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  1. Spanky22b

    Wanted Wheels:Shimano Deore ll black hubs on black rims. 7speed.

    I've got an interesting Kona build coming up and have decided on the wheels to start the build off. I'm after a set of the black version of the Shimano Deore ll hubs with the gold label laced to black rims, but open to silver rims possibly. Has anyone got any they'd like to part with. Cheers.
  2. Spanky22b

    Unusual Kona

    I wonder if any Kona experts can throw some light on why this 88/89 splatter paint Kona Cindercome has the U-Brake down on the chainstay and not on the usual seat stay position,firat time i've seen it there. Also apart from the forks there is no Kona stickers on the frame they've just put the...
  3. Spanky22b

    1990 Kona Explosif

    Mine up for auction, still can't figure out how to do links 😁 but this is the item number to find it. 284384901323 Sadly to small otherwise no way i would be selling it 😊
  4. Spanky22b

    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Seeing the latest 1988 BOTM has giving me some motivation to finish the spring clean of my Bear Valley. All the frame and forks has been cleaned and polished and the black paint has a lovely shine to it,headset and BB have been cleaned and regreased. Next stage is to clean all the MT60 Deore...
  5. Spanky22b

    Lockdown Bikes Spring Clean Of Some Of The Collection

    One of my bikes which has been doing lockdown duties, the purple haze 1990 GT Karakoram. The idea of the build started from basically putting the u-brake on and thinking it would look good with a black and silver theme. I had some spare Deore LX parts and some Deore shifters and brake Levers and...
  6. Spanky22b

    Bright Cinelli Sunglasses needed

    I'd been following this Cinelli for ages and eventually just had to buy it, i've got plenty of 80's bikes in my collection but nothing that screams 80's like this with its mad fluro colours, I love it 😀 I always planned on upgrading it from the mostly Exage Mountain so its been quickly stripped...
  7. Spanky22b

    Finally after 31 years a Vulcan appears!!

    The hunt is finally over :D
  8. Spanky22b

    February 1990 MBUK Vol3 No2 issue

    I have a new project coming which featured in this issue and was wondering if anyone has a copy and would be prepared to sell, it would go along way to helping researching parts required for the build. Cheers :)
  9. Spanky22b

    1988 Saracen Killi Flyer Comp & Blizzard

    On the hunt for a 88 Killi Flyer Comp and Blizzard (preferably frame and forks) to add to my 1988 Saracen collection,is there any out there. I would consider swapping my 1989 Killi Flyer Comp for the 88 Killi Flyer Comp (nicked the photo of your 88 Nick :)) if it was in good condition.
  10. Spanky22b

    Deore LX axle width question.

    As the title says, never used this model Deore LX chainset before so wondering what is required. I've just stuck a random bb in for the picture. Cheers
  11. Spanky22b

    Weird ebay

    Just thought i'd let people know, could be innocent but i'm staying safe and guessing there dodgy. I've currently got my Cannondale for sale on ebay, collection only and got a message from someone called tamworth_12 who's been a member on ebay since 2012 and has zero feedback, never sold...
  12. Spanky22b

    Sometimes all your stars line up at once.

    Just picked this up locally today off gummytree couldn't believe my luck when they messaged back and said it was still for sale, i was there like a shot :lol: I've been looking for a 91 Zaskar basically ever since i sold my old 91 Zaskar, it's normally the case isn't it :lol: On speaking...
  13. Spanky22b

    What could it be?

    Just got this delivered this morning, bought it off ebay for £35 with no idea what it was i just wanted a elevated chainstay project. So is there any elevated chainstay gurus out there who can identify it :) I've been doing a bit of sleuthing myself while waiting for it to arrive and so far...
  14. Spanky22b

    Scott Scale concept

    My friend was kind enough to give me this carbon fibre Scott Scale limited concept frame, there is a catch though the bb is toast. Couple of questions about it if anyone can help, what year is it from and could the bb be fixed? The bottom bracket has sheared on the drive side it looks like it...
  15. Spanky22b


    Sayimg the MS is now finished and i'm still furloughed i might aswell start another build :D
  16. Spanky22b

    Cannondale r.i.p/now 1989 MS Racing CR1

    Two new arrivals turned up yesterday so decided to do a quick resto of the wee Dale before i say goodbye to it. The Inn is now full so have to move a few of the collection on so i'll start with the little ones first.
  17. Spanky22b

    1988 Specialized Catalogue

    In the turquoise green corner the Hardrock needing some tlc. In the yellow corner a picture of the Rockhopper because i don't have one yet :) In the blue and white corner is the Rockhopper Comp looking like you need a polish. Over in the green and pink corner is the Stumpjumper, needing some...
  18. Spanky22b

    Wanted : a few of the bikes to complete my collection

    Hi,i had a big clear out a while back of my collection which ranged from 80's to 90's bikes and had got out of control, they all do don't they :lol: So i left it for a while then the bug came back,this time i thought i know i'll just collect the bikes from my favourite era 1988 and 89,over 20...
  19. Spanky22b

    1988 Marin Pine Mountain restoration

    Well this should be fun :lol:
  20. Spanky22b

    Scott Team Racing, any ideas what year its from?

    Had this Scott Team Racing lying around in the loft for a long time now, i done a bit of research at the time but could never find out what year its from. Is there any Scott experts out there who know and where it stood in there range,the letters are fluorescent yellow and the paint is like a...