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  1. troje

    Identifying bike frame?

    Possibly a Sunn?
  2. troje

    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    I still have the Experience, albeit as a frame only and stored for the moment. I have a couple of builds at the moment and I'm not really in need for another build up bike. So it's in storage, it doesn't eat bread as we say in Holland, but to be honest I probably pass it on to someone else. I...
  3. troje

    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    Thanks everyone, I'm still very excited here. I have a few more pics I will share.
  4. troje

    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    I could not resist obtaining this from a forum member. Someone who, just as me, has a strong affection for old quality Rocky Mountain frames. And this is one for sure. Hand build fillet brazed, in my size and with the original paint and decals. These simply don't turn up very often. It has the...
  5. troje

    The price issue - again....

    Just put it on Ebay with a £1 starting price and no reserve. Post the link to it here on the right subforum. The price for what it sells is the most realistic price of your stuff.
  6. troje

    Help ID this frame- guessing 91-93ish

  7. troje

    Anyone recognise this headset?

    New Ritchey 1.1/8” threaded headsets are still easily available and they won’t cost much. Feels like a good upgrade for this lovely frame. Just make sure to check the stack height. And pics of your frame and project are always appreciated. Plenty of Rocky Mountain lovers here.
  8. troje

    Please can anyone tell me what this frame is?

    Not sure what it is, but isn’t this aluminium not steel?
  9. troje

    Klein scam re-run?

    The guy has multiple complexes.
  10. troje


    DX is relatively easy to obtain, just keep an eye out on the For Sale thread. It makes sense specifying what you need exactly. For instance front mech which diameter clamp, top or down pull, etc. There is a Wanted section which is the best place for this post.
  11. troje

    Anyone recognise this headset?

    I think the Ritcheys of that time came with traditional ball bearings, not cartridge ones like these. Possibly Dia Compe or Tange Seiki?
  12. troje

    Litespeed segmented fork and stem

    It took myself three years to find one, so yes they are quite rare. Slightly optimistic asking price. Amusing description. Someone here who is the seller? Not sure why the stem is part of the deal. On the bay Not mine.
  13. troje

    Sold Klein Adroit Gator 1992 MC1 complete frameset size 19"

    It is a bit like the classic cars versus modern cars discussion. Aficionado versus practical daily use. Yes you can do the supermarket run with both but a modern car is much easier. There is no versus in this discussion I think. My mountainbike collection includes models from the early...
  14. troje

    Klein scam re-run?

    Did he really pay back the money he took?
  15. troje


    Just share with us your wonderful insights on old mountainbikes in a few threads here and you will be fine.
  16. troje


    I believe you need to reach a certain postcount.
  17. troje

    Potential Zaskar bargain?

    Looks like one!
  18. troje

    BoTM BotM July 2021 - the vote

    Same here!