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    Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)

    I went to see Sleeper and the Bluetones at the O2 Academy on Friday night. Britpop at its finest, lovely!
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    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Titanium reissue SOLD,SOLD,SOLD

    Yes please. I’ll pm you. Peace and love, H
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    Wanted V brake levers XT or Avid

    Let me know what’cha got. Peace and love, H
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    For Sale Ritchey zmax 29" folding tyres New

    Are these tubeless?
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    How far gone is too far gone? (Yo content).

    Trust your instincts and get it repaired, that ‘telepathic’ ride is definitely worth it. Lee Cooper knows all about these after doing the same repair on mine. I also know he has a spare set of BOI forks hanging around that he made at the same time as mine. For this reason, only the trail awaits…...
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    Wanted Hope/Middleburn chainset.

    A retro mod build means I’m lurking in forums new. What you got? Please message me. Peace and love, H.
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    Fat Chance frame project

    If I remember correctly he has a second set of 1 1/8 BOI forks which he made at the same time he did mine and these might still be up for grabs. Lee trained under Bromwich, his work is excellent and you can find him easily on the inter web. Let me know if you need things collected or packaged up...
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    Fat Chance frame project

    I had just this issue with the Yo I bought. It too had a BB inspection window, which whilst handy was expertly fixed by Lee Cooper who replaced the whole seat tube. Check out the build history on my Yo, It’s so well done I doubt you’d ever know. Oh, and Lee made me some BOI forks too. I know...
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    Sold 1992 Dave Lloyd CATSWISKAS

    I’ll definitely have it, been looking for one of these for ages. I’ll pm to sort out payment and delivery details. Peace and love, H
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: January 2021: The missing decal turns up in a random envelope within a box saved for sending things in the post. My ‘mitten’ like dexterity mean I approach Mark at Giant Leamington to apply the decals and ‘button up’ the rest of it. Now Eddy is together once more. Those hoarded bits...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: April 2020: I’m out the other side and almost a ‘whole’ person again, if not a little bruised around the edges. Time to get Eddy on the trails, but shock horror the down tube decal is applied only to one side. I keep my powder dry and don’t panic, they must be around somewhere... many...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: A test fit of the Pace RC forks, which have been carefully hoarded and revamped by Fork English, reveal a noodly front end not suitable to my ‘shire’ proportions. It’s now that I remembered that they didn’t work for me back in 1997. It’s now that personal circumstances put the build on the...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: Now for assembly... Damn it, my rear brake studs don’t fit the canti braze ons. Within the Retrobike community a forum shared equals a problem solved. New ones are on their way.
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: Take a long sit down... finding a seat clamp to match Lee has done a fantastic job of the seat tube and paint. Sadly the new tube has a different OD than the original and whilst its fancy Columbus steel, it takes me over two months to source a super rare sized clamp to fit. Lee and I...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: April 2017: Eddy returns from the frame builders... Mods please move to the relevant forum. A bit of an update for you: another Yo lives! I've returned back from Lee Cooper (Coventry frame builder) with Yo in hand. Firstly, he has done a great job of cutting out the decayed seat tube and...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: In true Mike Brewer style, I rescue the stead in February 2017: Twas I'. I knew it most likely had a 'seat tube inspection window' (rust hole) and it did, but good sense left me leading me to save it. Happily, Eddy is already at a frame builder (Lee Cooper, Coventry) for repair and paint...
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    Re: attachments: download/file.php?id=383031 Spotted on flea bay as an abused donkey with no front legs. Rust everywhere, included the possible need for a seat tube exchange.
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    Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance - it lives!

    This build strides several forums, so I decided to pull all the stands together into one place... enjoy. Peace and love, H.
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    For Sale: Cotic Escapade Mk1 F&F Medium £200.00 ONO

    Re: Is this still for sale? Thanks H
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    Sales stems, handlebars ... Shimano, Syncros, GT, CODA

    Re: Hi, I’m interested in the Ritchey stem 90mm x 25.4mm is this for sale and if it is how much posted to Leamington Spa? I have cash waiting?Peace and love , H.