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  1. Factory Jackson

    AC Headset

    Evening all, Wondered if anyone is able to shed any light on AC Headsets? I've been kindly given some parts for an AC headset. I have the top and bottom cups and the upper top section. But sadly no crown race, seals, wedge or bearings. Does anyone know if parts are available or are there...
  2. Factory Jackson

    2003 Intense M1

    Long shot, but anyone have a 2003 Intense M1 frame for sale? Paint work not an issue, but not looking for anything that's cracked and been re-welded. Looking for one with the gusset that goes all the way to the seat tube (designed for the 5th Element Shocks). Here's my old one which i sorely...
  3. Factory Jackson

    Magura braces

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Magura braces, preferably in yellow. And also a pair of the Magura washers that sit behind brakes on the canti studs. Thanks in advance Chris
  4. Factory Jackson

    Manitou 2 Dropout disassembly

    Hi all, Got a set of Manitou 2's i'm rebuilding but struggling with the drop out adjusters. Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr I've searched high and low for some service manuals; plenty for Manitou 1's and I'm confident I could rebuild a fork lift truck no problem, but cant find any for...
  5. Factory Jackson

    Black Bars - SORTED

    Looking for a set of flat Black Bars. Hyperlite or similar. As wide as possible/uncut. 25.4 clamp. thanks Chris All sorted thanks
  6. Factory Jackson

    WANTED. Mavic 521 Rim - SORTED

    Hi, Looking for a Mavic 521 rim in 36h, Grey CD finish. Like this: Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr thanks Chris All Sorted Thanks
  7. Factory Jackson

    Ringle Stem Swap

    Hi, Looking for a 1" (either quill or threadless) Ringle Stem in Black or Purple in as short as possible. I have a lovely 1" stem i'd like to swap. 120mm length. Original top cap included. Anodising is is great condition. Only slight marking underneath at the bottom of the face plate out of...
  8. Factory Jackson

    Klein BB Axle wanted and cable guide

    Hi all, looking for a Klein BB axle. all sorted cheers 108mm in length to take m900 cranks. Ideally steel rather than Ti to keep costs down (if that's possible with a Klein build :roll: ) Also looking for a cable guide for under the bb shell. still looking cheers Chris
  9. Factory Jackson

    Manitou 2 fork - SORTED

    Looking for: Manitou 2 fork. 1" steerer ideally, but may have to go down steerer route swap if not. And preferably all working with sound internals. Had a kind offer from Alec (Bollox64), but preferably UK based to save on postage. All sorted. Thank you. Also. Threaded headset. Good...
  10. Factory Jackson

    Klein Rascal - winter project

    Received an exciting parcel today thanks to Scant (Mike) Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr I've always had a niggling 'need' for a Klein in my life. My unicorn bike is an Adroit Gator Fade which one day I'll get (hopefully). Anyway, this popped up for sale and it's a step towards that...
  11. Factory Jackson

    Upgrading Judy SL's

    I've been chipping in on Mishmash69's thread ( ... p;t=373677) on Kronos springs in Judys and other alternatives options. I'd been toying with the idea of fitting more modern internals to the Judy chassis. I was lead to this when stipping a set of SL's...
  12. Factory Jackson

    Wanted: Judy SL/XC 'dummy' shaft

    Anyone have a spare 'dummy' shaft from a Judy SL or XC. As per this: Untitled by FactoryJackson, on Flickr thanks in advance Chris
  13. Factory Jackson

    1998 GT Zaskar 14.5"

    Having just restored a 1991 Zaskar to era specific spec I'd been toying with the idea of something retro but with a modern twist. The bike looks lovely, but riding it you do feel somewhat hesitant to even pop it off a curb incase something should snap. Here's the link to the 91 bike...
  14. Factory Jackson

    1996 Judy SL's, HS33's and Purple Ti-Glide

    Looking for a set of Judy SL's The 3 piece ones; ie with a removable brake arch, but for v-brakes as opposed to canti's 1 1/8 threadless. Also a set of HS33 brakes; in fluro yellow. cheers Chris
  15. Factory Jackson

    Aqua Zaskar

    Looking for a 93/94 GT Zaskar frame in Aqua. 16" only. Anyone have one they would be willing to sell on? Thanks in advance Chris
  16. Factory Jackson

    Some bits for my Zaskar build. Rims/Wheels Needed

    Looking for some parts for my Zaskar build: Nice 26.8 Post. Ideally Syncros or Control Tech or maybe M730 Flat bars in Silver. Again, ideally Syncros or Control Tech. Uncut, and as wide as possible. Wheels: Either XT (M730) on Mavic, or Hope Fatso/Ti Glide in blue on dark Mavics. SORTED Flite...
  17. Factory Jackson

    Kona Frame

    Hi, Looking for a 93-96 steel Kona Frame in 16" Preferably as light as possible, so something like a Kilauea etc Structurally must be sound with no stuck posts etc 1 1/8 headtube. Cosmetically not bothered at all as will be coming off. Anyone got anything going cheap? Can collect in north...
  18. Factory Jackson

    Spin Wheels

    On the lookout for a pair of good condition 26" Spin wheels for my RTS if anyone has a set they are wishing to part with. thanks Chris
  19. Factory Jackson

    1991 GT Zaskar - barn find

    Was chatting to a mate last night about my love of old bikes and he mentioned he had an old GT frame lying around in one of his barn and asked me to have a look. I've offered to see if a new lease of life can be breathed into it. It's been sat in the barn for years and this is it pretty much...
  20. Factory Jackson

    GT RTS rear brake rocker

    Hi looking for a brake rocker for a GT RTS. The proverbial rocking horse sh!t / hens teeth ? Anyone have one knocking about they don't need anymore? Like this from Josh#78's thread way back when: ... p;t=270413 cheers Chris