw on cassette. The front is QR. Both have Quando hubs and smooth running bearings. Asking £40...
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    Lightish pair of 26” disc wheels -poss singlespeed

    Re: Any preference in colour ? I have a pair of wheels in black if they're of interest ? viewtopic.php?f=39&t=417703
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    Santa Cruz Bullit for sale

    Re: Thanks for the info, tbh I can't remember what year it is. The rear rotor is 180mm too. I'd rather sell it complete as i've way too many bikes atm, 15 at the last count :facepalm: