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    For Sale Quality bike parts - Hope, Chris King, Use, Mavic

    Sending PM regarding Formula brakes
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    Garden gate plus 🤦‍♂️

    We built ours using a trampoline pole as the steerer as they happen to be exactly 1 inch diameter!
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    Sold Deore XT M8000 cranks

    Sending a PM now
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    Sugino Impel 94/58 BCD

    Re: Wicked, thank you! I'll PM you now
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    [SOLD] XTR M950 front and rear brake callipers

    Re: XTR M950 front and rear brake callipers Also PM sent
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    Sugino Impel 94/58 BCD

    I am looking for a pair of Sugino Impel mountain bike cranks with compact BCD of 94/58. I dont need chain rings or a BB, and I am not fussed about what state they are in; I just want a pair of these cranks for a reasonable price if possible please! Thanks, Max
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    For Sale Nearly new 24x2.6" knobbly tyres and Lezyne smart chainstay protector

    Re: I have also just send a PM about the SIDs!
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    Clockwork bare metal frameset, nickel f7 forks, wheels, £100

    Re: This could be exactly what I'm looking for after getting my touring frame repainted and discovering 5 pinholes in the chainstay and seat tube.... I presume the 17" is measured c-c on the seattube, could you give me a measurement for the top tube as well please? Also, is the head tube 1"...
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    ‘91 Stumpjumper Comp frame & forks - Karma...Claimed

    Re: Could I second dibs incase the first fell through? (I'm sure it hasn't though ahaha) Thanks, Max
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    26 x 1.95 Pair Folding Amberwall Tyres

    Re: Are they both front tyres? That tread pattern looks very aggressive...
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    Specialized winter gloves, Medium. 1998 ish?? £15 (Sold)

    Re: Second dibs please! Will also PM now
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    2 x XT Hubs Set 732 & 737

    Re: Re: Ahaha I see what you mean, definitely says XT though...
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    Shimano DEORE XT Brake Pad Holders BR-M737 / BR-900 XT M70/R

    Hi, could you give me details of these pads please? Swisstop don't seem to produce any pads that are compatible with M70/R. Or is there another newer compatibility that is near enough the same? Thanks, Max
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    XT M730 & M739 bits

    Re: Interested in wheels pending pictures. Especially pictures of a straight surface against rims to show wear please Edit: I'm undibsing, thanks though!
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    Dynatech Diablo DX

    Re: Ahhh it is too big for me as I feared. Shame because I would take it for the bits and save the frame until a friend wanted it, but theres too much interest on this thread for that; I'd feel bad depriving someone else of such a sweet frameset. So I shall pass! Thanks anyway, Max
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    Dynatech Diablo DX

    Re: I'm in London, so if it's the right size I could definitely get the train to come and collect it!
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    Dynatech Diablo DX

    Re: Hi, What size is the frame? I would like to dibs this pending measurements please! Thanks, Max
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    MOAB, Diatech, Deore lX, STX RC, Servo wave brakes

    Re: I'm also interested in the cranks, second dibs please