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  1. boy"O"boy

    Karma Panaracer Fire XC pro amberwalls 2.1 ~ KARMA'D AND GONE!

    Hi all. As title. Was going to bin these but thought I'd see if someone here wants them for gratis. One is useable, one has a split in the sidewall that could perhaps be patched to keep you rolling? Both are Kevlar folding amberwall- tread not too bad but definitely showing signs of use! I'll...
  2. boy"O"boy

    Ridgeback 704XT 19" frame Not mine.... Needs the all important Tange switchblade but good basis/ original paint. Cheers. boy"O"boy
  3. boy"O"boy

    Wanted MAVIC M231/M261 CD rims 32H

    Hi all. I'm after a pair of Mavic rims. Either M231 or M261 rims but must be CD finish and 32 holes. Condition must be rideable. Not after NOS this time as it would be wasted on a rider. Cheers. boy"O"boy
  4. boy"O"boy

    Orange 5 -> 3x10 to 1x12....How easy?

    Hi all. So my ride today became abruptly terminated by my rear mech disintegrating! I'm going to have to buy a new rear mech...but it's got me thinking... how easy would it be to bring my 26" more up to date with a 1x12 set up? I understand I'm going to need a new rear .ech, cassette, chain...
  5. boy"O"boy

    Withdrawn 1991 Trek 8700 pro Composite. *WITHDRAWN *

    I've decided to offer up my 1991 Trek 8700 pro composite for sale. This won botm in August 2020...the show us yer lugs special. It's a 20" C-C size with a 22" top tube. The condition is fair for original paint. The neon 'conch' orange still has its 'spidering effect' (one of the reasons I...
  6. boy"O"boy

    Sold Terra one T1 amberwall tyres. Used twice. £50 posted

    Hi all. Pair of Terra one T1 amberwall tyres. Cost new £90. Side walls all good, no rips or damage. Used twice.... haven't really got on with these. The width is the main's too wide for most of my riders..... 2.1" They are also a tight fit to the rim so I'm struggling to fit these...
  7. boy"O"boy

    boy"O"boy's 1990 Klein Attitude Dolomite/ Team USA/ Mavic build

    Back to 1990...this bike to me was the stuff of dreams. I blame that picture in Richards Ultimate bicycle book....Aesthetically perfect, instantly recognised, you couldn't mistake the 'Dolomite' or 'Team USA' colourway for anything else. If you could afford to build one of these with a dream...
  8. boy"O"boy

    New for 92. Show reports from Nov 91 MBUK / MBi

    Hi all. Another set of scans from my recent scanning frenzy! Here are the show reports that appeared in both the MBUK and MBi in November '91 showcasing what was coming in 1992. Enjoy. boy"O"boy MBUK November 91......
  9. boy"O"boy

    MBUK 1989 Winter Annual. Dream Machines article.

    Been scanning various MBUK / MBi articles More to come soon.... But I'd thought I'd start with this article. Kestrel / Klein Pinnacle / Ridgeback Titanium / Roberts Stratos content.... Enjoy. boy"O"boy
  10. boy"O"boy

    For Sale 1989 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 20"

    Back in September last year, I bought 2 Frames and Fork from development_cycle with the aim of restoring both. The intention (as I promised my wife 🤦‍♂️) was to sell both once completed. I like the Raleigh Odyssey more so I'm keeping this one. With a prototype orange aluminium "O" to restore and...
  11. boy"O"boy

    Sold San Marco Rolls 'due' saddle.

    Hi all. Hope this is the right section for this? Believe this is a road saddle. Bought in error as I thought it was an earlier Rolls mtb San Marco Rolls 'due' saddle. Great condition. Manufacture stamped as 07/99 £40 including UK mainland postage. PayPal F+F *SOLD* Cheers. boy"O"boy
  12. boy"O"boy

    Sorted Orange Aluminum "O" 1 1/4" rigid forks. Either steel or Aluminium type.

    Hi all. I'm after a pair of Orange Aluminium "O" or Elite rigid forks. Can be either the Aluminium or Steel type. 1 1/4" threaded with at least 165mm steerer length please. Needed for the Iceman "O" prototype for original build rigid spec as pic below. Thanks in advance. boy"O"boy
  13. boy"O"boy

    Sold 2020 Trek Checkpoint AL3....58cm

    Hi all. Not sure if this is the right place to put this... Too new? ..... Road/Gravel bike? But... Advertising this FS on behalf of a friend. It's a 2020 MY Trek Checkpoint AL3 Size 58cm Lights included. Used probably 6 times maximum. The condition is 9/10.... I know very little about these...
  14. boy"O"boy

    Unusual Bottom bracket dilemma - *now sorted thanks to RB!*

    Hi all. As a huge fan of the Orange Aluminium "O" - you can imagine my excitement at scoring the prototype Aluminium "O" or "The Iceman" as it has become known from Cheshire1980 :cool: There are several unique features that set this apart from the 4 generations of production models.....but...
  15. boy"O"boy

    Sorted Campagnolo Centaur rear hub 36H + rubber Q/R skewers.

    Hi all. I'm after a pair of Campagnolo Centaur hubs in 36H flavour. 135mm rear axle type. Freehub type for cassette rather than screw-on please. If they have the Q/R skewers.. even better! :cool: 👍 Here's a pic of what I'm after. Cheers boy"O"boy
  16. boy"O"boy

    boy"O"boy MBUK/MBi Magazine and Catalogue Scan Archive.

    Hi all. Was looking through Easy_riders scans he had listed. Regretably, none of the links work anymore. There's nothing more disappointing when you look through a thread and the pictures no longer appear due to image hosting issues. Fortunately, I've never used Photo hosting sites so a lot of...
  17. boy"O"boy


    Hi all. Looking for these parts to complete my Raleigh Dynatech Odyssey. - A VGC set of black Shimano SG chainrings with the Orange SG label. C46/C36/C26 Suitable for using on Shimano M730 XT 5-bolt cranks. The ones on the chain set I bought are knackered. Can be off of DX/XT types - would...
  18. boy"O"boy

    Sorted ORANGE ALUMINIUM 'O' ~17" GEN 1 OR 2

    Hi all. Been thinking about building a 2nd 'O' for sometime now....and its time to get a wanted ad up. I'm expecting this to be a slow burner as they don't come up in 17" sizes very often. To make it even more difficult for myself :facepalm: .....I'm specifically after a Gen 1 or Gen 2...
  19. boy"O"boy

    Wanted Black Kooka racha levers + XC pro R/mech + dia compe 986's

    Hi all. I'm after these items for a couple of builds. The Kooka Racha levers must be black and non V-brake type please. I'm looking to use them with some Grafton speed controllers. The Suntour XC pro rear mech I'm after is the long cage version. Non micro-drive (MD) please. *SORTED* A front...
  20. boy"O"boy

    boy"O"boy's 1991 Raleigh Dynatech Odyssey

    Hi all. Thought I'd share this one with you. Purchased at the same time as the Stumpjumper from development_cycle.... I've got this one running as a project at the same time as the Specialized. Whilst I'm waiting on the outcome of the poll on which way to go on that.... I've started the...