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  1. Corduroyboy

    1988 Paul Donohue Double-U

    Coming soon...
  2. Corduroyboy

    Wanted Lonely Hubs Club: AC; Bullseye; Machine Tech; Nuke Proof; Ringle

    Hi all, got quite a few singleton hubs, so looking for the following Fronts: Bullseye, black 32h Machine Tech, silver 32h AC (Adventure Components), red 32h Rears: Ringle, black with yellow sticker, screw-on, 32h Machine Tech, blue 32h Machine Tech, purple 32h Machine Tech, green 32h...
  3. Corduroyboy

    Wanted +20mm IS-to-IS Disc Brake Adaptors

    Hi all, I am in need of a pair of (front & rear) disc brake adaptors for IS-to-IS mount. +20mm. Prefer silver but anything will do! Cheers!
  4. Corduroyboy

    22.2mm Steel Quill Stem for 1” steerer

    Hi all, looking for a steel stem with following spec: 22.2mm diameter, for 1” steerer. Internal cable routing for front brake under the stem (no rollers though, thanks). 135mm to 150mm reach, any rise. Any condition! Cheers!
  5. Corduroyboy

    Pile of Old Pipes

    I’ve been inspired. Again. This time by the theme of this month’s BoTM - ‘Steel is Real’. Having had most of this in storage for a decade, I recently dug it out. I’ve given myself 52 hours, including sleep time, to create something presentable. Wish me luck:
  6. Corduroyboy

    Single Pair of XT M730/2 Cantis

    As above, prefer with original pads but not essential. In silver please.
  7. Corduroyboy

    Chrome Pace RC35 Brake Arch

    Pace RC35 chromed tubular steel brake arch please. Ideally with the brake rocker, but not essential. Anyone got a spare?
  8. Corduroyboy

    Another F***ing Fuquay

    Next in line: Look forward to some updates around 2030 :twisted:
  9. Corduroyboy

    An Improper Use of a Manitou Stem. ‘95 Merlin Extralight/XLM

    Picked this up earlier this year for a surprisingly reasonable sum. Inspired by Boyburning’s renegade Amp, when looking for a stem with a decent reach and rise, tried a Manitou stem. The chunky aesthetic then led to Machine Tech cantis, hubs, levers and TNT cranks. An experiment with an Answer...
  10. Corduroyboy

    What the actual F? (eBay craziness)

    Recently sold a bike frame on eBay to go to Dubai and just received this odd message from the Global Shipping Programme: “We're writing to inform you that your recent transaction sold through the Global Shipping Programme to ******* can't be completed. The item in question has been classified...
  11. Corduroyboy

    Race Face Turbine Drive Side

    Hi all, I’m after the drive side of a 5-arm square taper Race Face Turbine chainset. Prefer compact (94/58) but will consider standard (110/74). Any condition, the rougher the better! 175 or 170 is fine. Cheers
  12. Corduroyboy

    A Li’l bit o’ Hope

    Dark times. So to help take my mind off things I built these up for Corduroybrat. He’s coming up 8 and almost ready to graduate from 20” wheels. Was hoping to have a bike ready for him to debut at Retro North but, like everything at the moment, not going to happen. :( Spec: Hope titanium...
  13. Corduroyboy

    A More Diversified Investment Portfolio ... 4902.l9144 :facepalm:
  14. Corduroyboy

    1997 Manitou HT Comp

    Had this hanging up in the cave for yonks: Needs a repaint - you can make out great patches that have flaked off under the cling film and Nitromors. Managed to save the impossible-to-find foil decals but will need new stickers for top tube, down tube and chain stays. Thinking black...
  15. Corduroyboy

    Cloudy with Sunn-y spells

    Bought this frame ages ago and only just got it built up for my other half. She’s Czech and I’m British, so this is my romantic take on a Retrobike build: Frame: ‘99 Sunn Exact Titanium (made by Morati in Czech Republic) Forks: White Bros SC90 Headset: Chris King Stem: Pace RC45 Bars...
  16. Corduroyboy

    Race Face EX Titanium Stem

    One 120mm Race Face EX Titanium stem. I read somewhere that these were welded by Chris Dekerf for Race Face! Fits 1 1/8th threadless steerer. Just a sniff of rise - 5 degree? Nice condition. £95 posted to UK, postage elsewhere no problem.
  17. Corduroyboy

    Syncros Revolution Compact 175mm

    Up for sale - One pair of 175mm Syncros Revolution cranks with compact spider. Threads and tapers perfect. New stickers but painted in a hurry so they look good but paint might not be too hard-wearing! Perhaps a clearcoat would help. Also requires one inner chainring/spider bolt. Syncros...
  18. Corduroyboy

    Factory Jackson's Feedback

    Great buyer. Friendly comms and patient! Cheers!
  19. Corduroyboy

    Is it a Zaskar? Nope, a '92 Xizang

    Well it passes both tests for a Zaskar: 1) Magnet doesn't stick 2) Flat cap
  20. Corduroyboy

    Pickup Help in Bristol

    Took a risk on a bike on Ebay, but seller is unwilling to post. Anyone in Bristol that could help out? Beer tokens and IOU favours in return! Cheers!