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  1. romanrinos

    1996 Kona Hei Hei King Kahuna

    It's really great that you got an example with the original decals and Kona seat collar. Would love to read a ride report and see how it changes with the tweeks to suit your needs. There is really a lot you can do here in refinement of the build :- a straight bar, a Flite or Vetta SL, less...
  2. romanrinos

    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    Those Cindercones are lovely frames to ride. I had exactly the same frame - smooth light with quite the right amount of snap.
  3. romanrinos

    For Sale Race Face seatpost 27.0

    Price reduction
  4. romanrinos

    Kona Hot Serial Number List:

    THAT is a beautiful fade. And a really stunning early example. Maybe the first custom fade so far on record? As Pip as already said, please don't respray. Finding a correct colour match white should be easy enough from a hobby shop (you could test out the colour match on a small section to...
  5. romanrinos

    For Sale Dia Compe SS7 Brake Levers

    Good price that
  6. romanrinos

    Kona King Kahuna '98 - TST factory tabs

    Been a while since I updated this build thread. Although I'm aware that there has been various other KK builds since, this is to round off where I got to when I completed this build at the beginning of the year. I'll update the later thread with where I subsequently took the build, after these...
  7. romanrinos

    For Sale Race Face seatpost 27.0

    Still available
  8. romanrinos

    For Sale Answer Carbon ProTaper shallow riser & matching Carbonfibre Post

    Price reduction £85 plus postage. Will split if people are keen for one item or another.
  9. romanrinos

    Wanted Marzocchi with long 1 1/8th alloy steerer

    Looking for a donor fork to obtain a lengthy steerer column. Must be at least 225 mm long and alloy. Fork in any condition.
  10. romanrinos

    Sold Bomber Z1 100 X-Fly

    Perfect. I’ll take it
  11. romanrinos

    Wanted Syncros Handlebars black early 90s

    I have a pair. Not cheap but they are mint. Please PM
  12. romanrinos

    Sold Bomber Z1 100 X-Fly

    Interested. Have sent you PM
  13. romanrinos

    Wanted Marzocchi Superfly or X-Fly (or Fox similar)

    Must be in v good condition with IS disc tab. Long steerer also needed in region of 230mm.
  14. romanrinos

    Sold Formula Bianca Oro F&R brakes

    Still available.
  15. romanrinos

    Sold NOS Syncros parts - Final Items

    Sorry long gone
  16. romanrinos

    1997 Kona King Kahuna with orginal decals

    Superb frame and rare size. Loved that it had original decals too. Well done to Buyer / Seller. Good price in my opinion.
  17. romanrinos

    Wtd: Lo Rise XC bar

    I’ve some exceptional light low rise Answer carbon bars I’ve now no longer use for. I’ve had both Race Face SLs and Monkey Lites but retained these. Good length uncut. PM if interested.
  18. romanrinos

    For Sale Race Face seatpost 27.0

    Flawless example £78 PayPal F&F plus postage to where needed. Dia. 27.0 x 350mm (extend of black vertical insertion)