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    Peugeot triathlon

    Hi, its early 90`s bike , its a pretty low end model and they badged a few models as Triathalon over the years the best of which was a mid 80`s lugged Reynolds 501 frame sold as a PH501. Peugeots generally after about 1989 attract little interest as cost cutting and a decline of their...
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    1985 Peugeot identification. PY10 LS?

    The frame has almost certainly been resprayed , also the 531 decals on the forks are in French text and haven`t been centered correctly however the 531 decal on the frame is in English text. Whilst Reynolds decals on later 80`s Peugeot`s were in English , you would never have a frame that left...
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    1985 Peugeot identification. PY10 LS?

    Hi, It probably is a PY10LS if it was bought new in the UK in 1985 , the PY10 and PX10 were essentially the same but the PY models were built to order and were supposed to take 12 weeks, , the PX version was the `off the peg` stock model ,For example Peugeot UK sold about this time a PX10SH...
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    For Sale Falcon 531c frame + forks £100

    The fixed cup is still attached to the BB , is is siezed? . Is the paint original do you know ? . Thanks
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    Buying From France post Brexit.

    I had a sorry experience earlier in the year, I saw a beautiful bike in March on and bought it for 1000euro . Seller was really quite calm and seemed confident that there would be no issues as they had sent loads of bikes and frames over to the UK . It was sent via Colissimo Poste in...
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    'Dangerous Peugeot bikes'

    I`ve had dozens of Peugeots and love them ( currently have 5 ) , never had a failure, I think its true that the Aluminium Comete ( called Galaxy in US ) suffered a small number of joint failures and such is the litigious nature over there that the importer ( Cycles Peugeot US ? ) got...
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    Help ID this frame (for Peugeot cognoscenti... I think!)

    Re: I think this is a low end Motobecane. They used a similar internal brazing and at some point even shared production facilities with Peugeot on some models . Its the dropouts that lead me to this opinion and their unusually large mudguard eyes. They used the same in house tubing as Peugeot...
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    1982 Raleigh Record

    Re: There doesn`t appear to be any brazed on bottle cage mounts on the downtube which the clubman of 82 had , also the gear cables would have been routed under the BB and not needed that chrome bolt on cable guide. I still think its older than 82 , could it be 1972 with upgraded parts?
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    1982 Raleigh Record

    Re: Any chance of a picture of the complete bike? it helps if you can see frame geometry etc. It looks like it may be from the Carlton factory from the fork crown and looks like the forks have a lamp bracket from the limited vista of the photos .The lack of braze on`s for even the downtube...
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    Wanted: TA Chrome Bottle Cages x 2

    Re: These are pretty good copies, you even get bottles with them and cheap as chips, I`ve used them when I couldnt get hold of genuine vintage TA cages, they even have white retainers. ... SwN-leuUIN
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    Re: On the topic of importing from the EU and the current Customs fiasco, I bought a complete bike from France early Feb, it was sent with chronopost and was scanned at DPD Oldbury UK on 23rd Feb. Tracking showed clearing Customs and I was awaiting a bill for the duty. Waited and waited, rang...
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    Reynolds 753 Cougar built by Terry Dolan.

    Malcolm did the Sun Tour in Australia in the Winters of `87 and `88 maybe its his old 88Fagor `MBK` resprayed ? , the spec is the same ( brifters excepted ) , one of his `87 ANC Peugeots was listed on ebay Australia a couple of years back for about $85000 AUD , obviously it costs money to fly a...
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    Cycle Art - something to do in Tier 5 / Lockdown maybe.

    I`ve always been a bit artistic and I recently made a present for someone that was a bit different involving stamps and a photo frame and decided to do one that other Retrobikers might like to try. I got a pack of of cycling themed stamps from ebay for £3 and a photo frame from Asda for £1.50 ...
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    Peugeot 753

    Re: Hi , Looks like you got a good deal , it`s fair to say there`s not as much demand for the larger frames once you start getting above 57cm . Yours will be 653 not 753 as the bottom bracket paint shading is blue not red as with the 753 version. The groupset and wheels alone are almost...
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    FALCON - PMS 753

    Hi, Thanks for your interest in this old post . After I`d got the build finished I used the bike occasionally during the summer of 2017 only on dry days mind ! . I`d spent ages studying every photo I could find from the pages of `Cycling` from 1989 ( I bought the whole years editions on ebay ! )...
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    Peugeot Aravis - 531 Pro winter tidy up

    Re: Nice , Looks like an `88 frame ? have you dated it from the serial number?
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    David Akam`s old ANC Bike Gumtree

    ANC team frame and forks with original C-Record BB and headset on Gumtree . Buy it, Sell all the other bits and build it back up with C-Record ...lovely . Akam only joined ANC in `87 and was a standby for the `87 tour . It`s not mine , I had Steve Jones `86 ANC bike but sold it last year ...
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    Cleaning Skinwall tyres

    Re: Toothbrush ( not your current one obviously ) and washing up liquid and vigorous scrubbing in small sections and rinse then repeat about 3 times , it`s important to rinse lots so you dont rub the dirt back in which may seem obvious . Then i use power action bathroom wipes ( not the ones...
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    New here. Vitus SuperVitus 980

    Re: In answer to the original question ( should`ve checked it was a resurrected post - sorry ) Pretty sure its a British Eagle, I`m sure they did a Vitus model, I`ve got a catalogue somewhere....Gonna try and find it.....
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    Help please - What BB type for chorus graphite?

    Re: A cartridge would be cheaper and easier to fit if you`re not that experienced , I have used these in the past with campagnolo Chorus and they are a lot smoother than the original chorus BB ... gLEBfD_BwE I make no recommendation about the retailer...